Has anyone had problems with deep vein thrombosis?

The original visitor deep vein thrombosis question:

Ann-Marie: Has anyone else had any problems with deep vein thrombosis? The weight and size of my growth is so big now and is pressing on my veins/arteries. I have had two clots in my legs and have been put on Warfarin (the rat poison!!! – how did they find out that worked?!!!) and I have just spent 2 fun-filled nights in hospital with the suspicion it had travelled to my lungs (phew, it hadn’t) but I really don’t want to have any more problems. In addition I have to come off the Warfarin and go on stomach injections (ughhh!) for a week before my op in 2 weeks!! Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

I had previously heard of DVT but not in connection with fibroids. Reading through the visitor comment, it makes complete sense that this would be a related problem. Found some information so I’m including those links:

Deep Vein Thrombosis (Wikipedia)
Warfarin (Wikipedia)
Deep Venous Thrombosis (MedlinePlus)
What is Deep Vein Thrombosis? (NHLBI)

These links include signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

[Added September 17, 2006] Sprkly commented on the importance of being aware of DVT symptoms. I agree and have decided to list them here. From the NHLBI web site:

It is important to see a doctor right away if you have symptoms of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. Deep vein thrombosis can cause very serious complications if not treated.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Only about half of the people with deep vein thrombosis have symptoms. The symptoms may include:

  • Swollen area of the leg.
  • Pain or tenderness in the leg. The pain is usually in one leg and may be felt only when standing or walking.
  • Increased warmth in the area of the leg that is swollen or in pain.
  • Red or discolored skin.

Pulmonary Embolism

Some people find out that they have deep vein thrombosis only after the clot has moved from the leg and traveled to the lung (pulmonary embolism). The symptoms may include:

  • Chest pain when you take a deep breath
  • Shortness of breath

If anyone has an experience or thoughts to share, please post a comment.


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73 Responses to “Has anyone had problems with deep vein thrombosis?”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Found Geek’s blog back in Aug/Sep 08. First commented in “How are you doing after your abdominal hystorectomy.” Surgery date is Dec 15, 08. Have decided to have overies out due to overian cyst. Information on DVT is good to know before the surgery.

    TwoShoes Sept 16, 06 your comment on vitamin K helping to thin blood may be inaccurate. Vitamin K is used to help blood clot. This is one of those memories from childhood in school learning about the Russion royalty’s blood disease that prevented their blood from clotting. It was discovered that by giving those aflicted by the disease vitamin k their blood clotted.

    All the dark green leafy vegetables are a good source of non-heme iron (vit c helps it be absorbed better) which will help build red blood cells and stop the anemia.

    Reading the entries makes a connection between blood loss, anemia, and blood clots. The fibroids are increasing the body’s blood loss, anemia occures. To build up red blood cells we take iron. For me I was consuming lots of leafy green items and alfalfa tablets (high in iron and vit K). I noticed a significant increase in blood clots during my 4 week mensus. I stopped taking the alfalfa and many of the other leafy items (developed a hypothyroid problem during this time, another subjuct I would like to discuss and find out if other have had this occur) and found a iron gluconate tablet, Fergon, to help with blood building.

    How is this related to the DVT? One cannot have real thin blood when going into surgery or there is the possibility of bleeding to death. To thick blood could possibly promote blood clots. Not enough red blood cells (anemia) and oxygen does not get to where it need to go. I do not know if thin blood is the same as anemia.

    Besides having fibroids, I was informed that the prolonged mensus was due to the uterine muscle lining(?) acting as a sponge in absorbing blood flow and not properly constricting to expell the aborbed blood. This is my third cycle like this and seems to be going into a fifth week. During these last 4 weeks the blood clots have not been as several and I have not had the vitamin k.

    I have my preop Dec 3rd when I will ask about DVT possibilities to my gyn/surgen.

    My sister had a total hystorectomy May 08 due to enterin-uterin cancer. She went to the hospital last week due to a blood clot in her leg and was put on a blood thinner. This is six months after her surgery.

  2. Brenda Says:

    My appologies to all. Was reading google sites to become better informed about DVT’s. Typed in How do blood clots form There were several techinical ones along with the adverts. Go read. It is better to get it first hand.

