Amnesia from anesthesia? My experience with conscious sedation

Remember when I talked about how strange the sedation from my Uterine Fibroid Embolization made me feel? Like I had experienced some weird time/location shift. One moment, I was in the Interventional Radiology Suite before the start of the UFE. In a twisted Twilight Zone moment, I blinked my eyes and was then back in my room.

So, I looked again at the information on the sedative Versed® and discovered that it caused amnesia. Didn’t pick up that little tidbit the first time. Guess I was more concerned with side effects and if I would live through it. 😉

Found this section from the above Wikipedia link most interesting:

One benefit of Midazolam (Versed) as it’s used in a clinical setting, is its ability to sedate a patient without causing unconsciousness. For this reason it is often used in a number of invasive, but relatively less painful procedures such as colonoscopy. Midazolam also induces temporary amnesia following administration (and sometimes very minor retrograde amnesiac symptoms are reported), which is beneficial for the person to whom it has been administered prior to what would otherwise be traumatic emergency procedures, but has led to its abuse as a (very rare) “date rape” drug, sometimes in combination with alcohol. Importantly, in memory studies, participants under the influence of midazolam are unaware that their memory is impaired (Merritt, Hirshman, Hsu & Berrigan, 2005).

Anyway, this definitely explains the fact that I remember nothing from the procedure. Had it not caused such pain, I would have asked my Interventional Radiologist if he actually performed the UFE.

Not recalling a thing was a disappointment to the inquisitive geek. I do take comfort that the memory loss was drug-induced and not a part of my normal baseline craziness.

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54 Responses to “Amnesia from anesthesia? My experience with conscious sedation”

  1. Lucy Says:

    What is the exact difference between anterograde and retrograde amnesia?

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