Blood transfusion? No, thank you.

A couple of days before my Hysteroscopic Myomectomy, I was required to go to the hospital for lab work (blood draw, urine sample plus paperwork). Pretty much routine until we got around to the blood transfusion form. I was supposed to give my permission to receive a blood transfusion if deemed necessary. Just could not sign the form. My spirit wouldn’t allow me to do it.

It seems this was not the norm. The nurse ripped up the form that was already filled out and then found a waiver form. The new form reflected my refusal of blood as a treatment and actually contained the phrase “life-threatening”. I did not hesitate in signing this.

Had the hardest time explaining my decision to my husband who often assumed my craziness. (This is usually a correct assumption just not in this case.) My surgery did not involve any incisions and the instrument used would sear blood vessels. There should not be major blood loss that required a blood transfusion! If in an accident or needing surgery that produced gaping holes, I think I would sign. Didn’t need to do that here.

This was my personal medical decision. Not suggesting that you do the same. What you accept or decline is your choice. Just be informed and aware.


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12 Responses to “Blood transfusion? No, thank you.”

  1. One large growing posterior fibroid Says:


    I am scheduled for a abd. myomectomy in the spring and was wondering what is the percentage of patients receiving a blood transfusion during surgery?

    I was told by my Gyn. that a blood transfusion is not very likely but can anyone please advise? I am terrified of receiving a blood transfusion. Unfortunately, I am underweight to donate my own blood.

    Any response would be helpful.

    thank you

  2. Jess (AM on 1/30) Says:

    Hi One large,

    I HAD one large growing posterior fibroid (it was removed 4 weeks ago!!). Is yours outside your uterus or inside? Mine was on my cervix in the way back. From what I’ve heard, the likelihood of needing a transfusion is small–doctors apparently do things to prevent a lot of blood loss during surgery–but it still happens (probably depending on location/size/etc of fibroid). I never even considered that I might have to have one…but when I woke up, the doctor told me I DID have a transfusion. I never knew the difference.

    What terrifies you about a transfusion? Let me know and I can try to calm you. I had no problems with the transfusion and I feel pretty darned good at 4 weeks post-op.

    Also, ask you doctor if s/he thinks the size/location/type of surgery you will have necessitates a transfusion….that will give you something to go on.

    Geek…why is this called “Blood transfusion, no thank you!” ?? It makes me a little sensitive about having had a transfusion 😦 I guess no one wants a transfusion…are there things I’m supposed to be worried about? Yikes.


  3. EclecticGeek Says:

    One large:
    As Jess said, the chance of needing one is small. I did not have an AM. I had a MUCH less invasive procedure (Hysteroscopic Myomectomy). I’ll explain more in my response to Jess. Please know that if I was having a more invasive surgery, I would have signed three or four transfusion forms to make sure everything was covered. As Jess said, please let us know your concerns.

    Sorry for the scare. As I was telling One large, my procedure was much less invasive. If you look at the date of my original post, it was back in July 2006. That’s when I was basically talking to myself here. 🙂

    Originally, I only planned on discussing my treatments (Lupron, Hysteroscopic Myomectomy, and UFE). Other women started coming here and I realized that I would have to broaden the scope. So (on my earlier entries), when you see myomectomy, I am referring to my HM (resection). I will change that on this page so people don’t get confused.

    My decision had nothing to do with a fear of blood. I told my husband that I wouldn’t even have taken his blood if that were possible. My HM (resection) was an outpatient procedure that did not involve any incisions and the instrument used seared blood vessels along the way. So, thinking about my procedure and taking into consideration that I was on Lupron for 3 months plus industrial strength iron pills prior to get my hemoglobin level back up, I didn’t feel a blood transfusion would be necessary.

    I’m sure there are some who think I was crazy for taking Lupron but signing a blood transfusion waiver. Perhaps, they are correct. My treatments occurred over a 5 month period and I had to be okay physically, spiritually, and mentally with everything every step of the way. This decision was part of that. Not advising anyone to do the same. Just be mindful of your treatments.

