The dashing young fibroid doctor

Technically, as a Gynecologist and Obstetrician, my doctor is capable of performing a variety of tasks but since I require someone to fix a specific problem, “dashing young fibroid doctor” seems to fit.

On my first visit to the practice, I was impressed that it was so well managed. Tons of nurses and support staff efficiently assisted the doctors. “That is a very good sign”, I thought as I travelled along the corridor, finally reaching my destination.

I walked into the doctor’s office and my first impression…cute but young. Quickly performing the med school + residency calculation in my head, I figured he had to be about thirty but gosh, he didn’t look it. OK. Yes, I was totally surprised by my bout of ageism. I sometimes get that “you look too young to have a brain” thing from people but it didn’t seem to stop me from being a bit hypocritical here. Decided that was pretty crazy and started listening.

Based on my previous ultrasound, fibroids were certainly present. He would do a Pap Smear (Oh, joy!) and a pelvic exam. We would then meet back in his office to discuss options.

My second impression…definitely professional.


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