Can’t we figure out a better way to do a Pap Test?

I know the Pap Test is important for the early detection of cervical cancer. I truly comprehend the necessity. I do not understand, in the year 2006, why it is still performed the same way.

Don’t get me wrong. My doctor is great during the whole procedure. He talks. I attempt to crack jokes. The nurse smiles. Just one big Fun Fest. That still does not negate how the sample is collected. No, it’s not painful at all. It is odd and I feel it the next day. That weird sensation that something is a little off.

Why can’t it be like the original Star Trek? Bones McCoy would wave some electronic gizmo over a patient and immediately know if there was a problem. I know that level of detection isn’t right around the corner but we do have space travel and cell phones.

And yes, I have added this question to my “what is taking so long?” list along with flying cars and transporters. Thanks for asking. 😉


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