Peculiar ways to search and find this web site

One of the features of having a blog at WordPress is the statistics page. I can keep track of things like the number of site page views and the top posts. I also see search phrases people use to find the site. The vast majority are looking for fibroid info but every now and again, I get one that makes me chuckle. I’m only sharing because they are obviously non-fibroid related and I think it’s fascinating that people still click the link that brings them here. I’ll also include the post(s) because I enjoy the matching game.

“I am always interrupted”
My new normal interrupted

“listen to bob marley”
Don’t you listen to Bob Marley first thing in the morning?

“normal distribution”
Life under the bell curve

“surgery funny shower cap”
Memories before my myomectomy

“do not try this at home”
Do not try this at home

“pie the infamous” and “hostess fruit pie”
Don’t eat a Hostess fruit pie the night before your surgery
The infamous Hostess fruit pie experiment

“robot dance instructions” and “how to do the robot dance”
Get your fibroids on the dance floor and do the robot

“here I am to save the day, mighty mouse” and “mighty mouse robot”
Is my Gynecologist Superman or Mighty Mouse?

I find it so interesting because this is how I discover new web sites. Kind of like looking up a word, stumbling upon others, and then forgetting why you opened the dictionary in the first place.


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