Top 10 reasons why an MRI is not like skydiving

10. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is definitely not a sport.

9. It could possibly involve an injection with a needle.

8. You have to show up at a medical facility instead of an airfield.

7. You do not get to ride in a plane.

6. You change into a hospital gown instead of a cool jump suit and parachute.

5. Nobody slaps you on the back and says “good job” when you’re done.

4. There is no instructor physically with you the whole time (tandem jumping).

3. The sheer panic you feel is not the exciting thrill of participating in an adventure.

2. The view kind of sucks.

and the #1 reason why an MRI is not like skydiving:

“Hey, I just had an MRI” does not sound nearly as cool as “Hey, I just jumped out of a plane”.


6 Responses to “Top 10 reasons why an MRI is not like skydiving”

  1. hamza Says:

    feeling Guilty… i thought working in Radiology could be easy 😐

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    I don’t think easy but it is fascinating. Amazing what can be accomplished with imaging and minimally invasive procedures.

    Checked out a couple of your sites. We share an interest in Health and Medical Informatics. Would love to see some type of collaborative web-based information sharing between doctors, patients, academia, government agencies, private industry, and anyone else who wants to come along for the ride. I don’t think we utilize the power of computers nearly enough in this area. Enjoyed reading your thoughts about it.

  3. hamza Says:


    medical informatics … was great aim to me .. to work in .. i worked as programmer for some companies when i was studyin ..”medicine”…

    now i was created years ago….
    also some Medico-Pedia ..40% finished 4 years ago…

    now have to wait my team coz it`s seems am the only one who can deal with his pc at studyin time .. “talking about my team”….

    now trying to finished Feedog .. it`s Categorized feeds aggre.
    i`ll use it soon at hope soo after my final step exam..


  4. EclecticGeek Says:


    Just visited:
    Opensource Tech in Medical Informatics How To

    Your words here are so true. Content management is key with Health and Medical Informatics. Free tools are available and do need to be utilized more. I have used Joomla and agree that OpenSource is powerful!

  5. hamza Says:


    i`ll write about that Opensource Health related projects soon

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