How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy?

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A couple of contributors here have firsthand knowledge of this procedure so I’ll include a few passages and then open the floor. Click the links to view the entire comment.

fibroid free: 5 weeks post abdominal myomectomy..was feeling better except I was having this burning pain around my navel and down the left side of my abdomin for the last week

fibroid free: Keep an eye on your tempature the first few days. Mine was up a bit first night or 2 but I was on Cirpo antibiotics for 1 week. One week follow up doc appointment went well – on track. Things are gong well – have to remind myself not to do to much

One day to go – no more: My first real bout of pain was as I was walking into the house crunched over in pain, my friend standing in the doorway made a comment as she took my arm about this being us in 30 or 40 years. Let’s just say I could NOT stop laughing and I had no pillow or towel on my abs so IT HURT IT HURT.

For more information:
Abdominal Myomectomy (
Abdominal Myomectomy (
Abdominal Myomectomy (Mayo Clinic)
[Abdominal Myomectomy surgery video (]

[Edited to add OR-Live surgery video link. Thanks Val!]


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640 Responses to “How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy?”

  1. Gwyn Says:

    11 weeks post AM today
    Things seem to be back to normal, just tired, especially in the evening.
    Well will wait for next cycle to start trying to conceive …… will be doing an ultrasound on Day 3 and a sonohysterogram on day 7…. if those results look good ……hope all works out

  2. Peace Says:

    Gab — great to hear that everything went well…

    Surgery videos — long time ago, I watched a few surgeries (a knee replacement, a C-section) on TLC. Just curiosity. There is the myo video linked from this site. I watched that one first. Then I followed a link to a C-section for comparison — it turned out that the C-section is the one that talks a lot about incisions and sutures. My job is research, so I simply felt that I was in a “research” mode. Now I feel that I can put a lot of things in proper context. But I also think that it’s definitely not necessary!

    My theory regarding “overdo” it during recovery and potential issues is this. The incision site with suture doesn’t have the strength to hold the “normal” tension, so with any weight bearing activity, at the worst it re-opens. Even if it doesn’t, the normal “healing” process requires a lot of “repair”, which is really the scarring process… if the body feels that it needs to rebuild really fast because of tension, it probably also will rebuild more, so potentially more internal scarring (entirely guessing on my part). But I’m not saying not moving at all — gentle activities should be required, ’cause a stagnant body won’t do a good job at healing. Enough to get your blood circulating well, but minimum weight bearing on the stomach. So I think that I won’t do yoga and Pilates for a while — they require the engagement of “core muscles”. It’s not the muscle that’s the problem, but the surrounding structure that’s held together by two layers of thin thread (which disolves in about 6 weeks, I believe) and newly formed scarr that’s probably still weak. Week 3-5 probably can be particularly vulnerble because the suture thread is mostly disolved and your body’s repair work not yet complete, yet you feel good and want to do more. That’s the “mental” model that I’ve established after watching videos and reading people’s experiences.

    I read on the ttcmyo email list that two ladies got pregnant about 3 months after their surgeries… almost w/o trying.:-) So a lot of good things happen after leaving the broids behind!

  3. scared as hell Says:

    Hi Gab: hope all is well. Nice to hear you got through it without a hitch. Rest and take it easy and let us know how things progress. I am on day 9 post opt and still spend 80% of my time in the bed resting watching all the crazy tv shows I never heard of before.

    I am in no rush to resume my normal activity and crazy schedule. Nothing is more important then my health. So off to my mid-day nap-haven’t done this in 15 years-with the exception of vacations:)

  4. gabriela (1/29) Says:

    Scared as hell: were u bleeding afterwards and are u still? I know i have read on posts that its normal and doctors said its normal, just curious how long? I find that laying down in bed is good, but then getting up…. oh my……….that hurts all the muscles, so i have been trying to walk around the house, just to move myself.

    Other than bleeding and some muscle pains…. (sometimes the surgical pains) but nothing major at all.


  5. gabriela (1/29) Says:

    Hey, any suggestions on sleeping so that when u get out of bed its not so TRAUMATIC…. i have tried it all and cant seem to find the right way???

  6. Sabrina Says:

    Day 7 Post Op

    I’m feeling good & making sure I get plenty of rest. Drinking water has seemed to help with that swollen & bloated feeling.

    Yikes, I did go online to check work emails yesterday & guess what . . . The world did not come to an end. Everything was fine & I forwarded a few emails to my boss to work on. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about work but it did put my mind at ease & I went through emails while laughing over American Idol. I may just peak at them once per day. 🙂

    Gab, welcome back! I’m so glad to hear everything went well! Get your rest. I still have some troubles getting out of bed. I wake up & turn over to my side & prop myself up on my elbow & then push up from there. I slowly swing my legs to the floor, plant myself & slowly lift up. I look like Grandma Moses! It’s still painful but I haven’t found a better way. In the beginning I did sleep 1/2 way sitting up because that made it a little easier.

    Tina, let me know if you walked today. I planned on it but so far I’m still tired & resting. We’ll see what the rest of the afternoon brings.

    Tati, I do find that I’m more swollen at some points of the day. I notice the swelling more when I get out of bed & at the end of the night before I go to sleep. Drinking more water has seemed to help me & weird but I think it increases my energy level as well!

  7. gabriela (1/29) Says:

    2 1/2 days post OP, Sabrina, i did some email work myself when i got home…. SHAME on me! but when u have your own business and your partner can only do so much, i thought an email or fax wouldnt hurt. I actually feel better standing up than laying down sometimes.

    But then i slept for 2 hours and oh boy what a killer to get up out of bed. that seems to be my biggest problem.

