What does skydiving have to do with this?

It makes a great reference point. This will make more sense once I start posting about the MRI used to evaluate my fibroids.

When I turned 30, I wanted to do something huge (and slightly crazy). A dear friend decided we should round up some folks and go skydiving. That just sounded too cool. Didn’t seem to matter that I had never even been on a plane before. Minor detail. No big deal.

Because this was my first experience, the jump was tandem (me connected to an instructor). Got through the training and was excited to enter the plane. Felt that self-induced shot of adrenalin as the plane left the ground. Could not avert my eyes from the window. The clouds, the blue sky. Being up that high for the first time was breathtaking, mesmerizing. I remember hearing one of the experienced jumpers asking if I was OK and my friend responding that I had never flown before.

The moment arrived. It was my turn to exit the plane. With a tandem jump, the instructor was the one who actually pushed off. I had to walk to the edge, dangle my feet outside, and then observe nothing under them but thousands of feet of air. To me, that was the hardest part. A true test of faith.

I will never forget any of it. Closing my eyes in the doorway. Opening them when it felt like I was flying. Having a cartoon moment when, after opening my mouth, my jaws felt like rubber. Really enjoying the free-fall. Observing the absolute beauty of the world while under the canopy. Panicking slightly when I realized the ground was approaching quickly. Feeling relieved and exhilarated when I reached the ground and proud when the experienced jumpers shook my hand and slapped me on the back. The camaraderie in this sport was amazing.

Unforgettable. If you ever get the chance, do it. I’ve carried that feeling of accomplishment with me since and often use it as inspiration.

Now, let’s compare this to an MRI…


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  1. The Eclectic Geek » Waxing nostalgic over my skydiving experience Says:

    […] If you get a chance, check it out: What does skydiving have to do with this? […]

  2. chris Says:

    I sit here dizzy. After a half hour of peaked excruciating pain and self lower abdominal palpitation I passed a clot that was…just…too…big. I googled, I found you. Of course my first google pass included the term “etiology” and menstrual clots, I came up with like 4 hits. After removing “etiology” I got like a gajillion hits.

    I think we may have been separated at birth, I too am quite geeky and early on had a promising career in molecular immunology, which I dumped out of a looming sense of failure and incompetence (not to say that I identify you w/ these latter experriences). ANyway, I have had a myomectomy, two VERY complicated pregnancies, and now I think I am going to need to be embolized. May I ask what city you live in? If it is NYC, do you have a referral?

    Very much enjoyed your comment regarding the OBGyn who seemed too young to have a brain. The guy who did my myomectomy though considered the best in the city was megolomaniacal, hobbit like, and seemed to have more than a clinical interest in women’s sexual apparatus. So I guess I would be more than happy w/ Doogie Hauser…providing he had a brain.

  3. EclecticGeek Says:

    Your dizzy episode sounds familiar. Sorry your clot was so unbelievably big that you had to google but glad you found me.

    Hi, geeky twin! I can relate to what you’re saying. Can’t comment about your specific circumstance but I will say that it’s never to late to use what you know in some way. Perhaps just not in the way you originally envisioned. I am the poster child for this. By now, I was supposed to have a PhD, my own lab, and grad students. Let’s just say, I ain’t got none of that. Won’t go on and on about it here. I have another blog for that. 😉

    I live in Virginia but I will pass along two sites. Hope this helps.

    Treating Uterine Fibroid Tumors: Fibroid Embolization
    I got this site off of a brochure provided by my Interventional Radiologist. When you go there, look at the top for the “Find Specialist” link. I put in New York and did get hits for NYC.

    Society of Interventional Radiology
    Look down the right side for the “Find a Doctor Near You” link. There’s a check box for the UFE specialty. I put in New York here and got more hits.

    I saw “the dashing young fibroid doctor” today! Had a post-op appointment. He’s really good and definitely has a brain. You do realize that now when I see him, “Doogie” will pop in my mind, and I’ll start giggling. 🙂

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