Does anyone have a hysteroscopy experience to share?

From the original visitor hysteroscopy experience question:

Anne Cagle: I’m having an exploratory hysteroscopy next week. Can anyone share their experience with the procedure with me? I am very nervous.

I found a couple of links with information about hysteroscopy. The Wikipedia link is pretty general. WebMD is more informative and includes this brief exam overview:

Hysteroscopy is a diagnostic and surgical procedure that makes examining the inside of the uterus possible without making an abdominal cut (incision). During hysteroscopy, a lighted viewing instrument called a hysteroscope is inserted through the vagina and cervix and into the uterus. Treatment can also be done through the hysteroscope during the same procedure.

Hysteroscopy usually takes 30 to 45 minutes and is done as an outpatient procedure. General anesthesia is usually used, although local or spinal anesthesia can be used instead. You should not eat or drink for at least 4 to 8 hours before having the test. A gynecologist or surgeon performs the procedure.

The uterus is filled with a fluid, such as normal saline or glycine. The hysteroscope is inserted through the cervix into the uterus so the inner surface of the uterus can be examined. Hysteroscopy can locate the cause of bleeding for many women.

Hysteroscopy (Wikipedia)
Hysteroscopy (WebMD)

My experience occurred during a hysteroscopic myomectomy. It was outpatient, under general anesthesia, and caused very little pain. The doctor inserted the camera to see the fibroids that needed to be “shaved” down. I was nervous about the procedure, especially the general anesthesia part. You can follow my experience through the Related Posts listed at the end.

If you have a hysteroscopy experience or thoughts/questions, please leave a comment here.


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56 Responses to “Does anyone have a hysteroscopy experience to share?”

  1. Anne Cagle Says:

    Thank you! This makes me feel a lot more calm about the upcoming procedure.

    • AC Says:

      I was trying to get pregnent for the last 5 years and just seeing a doctor because I was unsuccessful, he did a untrasonogrph and find out a big fibroid of 4.15 cm and wants to remove it, I am 32 now and were never had a baby and I am just so worried about the fibroid removal surgery because I don’t know how its done or what benefits I will get out of it,my doctor said its a outpatient procedure and I will be fime within two days and can go to work, can any one give me any advice about should I do it or not?

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Glad this helped! Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Best wishes.

  3. Anne Cagle Says:

    I’m reading a wonderful book about fibroids. The title is:
    What your doctor may not tell you about fibroids : new techniques and therapies– including breakthrough alternatives to hysterectomy / Scott C. Goodwin, Michael Broder, and David Drum ; foreword by Carla Dionne.
    Publication info. New York : Warner Books, c2003.
    While this is three years dated (doesn’t go into MRI-FUS in any depth), the nutritional and lifestyle advice is very sound and helpful. Also, the section on UAE are good as well as explaining some of the other procedures.

  4. EclecticGeek Says:

    Thanks. Feel free to share what you are reading by commenting on other posts. Nutritional information would fit into the diet and fibroids thread. Lifestyle advice perhaps could go with the alternative therapy post or I could create something separate. I’m still working on building up the Fibroid Forum so women can post questions or answers and exchange info.

  5. Anne Cagle Says:

    Thank you for the encouragement! The hysteroscopy went well: they knocked me out and took a few samples. I should know the results next week. Your blog is helping me make it through a tough time. Bless you!

    • jwantsababy Says:

      hello, i want to ask you from where did u get hysteroscopy done and how much was the cost? or did ur insurance cover it for u? if yes than which insurance company and in which category? thanks ! hope to hear from u very soon!!

  6. EclecticGeek Says:

    So happy that your procedure went well! Yay! You are welcome to come here and share whenever you like. Glad the blog is helping. Take care.

  7. EclecticGeek Says:

    Anne Cagle left a great comment about hysteroscopy in another post so I’m sticking a quote with a link to it here:

    After my exploratory hysteroscopy, I slept for the day after I came home from the out patient surgery. I was just flat out with the effects of the codiene they gave me for cramps. I had cramps and a small amount of bleeding for two days.

  8. maritza Says:

    I just want to know after how many months of a myomectomy and hysteroscopy operation can i have sex again and after how long can i get pregnant??

