A day to rest my mind as well as my body

I was doing some computer stuff in the middle of the day on Saturday and suddenly became quite sleepy. I actually nodded off. Thought perhaps I should stretch out and take a nap.

This is something new I’m trying based on observations of my father. My Dad is almost 85 and in incredible health. One of the reasons for this must be his daily nap. I believe naps help with the whole “balance of mind/body/spirit” thing. I most certainly need balance.

So, I closed my eyes on yesterday and woke up a couple of hours later. Perhaps I’m still recovering from my fibroid surgery but I think it’s an indication of a tired mind. My brain has raced almost non-stop the past few weeks. I have so much I want to post here. I have another blog (about being a geek) that I want to get started. It finally caught up with me. I got up and immediately thought about blogging. Paused to get something to eat and became sleepy again. Stretched out and woke up a few hours later. Got the hint. This was my body’s way of telling my mind to slow down and my brain finally decided to listen.

There is a time and a place for quick thinking but also for deliberate and meditative thought.

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