  3. Apple Says:

    I started this blog January 12, 2008 and hadn’t logged back in until now and was shocked to see all the conversations. When no one replied for a few months, I figured I must be alone. It’s been 13 months since my PE & DVT. I was on 10 mg coumadin daily until May 23, 2008 when I planned to have the fibroids sugically removed vaginally. About a week prior to my hysterectomy, my hematologist took me off the coumadin. The equipment started malfunctioning during surgery so I ended up with a vaginal hysterectomy. While in the hospital for the hysterectomy was injected with lovanox. Hematologist has me on one baby aspirin daily for rest of my life. Just wanted to let all of you know how things worked out for me. The hysterectomy was the best thing that could have happened. I feel healthy and look healthy. No more anemia, no more bleeding. I am hopeful for no more DVTs or PEs. I firmly believe that mine was caused by the fibroids or possibly the progestin I took one month before diagnosis of the DVT to postpone my period by one week due to my vacation. If I could have changed things, I would have stopped birth control pills a long time ago. My old obgyn said the fibroids were caused by the birth control pills. I was 40 when this all happened. I think God that he carried me through this and pray that all of you are also healed.

    • gale Says:

      hello, I have read your story about your DVT’S I have a similar story and would like to talk to you about it. If you can respond to this message I would be more than happy to chat with you. I’ll send my number in another email if I hear back from you thanks. if you email me just put dvt’s in the title box.

      • Mary Says:

        I have just had my second set of bilateral PE’s in two years. I have had fibroids since before the first PE’s the Dr. tried an ablasion which was unsuccessful and we decided to try to wait because I was so close to menopause (48) and I had estrogen positive breast cancer. This means no HRT after a surgery to remove fibroids and potentially my uterus.

        My Dr.s are denying the fibroids have anything to do with the PE’s but no other causes have been determined. Were you able to find evidence that fibroids can contribute to PE’s?

        I am desperate for answers. Thanks in advance.

  4. Cassie Says:

    I was hospitalized for 3 wks with DVT. My fibroids are 7.9 and 5.4 cm. The doctors say I cant remove the fibroids right now because I am on Warfarin 10mg. I am afraid of doing the myomectomy because I am 30 yrs old and do not have any children as yet

  5. Dawn Says:

    Cassie, why not UAE? You’d be up and moving much sooner and you’d still be able to have children. Your DVT makes me think that laying in bed could be very dangerous to you. The myomectomy might scar the wall of the uterus which might make it difficult to stay pregnant. Have you talked to your doctors about this?

  6. Dawn Says:

    My latest MRI imaging shows my almost normal sized uterus neatly tucked into the pelvis and 9 months after the UAE the uterus is 40% smaller. All fibroids are dead except two rather small ones. I asked if those aliens are growing and the intervention radiologist explained that that it is like a teeter toter. as the others shrink, these two might grow, but the many shrinking fibroids ontinue to shrink faster than the live ones grow, so the whole system is shrinking. The pain is nearly gone. The periods are about 3-7 days. Yucky still, but not nearly as yucky.

  7. Andrea Says:

    I have had trouble with heavy periods since Feb09 when a gynae Dr confirmed I had 3 small fibroids. I had an ultrasound in Apr09 when the sonographer said they were bigger than had been previously mentioned, approx 9cm x 8cm. Within the space of 3 weeks, I could cup my hand over an area of my stomach where the fibroids were and after eating a meal, I would have to go to bed because the pain was so bad. One night in work, I passed a clot as big as my hand and went to the hospital, where a blood test showed my iron levels had dropped to 6.8. I received a blood transfusion and was let out of hospital the next day. 4 days later I had a bad pain in my leg which my GP told me was my muscles cramping from the anaemia. 3 days later when the pain had not subsided, I went to A&E where a D-Dimer test and scan revealed I had a DVT. I received Heparin injections for nearly 2 weeks and was given Warfarin. I did not fit the ideal for someone to get a DVT. Non smoker/drinker, fit and active, slim and under 40 yrs. Finally a Haematologist advised me that the DVT had been caused by the fibroids and accumulating uterine clot pressing against arteries after I had eaten. Hopefully I will have a hysterectomy within the next few weeks and on the Warfarin for another 3 months at the most. Hope other people suffering find this useful

  8. Nancy Says:

    Hi, My daughter who’s 34 with no children just had a hysterectomy (both ovaries remain). She had a fibroid the size of a 7 month baby and also had a PE and DVT 3months ago. After another DVT with very swollen leg occured several weeks ago the gynecologist/oncologist was called in and concerned the fibroid was actually a cancerous tumor and wanted to do the hysterectomy immediately. She was already on coumadin at the time so was bridged off and put on shots and a filter was inserted to prevent clots from moving. Surgery went well. No cancer. Uterus and large fibroid removed. She is doing well but has been advised to stay on lifetime coumadin even though testing after 1st clotting episode in early May showed no abnormalites that would cause clotting issues were present. Some of her doctors seemed to be willing to say the fibroids could cause the clotting and some seemed unwilling to consider it. I’m not sure if we’ll ever know if the clotting issues are resolved unless she takes herself off the coumadin. She also had no known risk factors for clots although she did have a sudden heart attack from a spontaneous dissection in an artery about a year ago. I’m wondering if the heart attack may also have been caused by a clot caused by the large fibroid. So many questions….