    Please i want to know

  9. fibroid free Says:

    Hi Marita,

    I had an Abdominal myomectomy and my doctor recommended 4 weeks post surgery before haveing sex (didnt feel like it anyway while healing). He also recommended to wait 3 months before trying to conceive to allow your uterus time to heal COMPLETELY to be strong enough to carry full term. Hope that gives you some guidelines but let your body be your guide with how you are feeling about sex post surgery

  10. EclecticGeek Says:

    I’m reading the surgery discharge instructions from my hysteroscopic myomectomy and it states to wait 2 weeks post-op before sex. Not sure about pregnancy. I agree with fibroid free to let your body be your guide. Started a thread about fibroids and sex to get some discussion:
    Sex and fibroids just don’t go together, now do they?

  11. Niki Says:

    I have some kind of growth in my uterus,almost like a septum.I will be having a hysteroscopy and D&C,Laporoscopy and tubal ligation.I am anxious for this surgery I have had problems for so long.I have read that women who have a septum in their uterus have a hard time getting pregnant.This is not my case.I have had 4 uncomplicated pregnancies.

  12. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hi Niki,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Sorry you’re going through so much but I’m happy to hear of your successful pregnancies. Best wishes with your upcoming procedures!

  13. Aline Says:

    I had an exploratory hysteroscopy a few weeks ago, and thought I would share the experience, since mine was with local anesthesia. I had no restrictions on food or drink before hand, and was advised to take 800 mg of ibuprofin 1-2 hours before the procedure. I didn’t eat anything just in case.

    The dr. numbed my cervix with a local – I only felt some pinching – not pleasant, but not awful. Then I got to see what the camera saw; my dr. when he saw my biggest fibroid said “no wonder you’re bleeding like a stuck pig!”. Funny, huh. :-)

    The dr. found a floating thing on a stalk (can’t remember what he called it) and he vacummed it off when he did the biopsy. During the biopsy they had me do “baby-birthing breathing” that took my mind off it. It was only momentary discomfort. The drained me of fluid, and I was on my way. I was able to go eat and do some errands. I had some mild cramping over the next day, but no worse than what the fibroids cause already. Also, some minor bleeding for a few days (I am on 2 birth-control pills a day until I have surgery).

    That’s it. It was nice to be awake and see the pics. Next stop: hysterectomy!

  14. Amy Says:

    Aline, just wondering, how did you come to decide to have the hysterectomy? I keep trying to decide if to go for an AM or just spring for the big H… I’m no longer bleeding horribly since they took out a submucosal fibroid when they did my hystersocopy and endometrial ablation, but I still have a large belly and have to pee pretty often…and have endometrial hyperplasia so that’s why I keep wrestling with doing more.

  15. Aline Says:

    Hi Amy-

    Sorry for the long delay in replying! My decision to have a hysterexctomy was long and drawn out. I went to 2 drs – my regular gyno, who did discuss all the other options with me, but also made it clear that the hysterectomy was, in his opinion, the way to go. Since I’ve never been through major surgery, and am a geek myself, i f course wanted to know more and really make sure I had given the other options a fair shake. I went to another dr for a second opinion, one who had much more experience in the less invasive methods described on this site. At my first exam with him, his instinct was that I was a good candidate for an endometrial ablation. But once I had the hysteroscopy, given the size and location of my uterus and fibroids, the fact that they appeared to be fast growing (could compare ultrasounds a few years apart), given that I have been hospitalized with severe anemia requiring a blood transfusion and that I was at high risk, and that I don’t want children and only want to go through one procedure to fix my problem, we agreed that hysterectomy was the way to go. I’ll have a partial, leaving the ovaries and cervix intact, and will be on Lupron for 3 months first to keep me out of danger (once that first horrible month is over) and to hopefully shrink my fibroids so that a laprascopic will be possible. I start my shots this week, with surgery in january.

    Finding the right dr. to talk it through with was the key for me – check out the “how to find a fibroid dr.” on this site – it’s really helpful.
    I hope that helps!

  16. Amy Says:

    Hi Alene, thanks for giving me the background info… I hope you keep us posted on how you do in January. I hope it goes well for you. I’m pretty stable it seems… I don’t think they are growing much, but I have a big belly which I don’t like at all… oh well. We’ll see what time will bring. At least I’m not bleeding since I had the ablation. Best.

    • k Says:

      Help. I’m bleeding heavy after 6 weeks of my surgery. What to do? And cramping very bad. It was so bad for the past 5 days. Soaking about 4 pads a day. Now its only two and the pain is not as bad. Should I go to the er?

