Gosh… My period turned out to be a question mark!

Giddy but confused. Should I even categorize this bleeding event as a period? Compared to the 7-day gushing, liver-sized clot passing, monster cramping monthly situations I usually endure, this is nothing! Is it possible that a Uterine Fibroid Embolization improves my symptoms so dramatically and so quickly? I am almost speechless. Here is the timeline:

Monday, August 14, 2006: Light cramping and spotting starting about the middle of the day. Cramps were so slight that I didn’t take any medication.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006: Cramps were more painful and the bleeding slightly heavier. Bleeding was just about a notch above spotting with some tiny clots. I mean tiny. Ended up taking a total of four 200mg over-the-counter Motrin during the whole day.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006: Cramps were not as painful. Bleeding heavier than the day before but I would still label it as light. Only needed three 200mg Motrin on this day.

Thursday, August 17, 2006: Very light cramps and spotting for the first half of the day. No medication.

Friday, August 18, 2006: Woke up about 2:00AM this morning with cramps but no bleeding/spotting. Took two 200mg Motrin and returned to sleep. No cramps since then.

So, what’s that? Approximately a three-day period? I’ve NEVER had that. Light bleeding the whole time? I’ve NEVER had that. I keep waiting and waiting for the other shoe to drop. It does not appear that it will. This is now reality. My “new” new normal. I am happy/goofy/loopy but confused. It is so different. It cannot be a period. I will have to call it a question mark.


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25 Responses to “Gosh… My period turned out to be a question mark!”

  1. johanne Says:

    Hi there,

    Just got my UFE done on August 14th and was kind of concerned that my post-procedure symptoms were so light (except for the next day, the worst was the itchiness from the morphine, yikes!). I was expecting much worse, I seriously thought something was wrong! Your site has answered several questions and is a blast to boot!

    I never thought i’d say this but I cannot wait to get my period!

    Thanks and kind regards,

  2. EclecticGeek Says:


    You were also waiting for that other shoe to drop. 🙂

    Good to hear things are going so well post-UFE. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I appreciate the feedback about the site. Glad it’s helpful and enjoyable.

    I was so nervous about my first period but I’m still practically speechless. It was good. A good period.

    Wishing you continued good health. Take care.

  3. bec Says:

    if i dont have cramps but i am bleeding is that normal

  4. EclecticGeek Says:

    I had horrible cramps when I passed large clots and lots of blood. Before treatment, most of my periods lasted 7 days but I did have a few that were 10 or 11 days and the bleeding was quite heavy. Now, it lasts 3 days and the bleeding is light.

    How much are you bleeding? How long have you been bleeding?

    Please post your additional questions here. If you are very concerned, talk to a health care professional.

  5. Aly Fibroids Says:

    My first post-UFE period is turning out to be a doozy! Yowza is pretty much all I can say. I had my UFE on August 23, and for the past week I had been experiencing severe back pain, lethargy, bloat (40 inch belly!), the heavy Pamela Anderson type boobs, (basically everything that I’d been feeling like every single day for the past 12 pre-UFE months). AND, WHAM, September 15, I started bleeding heavier than pre-UFE (although heavy bleeding/clots were never my worst fibroid problem: back pain, hip pain, cramping, bloat and prolonged and missed periods were what did me in). Anyway, I’m on day three of it and I’m actually welcoming it because it feels like a real, live period! I don’t know why, but I’m beginning to feel like I may be on the road to normal. Woo hoo! And, just last week I was doubting my Interventional Radiologist! (I still want the CD of the procedure next week when I go for my first post-UFE visit. Just to be sure.)

  6. fibroid free Says:

    TSumani is over….the waves are calm again.

    I had my first period post Abdominal Myomectomy (oh 2 days after surgery) while in the hospital (oh yeah rel fun). Mind you it was ugly (the whole liver clot thing) Doc said it was due to the surgey also (7-8 days). OK…so I considered this period to be my real “first period” and it came in like …well a tsumani….BUT ….its ending TODAY (that would be 5 days…..ONLY 5 days…..havent seen a 5 days period in like 8 months usually 15 days). I posted in another thread that the doctor said it will take a few cycles to get to normal. like Aly Fibroids said ” … but I’m beginning to feel like I may be on the road to normal..” YEAH!!!!!!

  7. EclecticGeek Says:

    Aly Fibroids and fibroid free,

    Glad to hear when women feel they are traveling on a more “normal” road. Yay! I’ve listed this post on the Forum page so more people will see the recovery experiences. Thank you both for posting and be sure to keep us updated!

  8. Rachel Says:

    I had my UFE surgery August 24, 2006. The surgery went very well. As far as my period, well I’m not to sure yet. I spotted very little for 2 weeks. Sept.15th started having cramps. Sept.16th cramps were worst, took 2 Aleve, at first it seemed like it wasn’t working eventually the cramps calmed downed. Still not alot of blood. However, yesterday Sept.19th passed a clot not too big and yet it wasn’t a small one. Period is still light compared to what it use to be. Today Sept. 19, passed a very huge clot, bleeding is still considered light. My question. Is anyone else experiencing what I am experiencing after having UFE. Is what I am experiencing considered normal? How many periods will I have before I am clot free?

