MRI as a catalyst for spiritual awakening (part I)

Before my MRI appointment that would allow visualization of the fibroids, I decided to talk to my husband about his experience. Since he had been skydiving many times, I figured his opinion would be valid. My husband told me that he would not allow the technologist to start until someone assured him that in the event of a nuclear attack and subsequent power failure, he would still be able to get out. I started chuckling because I really thought he was being silly with the whole “nuclear attack” thing. My husband can be such a joker. I didn’t take him seriously. I will be fine.

The morning of, I looked over the instructions one more time:
Something about if you are claustrophobic and require medication…blah, blah. I had jumped out of a plane. I did not need sedation. Plus, I would know if I were claustrophobic, right? I will be fine. The second thing was the music. I could bring a CD and listen to it during the test. Cool. Definitely U2: The Best of 1990-2000. Meaningful lyrics. Music rocks. End of discussion.

Arrived and changed into the always fashionable hospital gown. Handed my CD to the technologist and stretched out on the sliding table. The technologist fully explained everything. If you are looking for a good web site that gives an overview of the procedure, visit: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – Body. My test would take about 30 minutes. Then an injection of contrast material and back in for about 5 minutes. She warned me of the noisiness of the machine but said the headphones would help. The last thing I remember before going in was the technologist handing me a bulb and saying:

“Squeeze this if you need to come out at anytime.”

No problem. I’d get to listen to 30 minutes of U2. I will be fine.

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