  17. jennie Says:

    Hi ladies. To anyone who wants to know the pain from my uterine bisopy was so bad I passed out twice on the table. I will never have one again. Instead if I need on I will be having a D&C. I would rather be put to sleep. I just had a hsysterscopy, D&C, tubal, and uterine polyp removal. I also had an SIS before the sugery. If anyone wants advice on these procedures please feel free to email me. thank you.

  18. LAURA Says:

    I am going in for a hysteroscopy after bleeding off and on for 3 months. I am 34 with one beautiful daughter and am only going through this procedure b/c my husband and I would love another child. I am terrified of this procedure.

    Something that caught my eye on this blog is the night sweats, anemia, etc…. I have had terrible night sweats, back pain and severe bruising lately? Is that a sign of the fibroids. Not to mention the constant cramping and off and on bleeding.

    Any kind words????

  19. Caren Says:

    I’ve had 3 endo biopsies and they did hurt but only for a few seconds. I had a hystoplasmiagram (sp?) and that was the worst pain with the gas having to be used to inflate my uterus. Now 10 years later I’m back at the infertility doctor game and they want to do a hystoscopy. i’m so scared because of what the hystoplasmiagram did and how I felt.

  20. Yolanda Jacobs Says:

    I had a hystoscopy and laposcopy 4 weeks ago. I was so weak afterwards for 2 weeks. I also had dizzy spells. I’ve only experienced mild cramping but it’s week 5 and I am not 100% myself. I went to my dr. and blood work discovered my sugar levels were elevated, so I’m on a low sugar diet for 3 weeks. I really want to be over this already! I get discouraged because most people recover within 2-4 days. What’s my problem?????

  21. Rebecca Says:

    Can anyone give what their recovery time was on a Hystoscopy with Myomectomy? My Dr. is telling me anywhere from one to two weeks? Just wondering at what point people were feeling better and going back to work!

  22. gg Says:


    so glad i came across this blog. thank you so much to everyone who has shared their experiences.

    i had a hysteroscopy a week ago after months of heavy bleeding. the bleeding was so bad that blood would literally flow out of my body and splatter onto the fllor. very scary when i was not in my own home. it also made me very anaemic (have just had 2 iron infusions of a new drug called ferinject to bring my haemoglobin levels back to normal. in the past, when i was diagnosed with anaemia first a few years back, i had to have 16 infusions of a weaker drug called venifer. would be happy to give anyone info about both experiences if they are interested).

    i had tried ponstan with my old doc and she tried to talk me into a mirena coil but i know friends who have had bad experiences of it and was holding off. i went to a naturopath who suggested a herbalist who gave me a herbal solution to drink three times a day. i had 16 days clear of bleeding (whoopdidoo!) and was on a high. then i got the worst period yet. i ended up in a and e because the bleeding was so bad and my haemoglobin dropped from 11 to 9.4 in a week.

    i had changed to a new doctor and, while i was trying the herbal route, i was taking her advice too. she was more sympathetic and didn’t want to put the mirena in when there was such heavy bleeding as she felt it would be flushed out. she gave me a drug called cyclocapron to try to reduce the bleeding (which it did but you can only use it for 4 days in a cycle and, at this stage, i have no idea where my cycle is!)

    she sent me for an ultrasound scan which showed that the lining of my womb was abnormally thickened and that there was ‘debris’ in there (scary!).

    after the a and e experience, i was referred to a gynecologist who suggested the hysteroscopy.

    i thought the procedure was just exploratory (with a d & c / biospy). i was exhausted after the procedure and came home and slept for most of the day. i had a little bleeding but nothing major. i would have stayed in bed the next day but had to go to a funeral. i felt pretty bad. that afternoon, the doctor called and said she had found a 3cm prolapsed fibroid ‘on a stalk’ and removed it and cauterized the ‘stalk.’

    she said that she thought that the fibroid was the cause of the thickened uterine lining results. (i think she meant that somehow they had mistaken the fibroid for the lining).

    i was pleased because there was a reason for the heavy bleeding.

    but i have been feeling so bad since then. completely exhausted, bloated, in considerable pain despite taking difene with solpedine three times daily. after 5 days i called the hospital. my gynecologist is away and her college said i should be fine by now but prescribed more difene and a topical antibiotic in case i had an infection.

    that night, i felt so bad i called a doc on call at around midnight. he put me on an oral antibiotic (augmentin).

    it’s two days later and i still feel terrible. i can’t describe the lethargy and physical discomfort. i just feel blank and unable to concentrate on anything. my husband is away (back tonight!) and i have spent the last 24 hours in bed but feel no better.

