Do not try this at home

Yeah, that negative ultrasound made it quite difficult for me to make my case. Although I’m usually a technology freak, I really didn’t care that some new-fangled mystical box couldn’t detect my fibroid tumors. I knew they were in there. I’m the one who lived in my body. No, I do not have a medical degree but I do have a brain with the capacity to reason. I knew I had fibroids. Could not seem to convince that doctor. My attempts to do so were quite draining so I just walked away. That was about eight years ago.

IMPORTANT: If I get nothing else across with this blog, pay attention here. Don’t be stubborn. If you feel you have a problem, seek help. If necessary, get a second opinion. There are doctors out there willing to listen and assist. Don’t put it off. Both time and good health are precious.

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