  9. Dawn Says:

    Nancy, I am sorry I have to be brief, but here is my two cents worth. Look at a diagram of the venus system and you will see the veins and arteries placed in an upside down y just above the belly button. It would take a huge boulder sized fibroid to pinch them enough to clot. I don’t think the fibroids can cause a clot. The fibroids and the coumadin will definitely cause heavy bleeding. Does she also see a cardiologist?

  10. Andrea Says:

    I previously wrote in regarding my fibroids and subsequent DVT. My Gynae Dr said he didn’t think the fibroids had been caused by the fibroids, which goes against what the haematologist said. He said the DVT would’ve been up in the thigh area had it been the case and not in my calf. However, a week ago I spoke to someone in work who had had a DVT in her arm when she was 14 and they put the cause down to air bubbles in an injection she had in her arm a few days before the DVT. I then remembered that while I was having a blood transfusion 5 days before the DVT, a nurse was flushing the line out with saline. I commented to her about the air bubbles in the syringe and she said as they were only small bubbles it wouldn’t matter. Now I’m beginning to wonder. I will be asking my haematologist if this could be the cause of my DVT. Seems a bit of a coincidence. Will let you’s know

  11. Nancy Says:

    Yes, She does see a cardiologist. Hopefully the blood clotting issue is under control with the coumadin she is on. The fibroid is gone and so is her uterus and chances for children but I’m just thanking God that she is alive through after at least 2 episodes of DVT and PE. Thanks for the comments and concerns.

  12. Amy Says:

    Hi Everybody! YAY!!!

    FYI — I contacted WordPress and they were able to fix the blog!!! Still no sign of Eclectic Geek herself, but at least most things seem to work.

    I’ve asked if it was an actual malfunction or the domain mapping wasn’t paid up or whatever…. and will continue to follow through on this is just in case.

    I really hope the whole thing is working again and all the regulars come back!

    (for those who get ALL the comments emailed to them, sorry for all the repeat posts, but I want the message to get through to everyone!)

    • Dawn Says:

      Amy thank you for putting in the hours it must have taken to get the blog fixed. It is quite odd that the Eclectic Geek herself seems to evaporated. I hope all is well with you.

  13. Amy Says:

    Dawn, you’re welcome – I just hated to see this end! And I just keep wondering what in the world happened to EG… I emailed her personally, searched for her on the net, she even had another blog – it too ended… if you look at her most recent entries in the beginning of ’07, you’ll see she had a lot more plans for improving this site…. I guess it will remain a mystery. But I can’t help but think she would have wanted this blog to continue….

  14. Mary Says:

    I have known about my fibroids for the past 15 years (I am now 50), and that they have grown and grown until I now have a uterus the size of a 6-month pregnancy. The largest of the fibriods (I have several subscerosal) is now about 15cm. I have put off having a hysterectomy for so long, due to my comittment to fitness (I have been a fitness instructor for 25 years). I am normal weight, a life-long non-smoker, vegetarian, however 3 years ago I developed a DVT and PE. I had been suffering with lower leg swelling (edema) for the past couple of years that one GP put down to “my age”. I am now on life-long warfarin. My mother died of a PE at 55, however my thrombophilia screen was normal. I now wonder if my mother also had a fibroid uterus too. I am now in the process of finally dealing with the fibroids without a full hysterectomy. Earlier this year I had the hormone injection Prostap (supresses estrogen), in the hope that it would kick-start my menopause. Interestingly, within a month my uterus had shrunk right down in size and my legs stopped swelling up. So much for the GP’s theory! However, the treatment wore off after 3 months and I am back to square one. My next proceedure is a fibroid embolisation (cutting off the blood supply so the fibroids are starved of nutrients and shrink) that I am scheduled for soon. My own GP and my gynaecologist both support the theory that my fibroids may have caused my DVT owing to the factors mentioned previously – lean, fit, non-smoker, vegetarian, thrombophilia screen normal, and that the size of my uterus either impinges circulation or perhaps, more importantly, the lymphatic system of the pelvis.

  15. Andrea Says:

    I have had my hysterectomy carried out for over a year now. And for anyone wondering whether it’s the right thing to do, I’d say go for it. Best thing I ever done. Feel and look loads better. And yes the operation wasn’t the most pleasant, but for only a few weeks of pain, it was well worth it.
    I still don’t know what caused my DVT, but hopefully that’s is me sorted now and no looking back.

  16. ensatina Says:

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    Click on a link, check the address bar, if it doesn’t include “wordpress” you need to add it and click again and you will get through. Apparently I can’t place a link in here to show you, but just add “wordpress” without the quotation marks and make sure you add a period – one is needed on either side of .wordpress.

    Good luck!

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