    i don’t know whether this is because i have a bad infection. or because they messed up the operation. or because this is normal.

    can anyone help?

    thanks again for the blog and all the links. i had been googling for days without finding anything helpful. so grateful:-)


  23. Amy Says:

    Hi gg, just ran across your message! It’s been a while, so I hope you are doing okay now. Unfortunately, this particular thread doesn’t get a lot of traffic…so not too many women check it out on a regular basis unless they get the digest of all the messages. Let us know how you’re doing. It always bugs me when doctors prescribe a lot of medicines without actually taking a look at someone when they’re not doing very well. If I’d read this sooner I would have said to see someone as soon as you could. Again, hope you’re feeling better.

  24. Veronica Says:

    I had the hysteroscopic myomectomy in office – without anesthetic of any kind. My fibroid was pedunculated so started in my uterous and sort of hung down and out covering part of my cervix. I was not really prepared for the procedure because my nurse midwife diagosed a polyp. Not having insurance I was very concerned when I started bleeding and was feeling crampy – a friend recommended a GYN – I went and he did the procedure. There was pain, and I felt a bit woozy leaving the office, but I went out to eat and then rested with a cool pack on my abdomin. In the morning the bleeding had stopped, but I feel like I will take it easy today. The Dr. did warn that excessive bleeding would require a trip to the emergency room and a D&C. With no insurance I take no chances there.

  25. Veronica Says:

    Oh, I have been supporting my thoughts (words) by reading Susun Weed’s book New Menopause Years – the Wise Woman Way. I have found this helpful to keep a full picture of what’s going on. I am menopausal however (5 years) and usually fibroids decrease after the hormones, I am under a great deal of stress – which I have been handling, so maybe that is a contributing factor. ANyway happy to find your blog, as I feel as though I have been through something here.

  26. Amy Says:

    To anyone finding this note:
    I’m posting this on the few functioning links on this blog, apologies if you’ve already received this, but I’m trying to find support for getting this blog to fully function again!

    (For those of you new to this site, welcome, it has provided a great forum for those of us suffering from fibroids to find out more about fibroids and support each other. Unfortunately, it hasn’t be been functioning very well (a lot of the links are down to the other threads on this blog, among other things) and it has been getting very little traffic over the last few months. But, I’m working to see what we can do, even though we didn’t start this blog, because we haven’t heard from the founder since early 2007. If you too, find this blog helpful and want more info about our efforts or want to help, read on.)

    I just wrote a long letter to wordpress support asking what we can do to get this blog working again… I also said I and others would be willing to pay to keep it going. I would even be willing to maintain the site if they would allow it.

    If anyone else knows anything, has any ideas, or would be willing to contribute to keep it going, please let us know here.

    If I get the go-ahead I’ll post back and let you know.

    It really pains me to see that most of the links are broken and to see that most all the the personal histories on this site have disappeared, and that this site may not be around to provide the forum for so many of us to support each other.

    When I posted on the wordpress forum, other users said it would be out of our control because the site essentially belongs to Eclectic Geek to do with as she pleases… unfortunately, if say, she died…. it seems that we should be able to do something…..

    Maybe, if enough people log on to:
    to express their concern, maybe, they would be more likely to do something.

    Thanks all!

  27. Amy Says:


    WordPress tell’s me the blog has been fixed!!!

    So please don’t deluge WordPress with requests to fix it!!

    I’ve asked if it was an actual malfunction or not and will continue to follow through on this is just in case.

    I really hope the whole thing is working again and all the regulars come back!

    (for those who get all the comments emailed to them, sorry for all the repeat posts, but I want the message to get through to everyone!)

  28. Julie Says:

    Okay my experience was very different. I started having chronic spotting (probably due to sudden anovulation -I was found to have very low vitamin D-nothing else wrong hormonally so far). The spotting was not heavy or dangerous but never really goes away.
    The doctor wanted to do an diagnostic only hysteroscopy in his office. I had no prep, no anesthesia (local or otherwise) and no pain medicine. He only took pics, and in my case I have a normal healthy uterus. He used warm water to fill the uterus and the entire procedure took literally 5 or 10 minutes. I had mild cramping as he went through the cervix (I have had 3 children and maybe the cervix is more open than some?). I have had light discaharge and bleeding (which I was already having bleeding before) since the procedure yesterday morning and I feel absolutely normal. Just wanted to share for people who will not have surgery in conjunction. Had he found something I would have had a second procedure I guess in a surgical center to do that. Good luck to everyone who is going through this!

