My new normal interrupted

I continued to attempt to function with my quarter of a life. I would constantly raise the bar of what I found tolerable. That’s the thing with fibroids (at least for me). It was gradual. After years of acceptable periods, the cramps became incrementally more painful, the bleeding more heavy, and clots increasingly larger. Although I knew this was abnormal, I altered my reality to create a “new normal”. This delicately balanced, precarious situation tumbled one evening as I left a Japanese sushi restaurant. I did make it out the door and was, in fact, standing on the sidewalk. All of a sudden, the dam burst. Literally, all hell broke loose. It felt as though my visceral organs had separated from my body and were now resting in my panties along with a tremendous amount of blood. If they had not come out of my own body, I would have found these gigantic clots fascinating. Instead, I was stunned.


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  1. Luisa Says:

    Does that mean your fibroids came out by themselves?
    I am always experiencing much clotting inbetween periods. Have been diagosed with fibroids. Can this spotting actually be the fibroids coming out?


  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    The clots are probably the result of blood that remains in the uterus. Fibroids affect the ability of your uterus to contract so the blood pools there and clots before it leaves your body. Fibroids are composed of smooth uterine muscle and would appear grayish white, firm and round. I have not passed any fibroids just large “liver-looking” blood clots. You may pass fibroids if they die due to a lack of blood supply. This is a possible risk with the embolization (UFE) procedure.

    I’ve included some links:

    Menstrual Clots: What Do They Mean?

    WebMD Information About Fibroids

    Picture of Uterine Fibroid Tumors

    P.S. Let me know if you still have questions. I’ll dig up a little more info.

  3. Luisa Says:

    Thanks for your response and the links. I will certainly check them out.
    I am just so tired of bleeding inbetween periods. My body is so confused. I’ve been bleeding intermittently for the month of May and now when I should be getting my period it’s no where in sight. But need a break anyhow!

    So do the fibroids block blood from your period and cause spotting?
    Have you heard of Fibrovan?

    Thanks again for your help I really appreciate it.

  4. EclecticGeek Says:

    Spotting is one of the symptoms of fibroids. Trying to find a link that explains why. I didn’t have the spotting problem with my fibroids. My spotting was a result of the Lupron injections I needed to get my blood level high enough for surgery. It is irritating. I’m surprised I haven’t pulled my hair out yet. I really hope you see some relief soon.

    I had not heard of Fibrovan but from the site, it seems to be an alternative therapy. I’ll see if I can find some research on it.

    [Edited to add: From Fibrovan’s site:

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    I started a thread about alternative treatments. Please visit “Is there a natural alternative therapy or treatment for uterine fibroids?” for more information. There are also some Fibrovan comments on the Forum and Feedback pages of this site.]

    The National Institutes of Health has a whole division that deals with alternative medicine:
    National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

    The site has great info that I use to evaluate alternative therapies including:
    Are You Considering Using Complementary and Alternative Medicine?
    10 Things To Know About Evaluating Medical Resources on the Web

    I know I keep giving you a ton of links. Please don’t feel you have to read them all overnight! I bookmark stuff all the time to read later. I’m still trying to catch up. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting again.

  5. Luisa Says:

    You are a great help…thanks very much.
    I will read up on this for sure.
    It’s good to finally talk to people going through the same stuff.

    Hope you are doing better. Sounds like you have had a tough time of it.
    Us women always get the short end of the stick. I spent my youth well up to late 20 not having a normal period to bleeding all the time. Talk about wanting to pull my hair out.

    Just to let you know I will be going away for a couple of weeks so if I am not replying I’m not being rude. I just won’t have access to the internet.

    Thanks again and anything you find please do share. It is greatly appreciated.

    take care

  6. EclecticGeek Says:

    I’m glad to be of help. It is good to talk and know we aren’t alone.

    Short end of the stick. I hear you. That which does not kill us, hurts a whole lot (and makes us stronger). 🙂

    If you see this before you leave, have a good trip. I’m hoping to have a couple of new pages up by the time you get back. I should at least have a reference page started that will list links that I find helpful.

    Thanks (as always) for your visit.

  7. timethief Says:

    I went through the hurting, the healing, the hysterectomy, and the healing again.

    YAHOO! Being wombless (but still having ovaries) is so awesome when you don’t want to have children anyway. No mentruation hence no pregnancy protection required. And as I had a faithful husband no concerns about STDs.

