Looking for a feed that specifically searches for uterine fibroid news?

Mentioned previously how I am attempting to assemble a uterine fibroid reference site with specialized feeds and search tools. So far, the only medical/health news site that will allow me to tailor a feed is Google News. I’m still looking.

I’ve decided to go ahead and add that specific feed to this site. So, along the right side (probably have to scroll down a bit) there is a “Google News | Uterine Fibroids” section. Use the orange icon to get this news feed for yourself. Click on the individual title to view that particular story. Click on Google News | Uterine Fibroids to view the results of the Google News search using the words “uterine fibroids”. Results can be sorted by relevance or date. Of course, you can also change the search terms.

Hope you find this useful.

Now, if I can just track down 5 or 6 others…


UPDATES: (August 12, 2006) Found another one. Under Google News, you will see Yahoo! News | Uterine Fibroids. Works the same way. Must thank Jeremy Zawodny for this. I stumbled upon his blog post on Yahoo! News Search via RSS. There’s even a Yahoo! News Search RSS URL Generator to make creating a specialized feed quick and painless.

(August 13, 2006) Just found out that I can set up customized PubMed RSS feeds. An updated listing of actual research articles. I’m excited. Look in the RSS feed section for PubMed | Uterine Fibroid. This feed is courtesy of AJ Cann who was kind enough to visit and leave the information in a comment. Thanks for your help. Want the latest news about microbiology (bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses) and have a bit of a sense of humor? Visit his blog.

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  1. ajcann Says:

    It depends how technically minded your readership is, but PubMed can do RSS feeds, if thats the sort of information you want, e.g.


  2. eclecticgeek Says:

    This is great. I’m trying to develop a site where everyone interested in this condition could visit and find the latest news and research plus have some available search tools. Thinking of adding podcasts if I can find any. Still in a very primitive state but evolving.

    The news feeds (Google, Yahoo!, etc.) are coming together. Had no idea how to handle research feeds. Thought about trying to do it from specific journals. Didn’t know I could do it from PubMed. Incredible. Thank you so much.

  3. fibroid free Says:

    ok..again…crusing through the site reading stuff….saw the link to the latest news about microbiology…cool……ok being a micorbiologist by degree I couldnt resist adding this link… http://www.giantmicrobes.com/ in my post
    .. I have quite a few of these…I even gave them as gifts this past christmas to my sisters…they loved them ahhhh…geek attack LOL

    the older I get the wierder I get LOL

    [Edited by EclecticGeek to activate link.]

  4. EclecticGeek Says:

    LOL!!! The site is funny. I was not expecting to laugh that hard. Didn’t think microbes could be so cute. Thanks for the link! LOL

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