Conscious Sedation Public Service Announcement

Because of my post on amnesia from anesthesia, I feel as though I should make some sort of PSA. Really didn’t try to cause any unnecessary concern. Just pointed out the unusual nature of this type of sedation and how it made me feel. Others commented on similar experiences. Yes, it’s definitely a weird feeling.

DON’T allow a fear of conscious sedation to stop you from seeking treatment or having a procedure. Remember how I was all spastic during my MRI? Or how I was freaking out before my myomectomy because of the general anesthesia? EVERY fear of mine is recorded here for the world to see. After I decided to seek treatment for the fibroids, I didn’t allow any fear to block my path.

Check out the post on my memories right before the Uterine Fibroid Embolization. I was giggly and goofy at first. Didn’t feel apprehension or stress about anything. Realized later that I had no memory of the procedure but:

  1. I also have no memory of my hysteroscopic myomectomy performed under general anesthesia.
  2. I had a panic attack in the MRI scanner.
  3. I was terrified when I decided to go skydiving and had to jump from a plane at 10,000 feet. There’s a post about that here, too.

So, I completely understand the hesitation but, at times, you must gather and process all the information and then walk on faith. My whole point of being here is to help you make informed decisions and encourage discussion using a bit of humor. I do not wish to create more fear.

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