  29. Stace Says:

    I had my surgery on December 17th and it was not bad at all. I was told that I would have cramping and spotting for a few days afterwards but I am happy to report that my cramping was almost non existant and the spotting only lasted maybe four days. To say the least I was very pleased with my experience. The fibroid was much bigger so the surgery took longer but that was the only really big thing that happened that I have no memory of anyway. :)
    My only concern is this. I am on birth control and right after the surgery everything was fine and my period came when it was supposed to (very light only three days). But now this past week I have started spotting again and I am only on my second week of birth control. Should I be concerned about this? I have called my OBGYN and left them a message but have not heard back yet.
    I know that my OBGYN took everything out. She did everything from cutting, burning and scraping inside of there. So I know that the fibroid is gone. One cannot have grown back in less then a month right? Seems weird for that to happen.

    Any thought? Is it just the BC?

  30. Carmen Says:

    It’s amazing how different all our stories are. Mine has, like many, been a rollercoaster ride. I will condense as much as possible. We miscarried in December 2008 at 11 weeks and I had a D&C in January 2009. Prior to my pregnancy, I always had irregular, heavy periods. After the pregnancy/D&C I began having a period every month. They were heavy, caused much cramping, and clotting. As the months passed, they became worse. Went back to the doctor in August 2009, who decided I may have endometriosis. I had a laparoscopy done, and nothing was found, everything was “normal”. My GYN sent me home to deal with the pain with motrin, which had been prescribed earlier in the year for my pain. In November I had pain on my right side for 2 days. My GYN sent me for an ultrasound (US), where they found I had fibroids. Finally, a reason for my pain!

    He met with me, asked when we were planning on trying to have children and told me to come back in 4 months for another US to check if the fibroids had grown. In the meantime, “take motrin for the pain”. Not satisfied, I looked up fibroid specialists in my area and found a fibroid center. I had an MRI, which showed I had a submucosal fibroid the size of a golf ball, and an intramural fibroid the size of a softball! (YIKES!)

    We have no children yet and would like to preserve fertility. I am opting to have the submucosal fibroid removed first, via hysteroscopic myomectomy. I am having the procedure done tomorrow and hope my bleeding, which lasts sometimes 9 days, clotting, and cramping are relieved. I’m nervous, but this will be my 3rd surgery in a little over a year. For the women out there with similar problems, please don’t give up trying to find out what’s wrong. If you are not satisfied with the answer, find another doctor. Remember, they are human too and don’t know everything.

    Sorry for the long post, but even if this makes one woman out there continue to find an answer, I’ve done my job. Good luck to everyone.

  31. Beti Says:

    I think most of the doctors consider you can deal with the pain with motrin, even high doses, but at some point it is too much motrin, and life becomes miserable because the pain never goes away immediately. You were smart and searched for a new doctor, there is no reason to go on and on with pain. But most of the time doctors only pay attention when fertility is involved in the studies.
    Regarding the procedure, I had part of a submucosal fibroid removed, and several subserosal (including a pedunculated), no intramural. And after 2 cycles post-surgery, I’m completely pain free! so there is hope is you are having just the submucosal removed. Just FIO, I think most of my pain was caused by retrograde menstruation, caused by the submucosal fibroid blocking the normal menstruation.

  32. Carmen Says:

    Hi Beti,

    Well, my surgery went well. The submucosal fibroid was removed. My doctor placed a catheter to keep the walls of my uterus from touching, to help with healing. I have to say, that has been very uncomfortable. The week of my surgery was the week I was to get my cycle, and I did. But it was not as heavy as it has been. Again, the catheter is a pain! I am still experiencing some strong cramps, which may have to do with the catheter. I am not sure. Doc said it was going to fall out, but it didn’t! I go back tomorrow for my post-op appt. I’ll see what he says. The cramps are the worse though. Hopefully after the catheter is removed I will get some relief. Guess I will have to wait until later this month to gauge the results of the surgery. Thanks!

  33. Liya79 Says:

    I had multiple fibroids removed in February 2009, yesterday i had a dr’s appointment, so I just found out that I have endometriosis. I never had any pain until last when I have my pd. My dr wants me to start with clomid which, I don’t know much about. I would like to ask anyone if it really works and what are the risks. I m confused and getting discouraged. I’ve been married for almost 6 years, it’s affecting my marriage. I really want some good advices.

