Not passed out from hunger yet

Haven’t posted in a couple of days so I wanted to update post-UFE. I am feeling well. No cramps. No pains. Just a little spotting. Biggest problem is the digestive thing and that’s getting better. I think I’ve been on so many antibiotics recently that most of the friendly creatures that hang out in my gut have been wiped out. They seem to be returning.

Friends are visiting. Perfect timing because of the extra positive energy. Had dinner with them on Sunday at the “No Frill Bar and Grill“. I’m linking the restaurant because they have this incredible salad I call the “anemia special” (Spotswood Salad with London Broil). Spinach, raisins, almonds, and beef (it’s what’s for dinner). I have consumed so many of these this year. Too bad I could not have one Sunday because of my stomach. Sniff, sniff.

Made up for that by also catching a movie with my friends. I really enjoyed “Lady in the Water“. Talked about purpose and how people are connected. M. Night Shyamalan’s movies always make me pause and think.

OK. Got to run. Friends getting together for a little dinner party. I have been eating yogurt, oatmeal, and soup for days to settle my stomach enough for real food. I promise not to overindulge by inhaling everything off the table. 😉

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