Weird notebook scribblings from a hospital bed (day 1)

Slightly hesitant about posting this but what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t share a modicum of craziness now and again. Oh, I know what you’re thinking:

Geek, your WHOLE blog is a modicum of craziness.

Okay. I agree. Back to the topic. Remember one of the items I dragged to the hospital before my Uterine Fibroid Embolization was a composition notebook. Used it to jot down stuff so my posts would be at least partially objective. Well, after reading parts of it, there is no doubt that I am certifiably odd.

It started the day of the procedure. Once I settled into my room, started rubbing my Buddha and recording observations. First thing I analyzed was my room number. I’m a firm believer that signs, symbols, and numbers have meaning. Not obsessed by it but I do notice.

4224. Did the whole “4+2+2+4=12 and 1+2=3” thing and was happy by the result. I liked the number 3. To me, it signified mind/body/spirit and also the number of sides in a triangle. A triangle (Delta) represented change and change, in this case, was good. That’s as far as I took it. No big revelation of destiny because I would have found meaning in any number but it was pretty cool that it turned out to be 3.

Next thought. A flower popped into my brain so I drew it. Normally think of hearts. I can always find several scattered throughout my notes. A flower with 7 petals was peculiar.

Tossed around the hypothesis that I was perhaps not quite human and recorded a few observations to substantiate my claim:

  1. the nurses had trouble finding my veins to insert the IV
  2. a Doppler probe had to be used to find a pulse in each of my feet
  3. I could not seem to get warm
  4. my husband was an undertaker

(#4 probably had more to do with my husband specifically and not that he was a mortician.)

One of the last things I scribbled before the UFE was a message to my fibroids. I acknowledged that I loved them because they were a part of me but they had to take one for the team. I could no longer function with them so the fibroids had to die. I asked that they not fight back. Just to die quietly and not cause much pain.

Also had several thoughts the day after…

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