The infamous Hostess fruit pie experiment

I’ve been reading through my posts to reassign them to the new categories. Noticed the one about consuming a fruit pie the night before surgery. Huh?

You know how you aren’t supposed to eat anything after midnight? Well, I suffered from food insanity the night before my hysteroscopic myomectomy. Made the curfew but ended up eating all kinds of stuff I normally severely limit including a Hostess® fruit pie.

Thought this was one of the reasons why I felt so sick to my stomach after the general anesthesia used during the procedure. After forming my hypothesis, I pledged not to eat anything abnormal the night before my Uterine Fibroid Embolization and I didn’t.

I was pretty confident that the conscious sedation of the UFE wouldn’t make me nearly as sick as general anesthesia. Perhaps it was the combination of that with the drugs for pain but I felt much worse after the conscious sedation.

What are the results of the Hostess® fruit pie experiment?
Of course, I haven’t used any statistical methods to “crunch the numbers” but I do believe there is a high probability that these drugs will make you sick no matter what you consume. So, go ahead. Eat that fruit pie. Just don’t overdo.

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