Deciding on my Lupron Depot injection dosage

For the treatment of fibroids, Lupron is available in two dosages:

  • One 11.25mg shot that lasts three months or
  • Three consecutive monthly 3.75mg shots

I decided the 3-shot option would be best for me. It was easier to monitor how I felt each month and (if necessary) discontinue the treatment. Call me a commitment-phobe but there was something a little too permanent about that one shot lasting three months. If you need a few more details, visit the Lupron site to get links on patient product and prescribing information for Lupron Depot®.

Possible side effects of Lupron (or other GnRH agonists) include hot flashes and sweats, headaches, depression, diminished libido, generalized pain, vaginal dryness, and breast atrophy.

My shots were administered on alternating sides in the hip area by the nurses in my doctor’s office. The injections were never painful. All I felt was the initial stick.

To better organize my personal ramblings (as if possible), I’ll post by injection number.


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How are you feeling after your Lupron injections? Any side effects?


2 Responses to “Deciding on my Lupron Depot injection dosage”

  1. Christina Teal Says:

    im supposed to get the lupron injections soon and im really scared i’ve been reading really bad things about it any advice.

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    If you haven’t seen the posts on my personal experience, check this page first:

    How are you feeling after your Lupron injections? Any side effects?

    Have a clear understanding in your mind about why you are taking it. Know that the treatment can be beneficial but is not perfect. Make sure you have a support system that allows you to contact a health care professional with your questions. I talk about these things in my posts.

    I know it is scary. There were days along the way when my fear was almost overwhelming but I knew I had to keep moving forward to get well.

    Best wishes. My thoughts are with you.

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