Just look at all of that toilet paper

I have this fear that my father, my husband’s priest (also a Father), or one of my doctors will stop by and see this “toilet paper” post sitting big and bold on the site. That’s OK. Must share the observation.

Last week, my husband came home with toilet paper. No big deal, right? Actually, it was a HUGE deal. At the height of my fibroid symptoms, I would normally ask for toilet paper at least once a week. My husband would hand it all to me prompting me to ask:

You mean you don’t need ANY?

Of course, the answer was always no and my reply:

What are you doing? Using one square? Standing up and getting into the shower? Why do you still have toilet paper?

He just laughed and I would carry the cherished rolls up the stairs and place them in their same temporary spot. Repeated this ritual every single week. Now after treatment, I don’t have to ask. My husband comes home with toilet paper because he needs toilet paper. Not me. One small task (the purchase of TP) translates into such a tremendous victory.

Didn’t need any but I still took a few and bounded upstairs. I threw open the closet door, stacked new rolls on top of old, and stood back to admire my elaborate pyramid. (Sniff, sniff)…It was beautiful.


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19 Responses to “Just look at all of that toilet paper”

  1. fibroid free Says:

    OH MY GOSH…LLLLOOOOLLLLLL …YOOPS I fell off the chair LAUGHING when I saw this….YES!!!! lets talk about toilet paper….

    ok in the linen closet next to the bulk amounts of extra-long over-nights-with-wings are CASES of toilet paper….I am talking double rolls….Aloe and E… Mind you …2.5 (I count the cat) in the house and 3 cases of toilet paper…..

    That became a staple of EVERY shopping list. Even if I had some, I bought some more….never wanted to be without it…. One day hubby made the “mistake” and asked when we ran out …didnt we just BUY SOME????? (this was prior to “case buying” mind you)

    The tears welled up in my eyes and I said….yes we did..but the monster has taken it all!!!! “oh” he said and came home with a “4 pack” LOLOLOLOLAOLAOLO thump (me falling off the chair again)….thanks honey (as I unloaded the cases from the back of the SUV) …That and a new plunger ….. LOL

    ohhh I am laughing so hard I am crying typing this….because it is SO much better now……

    Thanks so much for the reminder that is DOES GET BETTER!!!

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    I fell out of my chair reading your comment. LOL

    When you mentioned monster, I immediately thought of Gossamer, the cartoon monster from Bugs Bunny. I apologize but I think of most things in terms of cartoons. Tsk, tsk. Just when I think my insanity has come down to society’s acceptable level, something kicks it back up. YAY! 😀

    Thanks for sharing a laugh.

  3. fibroid free Says:

    THAT”S it!!! The big RED monster with Sneakers (tennis shoes, as some call them) on Bugs Bunny…I am a huge Looney tunes fan…TOO funny…..Gossamer….

  4. EclecticGeek Says:

    Uh, oh… ANOTHER Looney tunes fan… Cool!

    (I wonder if I can make Gossamer the “official” mascot of women with fibroids.)

  5. fibroid free Says:

    Oh Yeah..a big red scary monster…..shooot give hime some ice tea and we can print t-shirts!! LOL

  6. Dianna Bell Says:

    The Toilet Paper Mania!! I can testify to the toilet paper. I think I went through a 12 twelve pack of Angel soft within a week time. I would go through sanitary pads like within 4 days. I hated to go to the store a week later to buy toilet paper all over again. I was cracking up laughing when I read the post about the toilet paper. That is so funny!!! This is what’s funny after I had the sugery done. I was discharge from the hospital. I had stopped buying 12 rolls of toilet paper all of the sudden. My co-worker was laughing at me. I was down to 5 rolls of toilet paper trust me I made that toilet paper stretch to no point of running out paper. I am down to buying 4 roll pack. I don’t need to buy the 12 pack anymore unless If I see it on sale maybe I will buy it. I keep my toilet paper under the sink in the bathroom close to the toilet. Thanks for the good laugh!! about the toilet paper.

