Don’t eat a Hostess fruit pie the night before your surgery

Looked over the instruction sheet before my scheduled fibroid surgery. Since it was an outpatient, the directions were pretty straightforward. Show up two hours before the surgery. Make sure you have someone to drive you home. The night before, don’t eat or drink after midnight.

My reaction to that last one was kind of crazy. I skip desserts most of the time and normally don’t eat late but I really craved a Hostess® fruit pie. Hadn’t consumed that type of treat in years but I had to have it. I think that midnight food curfew messed with my mind. I ended up eating the pie about 11:30 PM.

I’m positive this was one of the reasons I felt so sick to my stomach after the general anesthesia. Not from the fruit pie specifically (I inhaled some other stuff, like french fries, on that evening) but because the temporary bout of food insanity caused me to veer too far from my routine.

Will test this hypothesis tonight. I’m undergoing a Uterine Fibroid Embolization tomorrow so once again there’s a midnight food curfew. Although for this procedure I’ll be consciously sedated, that’s still enough to cause possible problems. I’ll stop eating much earlier this evening and will definitely skip the sweet snacks.

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