Memories before my myomectomy

10:00 AM surgery. Had to be there two hours early. Walked out and noticed the sky was blue and cloudless. Thought of the U2 song “Beautiful Day” because I just love U2.

Arrived at the hospital, registered, and received the coolest pager gizmo thing. It alerted me when I could go back and prepare for my fibroid surgery. It also alerted my husband when he could come back and sit with me.

Once in the back, I changed into a hospital gown but refused to put on that shower cap-looking head covering until the last possible moment. Would somebody please design some better hospital gear? The look is just not cool.

Got into bed and the adventure started. The nurse inserted my IV (didn’t feel a thing). Anesthesiologist arrived, checked my chart, and explained the whole “knocking me out” process. He had a good sense of humor which I always interpret as a positive sign.

My husband appeared and since he considered Methuselah immature, I thought I should warn him about my Gynecologist. Told him that the doctor looked really young but was very good. When my Gynecologist arrived, my husband started making faces and then mouthed the question “how old is he?” with such exaggeration that extraterrestrials circling the Earth in a spacecraft could read his lips. Of course my doctor, only a few feet away, had no problem and answered, “30 almost 31”. I just could not stop giggling after that.

The Anesthesiologist came over and gave me something that he said would probably make me giddy. Yeah. Like I needed encouragement on that front. Still chuckling to myself, I was wheeled into the operating room.

What do I remember right before the Hysteroscopic Myomectomy? Keep in mind that the drugs were starting to work.

  1. Seeing my doctor and asking him about a video. He told me he would make sure that I got a picture of the fibroid.
  2. Two people discussing the surgical equipment.
  3. Moving onto the operating table.
  4. Someone securing my right arm.
  5. A voice (I think my Anesthesiologist’s) asking to do the same to my left arm.

That was all. After that, out like a slow baseball player approaching home.


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7 Responses to “Memories before my myomectomy”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I remember what happened just before my surgery:
    1. The doctor put an IV in my arm and started pumping fluid into my arm
    2. Everything seemed to slow down and get blurry
    3. I was wheeled into the OR
    4. The nurses were talking to the doctor about some doctor stuff
    5. I saw this blue thing go over my mouth
    6. I breathed in and felt all warm and fuzzy
    7. The doctor told me to count down from 100
    8. I started counting and I got to 95 and started singing a song
    9. Then I was out like a light
    10. My doctors were laughing when I woke up and told me I was singing “I’m Going Down”.
    11. It was a pretty wierd day

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Before the surgery, my husband kept urging me to make a mental note of the number. We were so competitive that it turned into a contest. I think he also counted down to 95 with his surgery and I was DETERMINED to beat that. My goal: 94 or below. Okay. So…why don’t I even remember anyone asking me to count down from 100. My husband still finds this hilarious.

    “I’m Going Down”. Now that’s funny. Impressive that you were so clever at that point. I haven’t added Related Posts to the end of this post yet but if you’re interested:
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  3. Gabriela Says:

    After abdominal myomectomy, what do i have to look forward to in the hospital???I am scheduled for January 29, 2007……….any info is helpful at this point.

  4. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hi Gabriela,

    To read specific AM experiences, please visit:
    How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy?

    There you will find detailed comments on the hospital stay and the recovery afterwards. If you have specific questions, post them there. It’s one of the most active areas on the site.

    Best wishes with your upcoming surgery! 🙂

  5. Olelo Says:

    Hummmm what do I remember from my AM? Well I got to the hospital the night before the surgery.
    1.They took blood tests.
    2.The nurse gave me some supper. I fasted from midnight that night.
    3.Then she came back, and she was way too excited to stick up stool softener up my butt. Which, by the way, kept me in the bathroom all friggin night?
    4.The next morning the nurse wheeled me in to the operating room.
    5.I felt like people were poking holes in me left and right…
    6.I had someone putting the epidural in my back, IV in my arm and anesthesia in my other arm.
    7.And I was out cold!
    8.What I remember from waking up was that I felt like I had a sore throat and I was very thirsty
    9.They then moved me to my room and that is where I spent the next 5 days.

  6. L Says:

    Olelo- What was your situation, and why did you have to stay for 5 days? Also, did you get an epidural and general? Did they sedate you before they brought you in the OR? How are you doing?

  7. EclecticGeek Says:

    That stool softener experience was kind of crazy!

    Yeah, I was out cold, too. Afterwards, my husband kept asking me what was the last number I remembered before passing out. I think he made it from 100 to about 95 when he had his surgery. I don’t even remember anyone asking me to count backwards. 🙂

    Olelo had an Abdominal Myomectomy. It’s a more invasive surgery and requires a longer stay in the hospital. You can read more AM experiences here:
    How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy?

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