Starting a new feature to assist with answering fibroid questions

In keeping with the image in my header, this is one of my light bulb moments. I get a number of questions as comments. I respond but sometimes the person posting needs a personal experience or some regional information. I’ve decided to pull the questions and place them in separate posts (probably 20 or so).

My vision is a post with an excerpt from the visitor’s comment, a link to the original post where you can find the comment, and my response. I’ll then open the floor for feedback from you. Post an answer, response, another similar question, etc. These posts will be categorized according to the topic but I’ll also create a couple of new categories. Something like “Questions” and “Experiences”.

I’m still working on gathering information to create new pages but I think this will be a good added feature. It’s a way to focus on the question and have plenty of room for the answers. I’ll go through the comments and start posting these in the next day or two.

Let me know if this is a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” idea and of any other way I can assist.


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(August 28, 2006) Couple of changes. Posted my email address in a few of my comments but I had to go back and remove them. Getting a bunch of spam. I will leave the address in the sidebar. So, if you need to contact me, look to the right and scroll down a bit. I’m also editing the links in my comments. Instead of just the URL (address), there will be descriptive phrase to click. I think this will make it easier for readers to get the information quickly (especially if there are lots of comments). Will post the first fibroid question today.

(August 29, 2006) Why does stuff tend to take a little longer than originally planned? I made it through the comments. YAY! I did add two categories – “Questions” and “Experiences”. Will add another as soon as I pick a name (something like “General” or “General Info”). Ended up with about 20 questions. I want them up by the end of the week so I better get cracking. 🙂

(September 9, 2006) I’m STILL working on this. Hit a bit of a snag. Made posts with links to visitor comments only to discover that the links do not work. Arg! Found this out last night as I wandered around the WordPress forum. Someone else had the problem and pointed it out. Checked my links and sure enough, there’s a problem. They take you to the right post just not the specific comment. I sent a message using the WP feedback form so there is hope.

(September 11, 2006) The comment link problem is resolved. Yay! Links take you to the specific comment. Those question posts finally make sense. Sorry if this caused any confusion. Off now to write more.


3 Responses to “Starting a new feature to assist with answering fibroid questions”

  1. vjp Says:

    Just found your blog. Seems like yesterday when I went thru a similar procedure for fibroid tumors. (Hated the Lupron shots!) Anyway – I wish you well in your recovery. Mine went quite smoothly.

  2. eclecticgeek Says:

    Glad you had such a smooth recovery. I am amazed at how small the world continues to be. Thank you so much for your visit and well wishes.

  3. Grace Says:

    Does anyone have a robotic myomectomy story to share?

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