Got to have blood to live in this world

I posted previously about frequently feeling faint and looking non-living in “My mind has a mind of its own“. Had to get into a doctor’s office because I just could not take one more day of my life like that. I felt absolutely wretched. Donated a blood sample on a Friday and waited for the results.

I received a message from the on-call physician the very next day. The call seemed so urgent. My first thought – cancer. It was a slight possibility due to family history. I did consider anemia but only for a fleeting moment. My previously diagnosed anemia was resolved with vitamins fortified with iron. The phone call sounded too pressing to be fixed by an over-the-counter pill. The thought of cancer pushed back.

I dialed the number to the doctor’s office and reached the answering service. I stayed online for what seemed like an eternity. Must hang up the phone now because I was starting to panic. OK. Calm down. Breathe in. Breathe out. This was a BAND-AID® moment. Snatch it off quickly. It was NOT cancer. It was something else.

Dialed again. Waited again. Reached someone who gave me the on-call physician’s phone number. Another number to dial. Reached another answering service. Left a message and received a call back immediately. The doctor asked how I felt and told me I was severely anemic. My hemoglobin level was 6.7 g/dL. It should be at least 12. People in my range normally receive blood transfusions.

Note: MedlinePlus lists the normal hemoglobin level for women as 12.1 to 15.1 g/dL (grams per deciliter).

Severe anemia? Blood transfusions? Not expecting this but it certainly made sense. By the end of the call, I was giddy. So glad it was NOT cancer. Especially euphoric that there was now an explanation for the symptoms of the past several months.

I was left with instructions to contact my doctor and go to the Emergency Room to get a transfusion if the symptoms got any worse. For some reason, probably partially due to the lack of blood to my brain, I found this tickling. I had allowed my mind to alter my reality and create a “new normal” with the fibroids to the point where I would possibly need supplemental blood to function. That was pretty crazy.

So, that was my New Year 2006. Full of goofiness and devoid of blood. 🙂

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