Cramps without Motrin

I wanted to post more on yesterday but I started to feel crampy. Not my monster cramps from the fibroids. Those cramps are horrible. Right in that moment, if I could reach in with my bare hands, rip everything out of my abdominal cavity and live, I most certainly would try.

No, the cramps I experienced yesterday were quite different. Definitely smaller and non-violent. They reminded me of my cramps as a young twenty-something. (Had to reach way back for this one.) I would stretch out, close my eyes for just a little while, and wake up feeling much better. No shocking pain. No constant grazing on Motrin. A more simple time when a nap cured just about anything. (Sigh)

So yesterday, I stretched out, closed my eyes for what I thought would be a brief nap, and woke up about 8 hours later. Extremely happy to be resting so well and not requiring any pain medication after the fibroid surgery. My Master Plan is moving along.

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