    Keep in mind that I didn’t sign a blood transfusion waiver before my UFE and that only involved a very small incision. 😉

  4. One large growing posterior fibroid Says:

    thanks Jess and Eclectic Geek for your response. I feel better but I guess my main fear is that I am terrified of contracting some kind of disease from contaminated blood.
    My Gyn says yes a fibroid my size (14cm) posterior fibroid would result in large loss of blood but she says a blood transfusion is not necessarily something that I would need.

    They have determined that I am not anemic and I am going to be on 300 mg iron pills. They only thing my Gyn was somewhat against was Lupron. She didnt’ think the unpleasantness of it would be beneficial for me or for her.

    Jess, you did have a transfusion? Is your fibroid as large as mine? 14 cm?
    I am really scared now. I am thinking of donating my own blood for the surgery but I read that you need to be at least 110 pounds to donate.

    I am only 100 pounds. 5 ft 1 inches and am thinking of gaining the weight so that I could bank my blood???? does this sound crazy??

  5. One large growing posterior fibroid Says:

    Jess.. My fibroid is located on my back of the uterus. The doctor doesn’t know for sure but it is either on the backside wall of the uterus..and it’s pressing down on my bladder thus I have a frequent urge to urinate 😦 which really sucks.. other than that I’m feeling okay except when I have my period and it’s quite heavy for 2 days.

  6. fibroid free Says:

    I had an AM and inquired about the whole blood transfusion topic with my doctor. He asked that I give my own blood (and I did) just in case and did not need it during a 5 hour surgery to remove a 12×10 cm ‘broid (and 5 other large fibroids). Another thing doctors sometimes use insugery is a cell saver (that “recycles” your own blood) ask about this…it may be an option vs transfusion. If you are concened about a transfusion – one option is to you ask someone you know to donate blood…My husband and I donated blood for my sister (I have the same blood type – he is O) in the hospital after she had a baby and “C-section gone wrong” and need like 65 pints of blood

  7. fibroid free Says:

    ok…I did not mean 65 pints of blood LOL geezee that submit button..I meant 5 pints

  8. Jess (AM on 1/30) Says:

    One Large, my fibroid was 9cm and in the back also. It was attached to my cervix. My dr didn’t know how much blood I would lose until the surgery. The area under the fibroid (after he removed it) was seeping blood and hard to sew up…my cervix was apparently tissue paper thin since the fibroid had been pushing on it. So, I ended up losing 2 units of blood as he sewed the area up. I think that yours being on your uterus is different than mine being on the cervix, but ask your doctor.

    I wouldn’t worry about being contaminated by donor blood. The statistics are very largely in our favor (thanks Geek for that link above). If you are really set on donating your own blood but can’t do it, why not get a friend or family member to donate for you…I donated for my dad 10 years ago before he had surgery and it worked well.

    Try not to worry, but do educate yourself…talk to your doctor. I find that it helps.


  9. EclecticGeek Says:

    This turned into a very interesting discussion. Thanks ladies.

    One large,
    Let us know if you have other concerns. Also, here is the link to the post-AM forum in case you have other questions. I think you posted in part 2 but now it’s well into part 3:

    How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy? (part 3)

  10. multiple fibroids Says:

    hi, i have multiple fibroids and i’m duen to go for a myomectomy tomorrow. the clinic calls me today and they want me to have a blood transfusion tonite as if the surgery wasnt scary enough. my largest one is 16cm…help

  11. Amy Says:

    Hi former Multiple fibroids (I hope!) the digest didn’t come up until today… too late to answer you. I hope all went well!

  12. Liz Says:

    This has been educational. I am going in on the 19th to remove a 14cm posterior fibroid tumor attached to a stalk. I am nervous about the entire thing including the cost. I am between jobs temping and my insurance isn’t as good as it was. I will be covering a % of the cost. That scares me the most. Good luck to those that have surgeries coming up. I think we will all do fine.

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