  9. Aly Fibroids Says:

    Rachel: I’m so glad you posted this! I had my UFE procedure done on August 23, 2006. I was wondering the exact same thing about what is “normal” or what I should be expecting after the UFE. (This is only place I’ve been able to find any info from real, live women going through this). I experienced discharge/bleeding for about 8 or 9 days after the UFE (nothing heavy, more brownish than true blood red, no real clotting). I started having really bad back aches and heavy bloating thereafter though, and on September 13, I started my period (or what I believe is my period). This period is still happening today, but today is the first non-heavy day I’ve had thus far. So, for the past six days, I have been bleeding really, really red blood, fairly heavily and passing smallish clots, as well as other particles (which I’m thinking are either pieces of fibroid or some other endrometrial tissue sloughing off). I go to the radiologist tomorrow for my first post-UFE follow-up. I’ll let you know how I make out. From what I’m gathering on fibroids and UFE, I believe all of us are unique in how our bodies respond to these things. It’s amazing. (I always knew we women were amazing). I don’t know how large your fibroids were or how many or they type you have (I say have because UFE leaves them in there and I’m afraid it’s going to take longer than a month for them to disappear). Anyway, I do know that I had numerous, large fibroids of all three kinds (inside the uterus, in the uterine wall, and outside of the uterus). Pretty much, the bigger they are the harder they fall. If you are worried, though, give your radiologist or GYN a call (especially if you are running a fever). When is your first follow-up visit? In any event, I’ll post what my radiologist says after my first visit. (Woo hoo — that much closer to the six month visit when they measure!).

  10. Aly Fibroids Says:

    Rachel: I forgot to ask you — other than the bleeding, how do you feel? Do you have more or less energy than before? Have any of your pre-UFE fibroid symptoms disappeared yet? I’m finding that I’m pretty tired all the time (lethargic is the perfect word), my back is killing me, and I feel really, really fat! (which could be since I’ve pretty much been a sloth for the past month). Anyway, just curious to see how someone else is fairing from the UFE experience.

  11. EclecticGeek Says:

    I’ve gone back and added Related Posts at the end of my original post (right before the Comments). Check Memories directly after my Uterine Fibroid Embolization for comments from a visitor who passed a very large fibroid post-UFE. Experiences vary. That’s why it’s great when women share what they are going through. Thank you.

    Aly Fibroids:
    When someone posts a comment, I know it is helping someone else. I appreciate the great response.

  12. Pamela Says:

    I had my UFE April 24th, 2006. My experience seemed pretty normal to what I’ve read. The normal sloughing off of the fibroid for the past 5 1/2 months has been somewhat uneventful. At the end of August though, I began to experience spotting, two weeks later I was having moderate to heavy bleeding. It is now the 25th of September and I am awaiting an MRI to see what’s going on. I am still bleeding (bright red), no cramps, no nausea, but feel some pressure like before UFE. Anyone else like this? I’d be interested in hearing! Thanks

  13. EclecticGeek Says:

    Sorry I didn’t have this link under Related Posts when you visited earlier. I created a thread in the Forum where women are discussing their post-UFE experiences. Please visit this link:
    How are you feeling after your Uterine Fibroid Embolization?

    Read through and then ask or contribute as much as you want. Thank you for posting what you are experiencing.

  14. Mindy Says:

    I have a question. I started a pinkish spotting a week before my scheduled period. it has been like this for 2 1/2 days. Today it was still a watery consistancy, however it was a little darker-Not quite blood red. Throughout the past few days I have cramped off and on, but today the cramping was a bit more intense. Tonight, the crampling is very mild, almost gone. The bleeding seems to be more brown, but still has red to the color. Have any of you had this? I never have had a period start like this, and I am extremely regular.

  15. EclecticGeek Says:

    Fibroids will cause irregular periods. I once had a period that lasted 10 or 11 days and then two weeks after that another one that lasted 7 days. I also noticed the time between my periods shortened from 21 days to 18 or 19 days. If you have eliminated other causes, what you are experiencing can be caused by fibroids.

    I’ll include the link to the symptom post:
    Uterine fibroid symptoms (not my idea of fun)

    Please post if you have any additional concerns.

  16. fibroid free Says:


    During my “fibroid era” (feels good to type that in past tense) I had a few months of weird periods…. cycles got shorter…and in bewteen the gushing 10-14 days periods I had 2 months of periods similar to yours. Period started very very light bleeding…cramps… brownish color (not that blood red period color) couple of days…then nothign…I was like hummm…then after 2 months of these (I actually thought that I was pregant and took like 4 tests be sure) the gushers were back.

