Cramps as a personal alarm clock

Today, cramps and blood woke me up from a sound sleep at 5:45 AM. Later, I checked one of those hospital scales with cartoon grimacing faces and the pain ranked about a 5. Nothing a couple of Motrin didn’t fix. I guess it’s not so much the “what” at this point…it’s the “why won’t they stop”. I’ve been on Lupron for 3 months and I still cramp and I still bleed. I know no treatment is flawless and I will admit that my symptoms are better. But some days, my nerves are plucked liked a perfectly tuned viola.

Gosh, I’m jumping ahead. I wanted to blog about some past stuff (like why I FINALLY decided to see a doctor) before I started on present observations. That’s OK. It’s after midnight now and the Motrin is making me very sleepy anyway.

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