New clinical trial looks to optimize uterine fibroid embolization

Received this article in a Google News Alert using the search term “fibroid”. Since I plan on having this procedure in the future, I am interested in seeing the research results.

Penn researchers start new clinical trial to examine ways to improve treatment of uterine fibroids

Philadelphia, PA – Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine are working on ways to improve the results of a non-surgical method to treat fibroids. They are examining the overall effectiveness of different agents used to destroy uterine fibroids – a discovery that could lead to more answers about the durability of a procedure called Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). It’s already been established throughout the medical community that, after a decade, UFE works to relieve the symptoms of fibroids. Now, in this new study, investigators want to learn how to optimize the procedure, by running a comparison of materials used during it.

Read the full article: Penn researchers start new clinical trial to examine ways to improve treatment of uterine fibroids

The Geek’s summary:

  • Randomized, single-center study involving 60 patients and lasting about nine months
  • Two different particless will be compared (Contour SE Microspheres vs. Embosphere Microspheres)
  • Several researchers will perform UFE procedures and then compare patient outcomes through MRI to determine which particle does a more effective job at destroying fibroid tissue

Learn more about uterine fibroids. Images and animation are available upon request.
Ask a Penn Interventional Radiologist a question about UFE

Procedure Overview by Boston Scientific


4 Responses to “New clinical trial looks to optimize uterine fibroid embolization”

  1. aiyin Says:

    Here’s an alternative procedure for zapping those pesky uterine fibroids. Unfortunately, it is so new my gynecologist never heard of it …

    Good luck to you and hope you feel better!

  2. eclecticgeek Says:

    Previously, I read a little (very little) about it on a site that listed treatment options. Thanks for the link. You’ve saved me time. I found some good information there and also a link to the site of the company that makes the system. It’s cool that you were able to present this to your gynecologist. More doctors need to get online and stay current.

    Thanks for the well wishes and your visit! Take care. 🙂

  3. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

    Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that forum who told me to visit your site 🙂

  4. Jane Goody Says:

    After reading this article, I feel that I really need more information on the topic. Could you share some more resources ?

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