My second Lupron injection in March

Kept bleeding a little the morning of my second Lupron injection. It steadily increased as I sat in my doctor’s office waiting to get my shot, as I received the shot, and afterward. Visited the bathroom before leaving the office and was surprised that a rather large clot passed out of my body without any cramping.

Although I usually munch much Motrin to control any period cramping, I was used to at least a low level of “warning” pain. Large clots without cramps was a new experience. Since I didn’t know how long I would bleed, I stopped by the drug store to pick up some “supplies”. Came out of the store, walked across the parking lot, and felt much of my internal heaviness suddenly become external heaviness.

Could not figure out how I was passing such huge clots without cramps. No warning. Made it home (just barely) and the bleeding subsided. Got a call from the ScriptAssist Nurse about an hour later. Pretty good timing. It felt good to have someone checking on me.

After the second shot, I started to notice more side effects. Woke up in the middle of the night burning up. Not sweating just really hot. It felt like someone cranked up the furnace all of a sudden. Lasted about 5 minutes and then went away as quickly as it appeared. Experienced that several nights. Still spotted every day. At times, I would bleed and pass ever-smaller clots without cramps. This happened perhaps another 4 or 5 days during the month. Not in a row like a period. More like a crazy lottery. The good news: I noticed that I felt better. I had more energy. Actually started exercising again. I could tell my anemia was improving.

*Recap: Passed huge clots without cramps the day of the injection. Continued to spot every day. Passed smaller clots without cramps on several occasions. Night sweats without the sweat. Just the heat.


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