The UFE Experience. Wasn’t that a band during the 70s?

This is the first of a series of posts where I attempt to dissect what happened before, during, and after my Uterine Fibroid Embolization. Keep in mind that I was under the influence of some serious drugs during part of this process so my observations will be subjective in spots.

Things I carried to the hospital with me:

  1. My faith. I must believe in something.
  2. Overnight bag. Spending the night is required.
  3. My husband. Technically, he carried me. 😉
  4. Copy of Nature Methods. Something to take my mind off of things.
  5. Jade Buddha. Nope, I’m not Buddhist but I was really drawn to it in the store a couple of years ago. I use it for focus.
  6. Portable CD player and various CDs including U2 (obviously), Vivaldi, Prince, Elton John, Janet Jackson, and Bob Marley. I keep telling you I’m eclectic.
  7. My black and white composition notebook. Wanted to take notes.

Stepped out of the house into a day that would bring resolution. I was excited and nervous. Felt positive about the procedure but still didn’t want that Foley catheter to my bladder. Had another 10:00 AM procedure. This time, I had to be there 3 hours early. Was just a wee bit tired because I had only gotten about an hour of sleep. Still, I was happy.

After registering at the hospital, I found my room and prepared for the procedure. Changed into a hospital gown and climbed into bed. Nurses had to perform three main tasks in my room to get me ready and I was not really looking forward to any of them. Fortunately, this hospital had a great staff that kept me smiling. As long as you do that, I can endure just about anything.

Task One: IV Insertion
Seems as though I have small veins. Never thought of it previously. I guess this was only an issue in situations like this. Anyway, getting that IV in was a problem. I definitely felt it this time. The best location for me was the side of my wrist. Something to ponder if you also have small veins.

Task Two: Foley Catheter to the Bladder
Yes, the thing I dreaded the most. The nurse told me if I relaxed it really wouldn’t be that bad. Of course, I found this funny. How can you relax? Sticking tubing up there was not a natural process. Distracted by conversation, it actually wasn’t bad at all.

Task Three: Demerol Injection
Rump shot. Not painful. Only felt a little sting.

I was now ready for transfer to the Interventional Radiology Suite.

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