    This is not to say that I’m wishing that hysterectomy surgery on any woman. But it is to say AMEN to this –

    That which does not kill us, hurts a whole lot (and makes us stronger). 🙂

  8. EclecticGeek Says:

    It’s an incredibly small world. I visited your blog about a week ago after deciding to change my header image. Long story short, I searched the WP forum for good examples and found you. Liked it, bookmarked it, and vowed to return once I had a free moment.

    I am always amazed by the number of women affected by this. I don’t have a lot of hysterectomy information here yet so I appreciate you sharing your experience. Glad to hear it was and continues to be a positive one.

  9. kevin Says:

    I have a friend who is 36 and has large uterine fibroids. She is extremely stubborn and won’t seek medical attention even tough they are starting to cause her pain and discomfort. She’s opposed to surgery and basically western medical treatment and she has no health insurance. I’ve come across information about Fibrovan and I think it could be the thing for her if It does what it say. Does anyone have any experience with Fibrovan? Any feedback would be most helpful.

  10. EclecticGeek Says:

    There’s a thread in the Forum about alternative therapies:
    Is there a natural alternative therapy or treatment for uterine fibroids?

    This will give you tips on evaluating treatments plus information posted by visitors. I don’t have a personal experience but have added a comment about Fibrovan in that thread to get responses.

    I’ll also give you links to my posts on symptoms. These are things she should watch.
    Uterine fibroid symptoms (not my idea of fun)
    Uterine fibroid tumors and anemia?

    I appreciate that you are looking for information for your friend. Please post if you have any additional questions or concerns. I wish your friend well.

  11. Mimi Says:

    I tried an enzyme, not Fibrovan but Neprinol. It did not work for me.

  12. Demetria Says:

    I am 21year old college student that has a 21week old large fibroid. During this summer while working at Ryans Resturant as a server, I knew something was wrong. First my back would hurt constanly in pain, so i figure that it was because of trays and plates that I am lifting. Secondly, I would have abdominal pain and spotted periods. So i knew something was not right at all. So my mother and I decided to quit Ryans and the next day i went to see a doctor to know what is going on in my body. Eventually, she told me that I have a fibroid on my uterus. I was in shock, but at the same time I was surprise. I knew it has to do with my uterus. Whenever I lay down flat on my back, my abdominal look like a huge golf ball and it was hard and I was wondering why my abdominal look like that. Well, anyway, I will have an abdominal myomectamy on Dec. 18. I am so nervous cause I never had surgery before and stay in the hospital for a lengthy of time. Could anyone describe their experience before, during, and after the surgery? I am so nervous. Don’t know what to expect.

  13. fibroid free Says:


    Please check out the How are you feeling after your Abdominal myomectomy (AM) forum. The AM gals detail what you can expect before surgery, what happens during surgery (and you can also check an actual abdominal myomecotmy surgery LIVE on the hospital stay, going home and week by week afterwards recovery. I am post op surgery week 10 and life is VERY good without fibroids….

    I know what you are goign through…I had 6 large fibroids and a 5-6 month belly….and I am now fibroid free. I hope the forum answers your questions and help to put you at ease..

    Please join us and ask lots of quesiotns…

    [Edited by EclecticGeek to add links.]

  14. EclecticGeek Says:

    Thanks for adding a comment in the alternative therapy thread. People are looking for information about these enzymes so I appreciate your personal experience.

    I hope you found the post-Abdominal Myomectomy thread. The women there provide a lot of detailed information on what to expect from the surgery and the recovery process. For those looking for more information about OR-Live, please see this post:
    OR-Live brings fibroid surgery video to your computer via medical webcasts

    fibroid free:
    Thanks again for all your AM help.

  15. Sarah Mines Says:

    “my new normal interruped”. Well what has been described there is like de ja vu to me. I have no idea of whether or not I have fibroids but I do know that my periods have definitely changed gradually over the years. I’ve always had heavy periods but the clotting started a few years back. The fairly smallish clots I experienced back then have got progressively worse and yesterday was a total nightmare. I had clots come out that looked like large(ish) slices of liver. I feel like complete sh*t, I’m tired, and I’ve got a dull cramping sensation in my lower abdomen and legs. I had no idea fibroids existed until last night. I’m very worried about it now!

