Stick a fork in it… my Uterine Fibroid Embolization is done!

Just a short post to update. Will fill in the details over the next couple of days. UFE went very well. One day later, I just have mild cramps and the site of the small incision is tender. I’m actually more hungry and sleepy. Hungry: I was on a liquid diet while in the hospital. Sleepy: I ended up sleeping for only about an hour the night before the procedure. Stayed up late posting. You are allowed to fuss at me.

Here’s my plan for the evening:

  1. Got to get something else to eat. I had a salad earlier but I think it just evaporated as soon as it hit my stomach. Not quite sublimation but close.
  2. Take two Motrin. I’m sticking with the 200mg over-the-counter stuff.
  3. Stretch out and sleep until my eyes open.
  4. Immediately, roll over and sleep until my eyes open again.

I appreciate the well wishes and positive thoughts. Woke up this morning with a full heart and spirit. I plan on writing a separate post to cover this but must pause right now and thank the doctors, nurses, and staff who have helped me up to this point. What you do is such a blessing.

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