But I AM just a geeky girl

Yes, I know I listen to U2 and Bob Marley. I’m even considering a navel piercing before I turn 41. These things in no way negate the fact that I label myself a geek.

Talked to someone recently who thought I should perhaps (Gasp!) change the name of the site. They just did not understand the “geek thing”. Was I a computer geek? My response:

I am a computer geek. A science geek. I am just a geeky girl!

Wandered over to TheFreeDictionary.com and looked up geek. Okay, I’m not foolish, inept, or clumsy (just odd and slightly crazy). Also, not a bizarre circus performer biting off the head of a chicken. I will shorten the definition that I think is the closest and pick “one who is single-minded” especially in the context of this site. I feel everyone has some topic or interest that they wish to know more about. Something that freely occupies the mind. Not quite an obsession but more of a focus.

So, nope. Not changing the name of the site. I have uterine fibroids. I want to know why. Genetic? Environmental? What about treatment options? Had the UFE procedure but I still want to know about everything available. Downright inquisitive. I am just a geeky girl.


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2 Responses to “But I AM just a geeky girl”

  1. britishbullblog Says:

    I reckon you should take on the new phrase of ‘Geek Chic’! Check out this article for more info – clicky clicky.

    Embrace the geek chic!

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Geek is extremely chic. Definitely, the way to be. I’ve known this my whole life. What took everyone else so long? 😉

    Seek your inner geek.

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