  7. fibroid free Says:

    Dianna…I have ranted a lot on the site but this was one of my best laughes..I still laught out loud in the store when I by a case toilet paper…

    The funneir (now its funny) thing was we have a pedistil sink in the bathroom so I had to be “prepared” when I went into the bathroom…LOL the cabinet over the toilet barley fit the double rolls…so there were rolls everywhere…behind the toilet on top of the cabinet LOL….oh the drama… it gotten better

  8. EclecticGeek Says:

    Isn’t it great when we lessen our impact on the environment? I’m sorry but I’m thinking of a commercial I’ve seen about fossil fuel consumption and decreasing your “carbon footprint” on the planet. Hmmm. I wonder what we should call this smaller paper imprint? LOL

    12-pack in a week? Oh, my! Well, you don’t have to go through that anymore. 🙂

    fibroid free:
    Yes, much drama. It seemed so normal then to be surrounded by toilet paper. Small victories. Yay!

  9. Dianna Bell Says:

    Hi Lady’s, I am so glad we can laugh about the situation. When I’m at work my co-workers ask me what did I name the fibroid. I said (Eville) because she was evil to me all those years. I hope Eville stay where ever she is. I have two coworkers that are out on leave because they having surgery on their fibroids. Happy Holidays To you all and Happy New Year!!!!! I know 2007 is going to be a great year!!!

  10. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hey Dianna,

    Eville? Awww. So glad that Eville is gone!

    Best wishes to your two co-workers. It’s incredible how common fibroids really are.

    Happy Holidays to you as well! 2007 WILL be great!

  11. Sunny Says:

    I can so relate to this story….the things we women go through!

  12. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hey Sunny!

    When you started talking about feminine hygiene products in that other post, I immediately thought of this one.

    Thanks for your great responses all over the site. I can see why your name is Sunny!

  13. Tabitha Says:

    Ever since it has come to light that I have symtomatic fibroids, I’ve been researching things (love this site). Looking back… maybe I’ve had fibroids since my teens and didn’t know it. Back in the early 80s people didn’t have computers to look stuff up like we do now, and we never went to the doctor like people do now. I remember always needing a lot of TP. My dad would joke and ask why we needed so much TP. I couldn’t tell him. I remember thinking, “well, I have a period and there’s a lot of blood”. It was alway heavy, clotty, and painful.
    One year for Christmas my grandma gave each of us kids(among other gifts), a 4-pack of TP. I hid mine because I knew the day would come that I would need it, sure enough that day came!

  14. Tabitha Says:

    P.S. Buy Scott tissue, it lasts the longest

  15. Nats Says:

    I’m feeling in good company! I hadn’t realised how common fibroids are, especially in young women. I guess we don’t even know we have them until they present symptoms, with my it was very heavy bleeding causing aneamia.
    I have recently (a week tomorrow) had a large fibroid removed from the inside of my womb but have many more large ones on the outside.
    I’m due to have my first injection to shrink them next week (3rd Oct 2007) and have heard that it makes you feel lousy. This site and all of you have been so open in sharing and have helped me prepare for what’s to come. Thank you!

  16. Helene Says:

    OMG!! This just provided me with a much needed chuckle!! I’ve just scheduled my hysteroscopic myomecto-whatever-it’s-called for next week (3/12/08), and reading this site has really helped. When I saw this topic, I just started to giggle… none of my friends have ever understood why I, as a single female leaving alone, would ever want or need to buy a giant 24-roll pack of TP!!

    I’m really nervous about the surgery (outpatient, yeah right – nice and simple?), but I’m so looking forward to having normal periods… and not using as much TP every month!!

    Take care everyone…

  17. Kelly Says:

    Ow ow my belly, you guys are so funny! I am on day 7 of recovering following a Da Vinci lap myomectomy and the laughing is killing my sore healing stomach!! I had a problem fibroid for 19 yrs and I feel I could have taken out stock in the Motrin/Advil/Aleve companies, as well as the Sam’s Club super packs of maxi pads, tampons, and toilet paper. I would have TP packed in a cabinet above the toilet and an extra big case in the hall closet, and they vanish so quickly! When my teenage daughter matured the needs were even greater. The first thought whenever someone was going to the store was … um …do we need any of those types of supplies??!

  18. Amy Says:

    Hi Everybody! YAY!!!

    FYI — I contacted WordPress and they were able to fix the blog!!! Still no sign of Eclectic Geek herself, but at least most things seem to work.

    I’ve asked if it was an actual malfunction or the domain mapping wasn’t paid up or whatever…. and will continue to follow through on this is just in case.

    I really hope the whole thing is working again and all the regulars come back!

    (for those who get ALL the comments emailed to them, sorry for all the repeat posts, but I want the message to get through to everyone!)

  19. Dewitt Says:

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