    Some times women experience “different” periods. They may miss a few (stress, sick or starting an extreme diet or exercise program, signicant weight loss or loss of body fat (dont I wish) Sometimes period are less or more when you ovulate (women dont ovulate every month). Like EG said – if you have ruled out other possible issues, then check with your GYN. Not all women have the horrendous bleeding that may come along with fibroids

  17. tioga Says:

    I had ufe and my period is so light no blotting or cramping. I don’t believe how good I feel. You don’t even know you period is on until you go to the bathroom and see a little spotting.

  18. jesika Says:

    I just had UFE done Oct 2nd 2006,
    The past 2 years of my life have been robbed due to Fibroids,
    I have been living off of Blood Transfusions every month and a half,
    due to all the blood loss.
    I have cramping which i am sure is normal after UFE,
    Iin a crazy way I am excited to see how my period will be like.
    I am hoping it will be normal, and not a 15 day blood fest.
    Is your first period after UFE supose to be normal?
    or is it a gradual thing?

  19. aly fibroids Says:

    Hey Jesika: Check out all the posts under “how are you feeling after your Uterine Fibroid Embolization”. There are a few of us out here that had the UFE done and we luckily stumbled upon this site. The medical reports/info seem to indicate that heavy bleeding is one of the first fibroid symptoms that clears up quickly. That being said, they also indicate that the first two periods following the UFE may be more severe in some people (I’m one of those, but heavy bleeding was never one of my symptoms from my fibroids — I’m more bulk, urinary, constipation, cramping, pain.). All of us UFE girls are also trying to figure out what “normal” is after the UFE. I’ve been having a slow recovery (I’m in my 6th week since UFE and it’s been touch and go with how I feel and what I’ve been experiencing). We all seem to be different — post what your body is going through and definitely check out the other women’s posts. It helps. ALSO — call your radiologist or your GYN if you aren’t sure whether something is okay. They definitely need to know!

    [Edited by EclecticGeek to add link.]

  20. EclecticGeek Says:

    fibroid free:
    One day, we ALL will grab a tall glass of decaffeinated tea, sit back in a rocking chair, and reflect on the “fibroid era”. *Sigh*

    Happy to hear of your lighter periods. This is what I am experiencing as well. Feel free to comment in the post-UFE thread. It’s helpful to hear many different experiences.

    Sorry your symptoms got so bad. Anemia was what finally caused me to seek help. Aly fibroids gave great advice. I’ll just add there’s also this discussion question in the Forum:
    What makes you mad, sad, or glad when you think about your fibroids?
    Feel free to vent/rant/rave or read the ventings/rantings/ravings of others.

    aly fibroids:
    I love it when I get the cue to add a link. Thanks for the traffic direction.

  21. abyrdas Says:

    I had a UFE July 2005, the procedure and my recovery went well. Except, when I woke up after surgery I was sweating profusely and have been sweating since hot flashes during the day and sweats during the night every since then. The UFE threw me into an early menopause. Also, I have only had 2 periods and the lower part of my abdomen is huge.

  22. EclecticGeek Says:


    Please visit:
    How are you feeling after your Uterine Fibroid Embolization?

    Women are discussing their recovery experiences and you will find more recent comments.

    Sorry you are dealing with hot flashes and night sweats. There is an estrogen test available to check your level. Please see this link for more information. I hope you have talked to your doctor and the two of you have come up with a plan to address your symptoms.

    Keep us updated with your progress here or in the other post listed above.

  23. Stephanie Says:

    I had a ufe procedure done on November 15, 2006. I skipped the next two months of my menstral cylcle. I also was extremely stressed, but I will not get into why. On January 18, 2007, I started to spot on and off but still no period. Only spotting on occassion. On February 8. 2007, I started to spot slightly, no cramps, but not period like. Well needless to say, after the 9th, I started to get an extremely painful backache and then on February 11. I had a full blown period. Not as bad as the ones that I had prior to the UFE procedure but still a bit heavier. It is now February 14th and still no let up. I spoke with the radiologist and he said that if I had skipped a few cycles that this could be the reason and not to be discouraged because after the 3rd menstral cycle things should show improvement. The fibroid which was 10 centimeters (large) and can take at least 3 months to start shrinking. I go for my next MRI on February 26, 2007. Will post again then. Thanks.

  24. fibroid free Says:

    Post right after I had the first “real” period post AM..Its been almost 7 months post op and back to “normal”. Took about 5 months though..they were shorter right after surgery but just a heavy as before…I was disippointed to say the least but at least the broids were gone….
    So time has taken its course and the healing continues and the periods are no longer crushing. heavy for only 2 days with only one of those days beign painful crampy.. THAT i can live with….tampons are my friends again LOL

  25. EclecticGeek Says:

    That’s good that you’ve been in contact with your doctor. Please keep us updated with your progress. Would love to hear your results.

    Here’s another page where women are discussing their experiences post-UFE:

    How are you feeling after your Uterine Fibroid Embolization?

    Best wishes!

    fibroid free:
    Happy to hear things are better. Let’s hear it for friendly tampons. Yay! LOL

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