Little WordPress blog world of The Geek

Throwing all my miscellaneous WordPress news into one post before I get back to discussing things more “fibroidy”.

“Geek with Fibroids” – Over 5000 page views
Reached that mark a couple of days ago. I am pleased that people are finding the site and clicking on a few pages while they are here. Really do appreciate every visit and every comment. Surprised by the number of hits from all over the world. It’s incredible how common a medical problem this is and yet, we are still far from definitive answers. I’ll present what I can and work on spreading the word.

Where’s that domain mapping?
About a month ago, I purchased a domain name and decided to move this blog. Managed to set up everything and get the posts transferred but not the comments. Arg! Scrapped the idea because the comments are important. I love posting my ramblings but reading the experiences of others is proving to be quite helpful.

So, for now, my domain simply redirects to this blog. Twiddling my thumbs waiting breathlessly for to implement domain mapping. It’s in the beta test phase right now but will hopefully be a full-fledged feature soon. One day, my “” will be just “.com”. (Sigh)

[Edited to add an update: Domain mapping has been implemented – is now!]

Check out my new header
Been tweaking the look of the site. I have wanted to change that header for at least a month now and just could not wait one day longer. Found a site with nice free images perfect for web page headers and downloaded a few. The “light bulb” image was the first and only one I edited. Liked the idea of being inquisitive and shedding light on the issue. Used GIMP to crop the photo and add the lettering because it’s good and free. Post a comment if you want details on how to do this.

That’s all for now.


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