A family affair

You know, scientists still aren’t quite sure what causes uterine fibroid tumors. As someone who still believes that a “Star Trek”-type transporter is just around the corner, I find the “we just don’t know” answer a bit puzzling. Since one of my interests is genetic medicine, I’ll look for the latest research to attempt to answer if fibroids “run in families”.

Fibroid tumors are a reoccurring theme in my family so I am intrigued by the thought of a genetic component. Should I talk about DNA microarray research, changes in gene expression, or mutations now? Nah, I’ll wait but it‘s great to think that scientists will have a breakthrough one day and future generations of women will never have to endure this. (Yes, that was my flying car moment.) In the interim, I’ll use this blog to keep both my family and you and your family informed.

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