  34. KeyLimePie Says:

    Please don’t take LUPRON if you doctor asks you to take it before a hysteroscopy. It is far too dangerous! I am bloated nine months after taking ONE shot. Do not take this drug just to make a 30-minute outpatient surgery go smoother. It could cause you a lifetime of discomfort.

    • MyLatte Says:

      I took lupron and it worked for me.I had a polyp in my uterus and the lupron helped shrink it.I had it removed a lil drizzle of blood hours later after surgery with general anesthesia.I already feel great.I cant even tell that ,I had this procedure done.
      But to each as his own experiences.
      Thank God for Doctors

  35. alene Says:

    I had a hysteroscopy in 11/09 after meeting with my Gyn about having constant spotting. I had never had any type surgery (besides oral) and was quite nervous. The surgery was about 1.5 hours but I was completely anesthesized and she removed about 5 fibroids of various sizes. I had a little bleeding that night and no after surgery pain. They gave me so many pain killers and I took none post surgery. I stopped bleeding the next day and was thrilled! Another wonderful thing to ask your Gyn about: I told her I was sick of having a period! I inquired about “seasonique” where you get only 4 pds per yr and she told me she could do even better! She put me on Seasonique but recommended I never take the 7 pills that essentially give you a “pill period” and so now I don’t have a pd anymore! How come no one told me about this before? Girls—ask your Dr about this! She then told me that ALL the GYN’s in her office do this!

  36. JP Says:

    Hi, I thought to share my experiences with you and hope to get some motivations/advices from all.
    Within 2yrs of my marriage, lot of things happened to us. I got pregnant soon after 2 months of marriage but the initial scan reports showed I have 2 fibroids, bigger one 6*7 cm. Dr said either you can go ahead with pregnancy or abort it. We decided to go ahead. But also thought to take a second opinion with a famous Gyn. This Dr asked me to have a scan after 13 weeks of pregnancy. It was the most unlucky day for me, report said fetus had no cardiac activity and have 4 fibroids now. As per Dr’s advice I did medical termination. Later Dr told we should remove the fibroids first & then try for next pregnancy. In Mar 09, my fibroids were removed by myomectomy (open surgery) with 2 incisions into uterus as Dr said it was reqd. It took 1 month to recover. Dr asked us to try conceiving after 4 months. We tried for 6 months but were unsuccessful, so met Dr again. She asked to go for a tube test (HSG). Next unlucky day of my life, HSG report said my right tube is completely blocked due to myomectomy scars. My gyn never told there would be a risk like this. After looking into the report, she asked us to consult Infertility Dr in the same hospital.
    According to this new Dr, everything is fine except one blocked tube, so we can go with IUI. 1st IUI done but failed. Finally we decided to consult another reputed infertility Dr. This Dr has gone through all my medical history and suggested for a diagnostic hysteroscopy. I have taken appointment this weekend. Feeling very nervous to have this test done, as I can’t bear anymore bad reports.

    Please guide me if we are on wrong way.

  37. Jewel Says:

    I had a hysteroscopy yesterday, and the pain was so bad, I had 2 people holding my arms down (legs were already tied down). They kept telling me to breath b/c I think they knew I was about to pass out. I took plenty of Motrin the morning before the procedure and it didn’t do anything. I cried and screamed on the table. If you have to get this done, your doctor has to option that you can be put under general anesthesia….and I would HIGHLY recommend that!

  38. yves Says:

    Had unsuccessful hysteroscopy in feb
    My theory is registrar did not read case notes properly and did not have ultrasound tv photos. Hysteroscopy recommended. instead of mri

    have 1 large intramural fundal fibroid 7cm, mri done in june, taking shrinking drugs, was due to have surgery on 18/8.
    Surgery cancelled as blood test showed high potassuim levels.

    Blood was hard to draw, but anesthetist did not ask nurse right questions after pre op and surgery cancelled until 1/9.
    Any advice for next week, having pain across whole stomach.

    Am controlling bleeding with norethistherone 2 3 times a day.
    worried that fibroid may be growing again, uterus is 18 weeks in size

  39. yves Says:

    Had unsuccessful hysteroscopy in feb
    My theory is registrar did not read case notes properly and did not have ultrasound tv photos. Hysteroscopy recommended. instead of mri

    have 1 large intramural fundal fibroid 7cm, mri done in june, taking shrinking drugs, was due to have myomectomy surgery on 18/8.
    Surgery cancelled as blood test showed high potassuim levels.