  16. sina Says:

    Sarah: Yeah, your symptoms sound like fibroids…I’m not a doctor but your symptoms are identical to mine. Large clots, abdomen pain, feeling tired. All that…but don’t worry, find a good doctor and they will give tests to let you know what’s going on. It will be ok, we’ve all been there before.

  17. fibroid free Says:

    sarah like sina said…we have all been there with those and other similar syptoms. ahh the “live clots”…I know those VERY well. Make sure you go to the doctor, dont wait for it ” to get better’ You are the best judge of something wrong with your body. Fibroids are treatable and removable. After you GYN does the “physical” exam make sure that next step is MIR or Ultasound or somgram. Somethign that not only detects where buthow many fibroids you have. If Nothing else…. it will rule out if you have fibroids or not. Also adenomyosis (thicking of the uterine line) is also a cuase of heavcy clotty periods. There are lots of treatment options…empower yourself with knowledge and find the right treat option for you. Let us know how it goes …

  18. EclecticGeek Says:

    I have a couple of posts that talk about fibroid symptoms:
    Uterine fibroid symptoms (not my idea of fun)
    Uterine fibroid tumors and anemia?

    If you are really tired, anemia could be the cause. I had this problem with my fibroids because of the severe blood loss. I’ll also jump on the “see a doctor” bandwagon. If it turns out to be fibroids (as fibroid free mentioned), there are treatment options available. Let us know if you have other concerns.

    sina and fibroid free:
    Yes Fibroid Sisters, we have all been there before!

  19. Sarah Mines Says:

    Thanks for all your help guys…. I’ve even started spotting in between periods now. I have finally got round to booking an appointment with a gynaecologist on 27 Feb so at least I’ll be getting somewhere now. I have bled very heavily today, experienced a lot of pain on and off, and the clotting has been pretty severe. I spoke to my step mother yesterday who seemed to think that my problems relate to the fact that I am older now (32 years old). I got told this was complete rubbish by friends of mine who are 5 – 10 years older than me…. typical ignorance me thinks. I will check out the other links now….

  20. cathy Says:

    can you tumor rupture? i have a fibroid that is the size of an orange and it is causing terrible pain pressure in the well u know region and huge blood clots……. of course rite? also i am having trouble with my bowel movements and urunating has anyone had these probs? help i am a mom of three and i feel like i am going nutz…i was diagnosed at the er and 2moorow i have a appt with the gyn dr that did my moms surgery she had fibriods too like 2 grapefruits ….any aadvice i would appreciate!!thanx alot

  21. EclecticGeek Says:

    Happy to hear you are moving forward and have booked an appointment with a GYN. I’ll include one more link so you’ll be prepared for the “face-time” with the doctor:

    What questions should I ask my fibroid doctor?

    Please keep us updated and take care!

    Short answer is that uterine fibroid tumors do not rupture. They are composed of uterine tissue. The blood clots you see occur when your menstrual blood does not pass freely because of the fibroids but instead sits in your uterus, pools, and then forms clots. Here are some posts you can check:

    What are uterine fibroid tumors?
    Do uterine fibroids burst?
    Psst… Where can I find pictures of fibroid tumors?

    I have a post that discusses treatment options. If you visit it, you’ll see it contains links to the other “forums” here where women are discussing their post-op recoveries:

    Just what are your uterine fibroid tumor treatment options?

    I’ll also include the link with questions to ask your doctor. If you don’t get it in time for your appointment, you can always look it over afterwards and contact your doctor if there’s something on the list not covered during your appointment:

    What questions should I ask my fibroid doctor?

    Please keep posting if you have other concerns. Best wishes with your appointment!

  22. scared Says:

    i was just diagnosed with fibroids, same symtoms, but my doc says i can never have babies cuz they’re all over and one that’s 10 cm. i want a child but that’s not an option. any one else in the same situation as me?

  23. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hi scared,

    I have a post where women are discussing fibroids and fertility issues. You can post your question there:
    Is anyone having fertility issues because of uterine fibroid tumors?

    I think several of the women there have spoken to Reproductive Endocrinologists (fertility doctors) to find out their best options. I’ll also add the post that discusses treatment options. If you visit it, you’ll see it contains links to the other “forums” here where women are discussing their post-op recoveries in case you want to read those types of experiences:

    Just what are your uterine fibroid tumor treatment options?

    Visit the links (especially the first one) and let us know if you have other questions or concerns. You aren’t alone.

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