Pausing for a crystal ball moment

I have these on occasion. Seem to have gotten through my various fibroid treatments relatively unscathed. Won’t see Mighty Mouse until the end of the year or Batman until January. That will give my tumors some time to shrink and die from the Uterine Fibroid Embolization. I’ll be sure to give you an excruciatingly detailed account of any upcoming cramps or bleeding. Not much to tell so far.

Plan on using the downtime (?) to continue organizing the blog and adding information. I’m also attempting to develop another fibroid site. Want it to be an Internet researching tool. Trying to have specific feeds (this is presenting the biggest snag), links to related journals, and other search tools. Slow going but I predict I’ll be successful in pulling it together.

Ah, let’s see. In the future, I will be healthier and…an even more inquisitive geek. How scary.


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  1. Aly Fibroids Says:

    I, too, am waiting for the moment when I can see the IR and have him tell me that these ‘roids have shruken. I had my UFE on August 23, 2006, and I will have my follow-up on September 20, 2006, with the first measuring being February 2007. While I think I feel okay, I also am the worst at self-awareness when it comes to discomfort. I broke my foot when I was 10 and didn’t tell anyone. It wasn’t until my sister saw my foot (after I couldn’t walk and was stuck on the front steps of the house), that I let on something was wrong. I have numerous fibroids inside the uterus, in the walls of the uterus and on the oustide of the uterus, with three large ones each being the size of “baby heads” as described by my GYN. (Tell me about baby heads I said. I don’t have children and I have seen some pin headed babies. Okay, she said. Think large, ripe EGGPLANTS she said. Okay, food descriptions I can related to. She also told me that at this rate, they’d be watermelons by Christmas). My uterus is also so enlarged that my normal 30 inch waist ballooned to a 42 inch waist pre-UFE. My measurements are more like the old locker combinations: 38-42-34. Sheesh. Post UFE, it was a painful 42 inches, and yesterday was 37 inches, but swelled again to 40 inches upon completing my four mile walk. (My fibroids don’t seem to like exercise, but too bad. Instead of icing my knee, I now ice my uterus after a workout.)

    I also don’t think they like to be back at work. My back is killing me and I’m exhausted, but then again, it could be the legal contracts and nightmare phone calls I’m trying to catch up on from being out for two weeks. Perhaps I returned to work too soon? ALAS I found your site just today and I was relying more upon information touting 7 to 10 days recovery time!

    How are you feeling? The only symptom that never actually bothered me was heavy bleeding. I’m now three weeks out from the UFE and I keep waiting for something to happen. Cramps? Bleeding? Anything other than this HUGE gut I have.

    When I see my IR on September 20, I’m going to ask for a CD-rom of the procedure. Just to make sure that something was actually done.

    If you

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    I am fine. Thanks for asking. A couple of posts about my recovery :
    Two weeks after my Uterine Fibroid Embolization
    Gosh… My period turned out to be a question mark!

    You can click the “Mighty Mouse” and “Batman” links in the post above to find out about my post-op appointments.

    Today is the day after another 3-day period. Yay! I still cannot believe the dramatic change. I’ll put together another post similar to the “Gosh” one to update everyone on my 2nd period post-UFE. The cramps weren’t bad at all and the bleeding I would categorize as light. Heavy bleeding was a HUGE problem for me before this. It’s incredible that it was resolved so quickly. I did have some bulk issues (full feeling) and back pain before. That is also gone. I’m losing weight and will talk about that once I get caught up posting visitor questions.

    There was a visitor who had problems with pain post-UFE and actually passed a fibroid. From her last comment, she seems to be doing great now.

    I appreciate you sharing your experience. Finding out the technical details is great but finding out about personal experiences (I feel) is equally important. Then, you can monitor yourself better and seek additional medical assistance if necessary.

    Continue to monitor and try to get as much rest as you can. They say 7-10 days but that’s not always the case. Post again if you have other questions or thoughts.

    [Edited to add: I created a post where women are discussing their post-UFE recovery experiences.]

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