Get support from nurses during your Lupron treatment

Had this in the draft version of the upcoming post about my personal experience with Lupron but it was getting way to long. Just easier to write it up separately.

If you decide to use Lupron, I suggest signing up for ScriptAssist to help you. ScriptAssist is a free outreach support service that provides access to a Registered Nurse during your Lupron treatment. The nurse is available to answer any questions or concerns plus will call after each injection to check on you.

More information on ScriptAssist:

ScriptAssist to help with Lupron Depot® treatment for fibroids
(I had a little trouble with one of the links on this page so I’ll include a couple from the ScriptAssist web site.)

ScriptAssist – Patient Enrollment (Patient Enrollment Form for Lupron Depot®)

ScriptAssist – How to Refer a Patient (Instructions for Physicians)

My Gynecologist’s office arranged my enrollment so check with your doctor first. Pass along that ScriptAssist patient referral link if necessary. I found having access to an RN both helpful and reassuring.


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  1. Lee Says:

    I have been on Lupron for 3 weeks. Signed up for Script Assist and found it less than helpful.

    I was assigned a male nurse who was clueless when I called after 10 days to ask whether very painful, swollen lymph nodes alongside my breasts and under the arms were a side effect that was considered merely bothersome, or whether I should call my physician because it was serious. He told me he’d never heard of it, and to just take a tylenol. “There’s nothing we can tell you for any of this anyway,” he told me. “All we can do is tell you to take tylenol and wait until the Lupron’s out of your system.”

    Turns out this symptom is a known one listed on the physician’s info provided by TAP pharmaceuticals, but later when he called again he told me “I never thought to look it up.”

    If this nurse (James) calls again I’m going to ask for a female nurse and hope for more informed help.

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hi Lee,

    Sorry your nurse wasn’t very helpful. Yes, definitely request another one if you run into problems again. Just being on Lupron is enough to think about.

    Seems as though you’re finding your way around the site. That’s great. I’ll just stick a link to the Lupron post here in case others need to find it:

    How are you feeling after your Lupron injections? Any side effects?

    Best wishes to you!

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