    Blood was hard to draw, but anesthetist did not ask nurse right questions after pre op and surgery cancelled until 1/9.
    Any advice for next week, having pain across whole stomach.

    Am controlling bleeding with norethistherone 2 3 times a day.
    worried that fibroid may be growing again, uterus is 18 weeks in size

  40. Lisa Says:

    I have to have a hysteroscopy to remove a polyp in my uterus the dr says its the size of a raisin. I am having the procedure done in an ambulatory surgical center under general anethesia i was told i would be breathing on my own the it will only take 15 min. i am sooo scared i have never been under general anethesia only sedated to have my wisdom teeth out if anybody can give me any reasurrance i would appreciate it.

  41. Sara Says:

    thanks a lot for this great info

  42. MyLatte Says:

    I must say ,I was on edge today.Im scheduled for 1pm,and get started at 3pm..I must say,I was very very scared that ,I had smoked marajuana 16 hrs prior to surgery.I went in under general anestesia,for 30 min.And everything worked out well. My doctor was in and out in no time.However,I did want to smoke marajuana to calm my nerves,but I figured why take that final destination call,and opted my surgery for me not to smoke.I think to each is its on,but to choose health over ignorance.Not to say that people are ignorant,they just dont know.
    Ps…To each is his own,but choose your health first,I know I did.

  43. Elvia Gertz Says:

    Hi. We have been trying tio conceive for about a year now. I have a history of very irregular periods. After doing a saline sonogram, my fertility doc decided to I should have a hysteroscopy of get my womb ready for pregnancy. I just had the procedure done this past Thursday. He made it seem like the procedure would be no big deal and that I’d be able to return to work the next day, he even told my husband that we could have sex right away. Well the first day after surgery I did feel great. We ran errands, cleaned the house, etc. That night, we almost had sex but did not completely. The next morning, I woke up with heavy bleeding and have been bleeding ever since. I am now four days post op. I spoke to the doc this morning and explained that I am having heavy bleeding w/ no clots and lots of abdominal pain. He says this is normal but I am worried. He told me if the bleeding continues, he will put me on birth control pills to stop the bleeding. My doctor is an amazing guy but I am so worried. I want to have a baby soon. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, how did it turn out?

    • jwantsababy Says:

      hey Elvia, i have a question plz? do u live here in dubai? from where did u get ur hysteroscopy done? how much was the cost? do u have any insurance that covered it for u?? thanku in advance!!

  44. hgh Says:

    hey admin thanks for wonderful and straight understandable assemblage i dear your weblog website really significantly bookmarked also.

  45. Beatrice Says:

    Hi, I had 3 myomectomy done in the past, the last one was in July 2012, my gym recommend hyteroscopy to prepare me for pregnancy. I had one failed Hysteroscopy. The doc couldnt find my cervix, please can anyone had similar experience, please help me

  46. k Says:

    Helpppp. I’m bleeding heavy after 7 weeks of my surgery. Can’t work, dizzy, nausea and always sleeping. I run out 3 or 4 pads a day. And thisis day 4.

  47. Phil Says:

    I had mine yesterday in hospital because doc had to check for uterine cancer. It was no problem. I had an anaesthetic that put me to sleep. When I woke I had a slight cramping like mild period pain which lasted one evening and a bit of bleeding which has now stopped. My concern is the reports I have read on the web that there is debate among researchers about whether hysteroscopy can spread endometrial cancer cells in women who have it already.

  48. sameea Says:

    does anyone have uterine resection surgery here in dubai?? kindly suggest any good doctor for septum removal. thanks

  49. ramona Says:

    I had a hysteroscopic myomectomy yesterday – altho concerned the whole thing went great. I had a 2.5 cm submucosal fibroid removed under general anesthetic. the general anesthetic was the scariest part – but honestly was ok. Has no problem other that headache and went to bed early. Procedure was outpatient. Fibroid was removed 90% the doc said and what was left was more of a shell. It will take 3 periods to see the affect if there is less bleeding, which was the goal. I presented with heavy bleeding, clotting, anemia, but periods always regular and nothing in between them. I have other fibroids but they don’t give symptoms. Doc said its possible these other fibroids also affect the bleeding, but chances are the submucosal one that was removed was the big culprit. good luck to everyone reading – this board was very helpful.

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