    I am just on Motrin and tylenol and it seems ok, have the other meds in case i need them, but i hate taking them.

    thanks for the sideways suggestion, i tried it, it seems a little (not much) easier than straight up!

    thanks for everyones support.


  8. Tina (1/24) Says:

    Hi ladies,
    Today is day 7 post-op for me as well. Weighed myself this am. Weigh 4.5 lbs less than day before surgery. My abdomen is noticeably less swollen, especially the part above my belly button. I think regularity has something to do with it. As well as all the water I’ve been drinking. I’ve kept off the treadmill (see below) but have taken a ‘field trip’ to the local grocery store and walked up and down every aisle. How wonderful! I’m completely off meds, having last taken an x-strength Tylenol Monday night. I even put on a pair of zip pants! Made me feel *almost* normal :).

    I had my first follow up with dr. this afternoon. She said I am doing great. So great that I can go back to driving! Oh that is wonderful, I say! She removed the steri-stips, checks my incision and then I took out my list of questions.

    Here is how much longer I have to wait before I can:
    Do housework: 3 weeks
    Return to the office: 2 weeks
    Use treadmill, stationairy bike, life weights, go to gym: 6 weeks

    While in my abdomen she also glanced at my ovaries and tubes and said that chances are good, between the condition of my uterus and everything else, that I should be able to conceive. Only thing is I would have a c-section delivery.

    The interesting part is this: the chances of fibroids returning (for me) are very slim. However, those odds increase if I were to get pregnant. BUT, if a fibroid was discovered during my (future) pregnancy, it would not be removed at the time of my c-section delivery. Wouldn’t it make great sense to just take it out if I’m already openned up for delivery? Apparently the fibroid would not be removed because the chances of excessive bleeding are very high. Has anyone else ever explored this scenario with their dr.?

    Sabrina, I’ve also taken on office duties from home. Just can’t stay away. Just moving at a deliberately slow pace and working on my schedule.

    Gab, I think I have mastered the getting out of bed issue. It’s similar to what Sabrina does. While on my back, I bend my knees, and scutch myself to the edge, then roll over onto my side and use one hand to push off the bed and the other to push off the night table, while dropping my legs off the bed. This brings me to a sitting position. I stay there for a moment (and I could almost feel my insides re-align themselves in this new position) before getting up. Hope this helps.

    Have a great evening everyone.

  9. Val Says:

    Gab: You made it. And wasn’t general anesthesia groovy! Tell us about your journey when are stronger.

    Jess: Good luck on your first day of recovery. I know you’re probably still in hospital.

    Kristen: Welcome to our group. Go the first post…and keep reading. You’ll find SO MUCH information from all of the women who have had surgery. Visit often. I know it helped me so much to “talk” to others who have gone there and made to the “other side”. (That would be recovery 🙂 )

    I, too, hope that it’s just fibroids and your doctor gets them all if you opt for surgery. General anesthesia and epidural? Mhm. Well, with general, you’ll feel nothing. Personally, I was never offered an epidural and would have refused anyway. The general is MORE enough to do the trick. You’ll feel absolutely nothing. Trust me.

    Tina and Tati: Swelling will decrease. Drink lots of water and walk, walk walk. Odd, I am well past 7 weeks recovery and get tenderness/soreness, and some swelling around mid-afternoon. By that time, I’ve been at work and on my feet 7 hours. So I go home and either run or walk. Even after many weeks of recovery, I know I am still…recoverying. 🙂

    Sabrina and Sharon: Congrats to both – one 1 week post the other 5 weeks. Yippee!

    Country Girl: When I went for my vaginal check last week, my doctor asked if I had any concerns. So I told him about the fatigue (normal) the overhang (normal) and the slight soreness just above the incision and the numbness at the incision. He said the surgery doesn’t cut through ab muscles or nerves. Incision made and he separates…whatever…to get to the uterus. Well, he was in there so I guess he should know. 🙂 The numbness he didn’t deny because I assume other women have mentioned it. He said complete feeling at the incision will take time. So if no nerves were cut, why the numbness??? Again, everyone is different. I still have slight numbness on my outer thigh 30 years after a tumble down some stairs!

    Even with all of that…I’d do this surgery agan in a hearbeat. The gains have so outweighed the residual effects I am having. My quality of life is much, much better.

    Ciao! 🙂

  10. gabriela (1/29) Says:

    Tina, i am counting the days…. i hope with every day it gets better, but honestly i cannot complain. I am able to walk, get around (pass gas) LOL LOL LOL, gotta say that was the worst night before i left hospital, all they kept asking “did you pass gas” tooo funny, but u know, once u do, its a whole new healing process.

    For all u ladies coming up on your AM surgergy, if you read my previous comments starting 3 weeks ago, u will see, there was no one more paranoid than me!

    I was terrified of the whole anesthesia thing. and you know VAL, you were so right…. groovy and the best sleep i have had in years.

    knew nothing from the moment i laid down on that surgery table, 2 seconds… out like a light. Woke up (apparently a 4 hour surgery was only 2 hours) and was in a fog, but not groggy, a bit of pain (but no more than what i have dealth with all these years) and they controlled it with meds within a few minutes. I think about an hour later, i was on my way to my room.

    that night i had morphine pump, IV and some other good stuff, that kept me well medicated but not stupid, i was well aware of everything around me. sleeping was on and off all night.

    the next morning, they took my catheter out, and i went pee pee (lol) within an hour, but also bleed a bit when i stood up, ( was told all normal since i had a polyp removed also)

    I was walking around slowly the day after, not much pain, just soreness.

    and here i am 2 days later (going on 3) and yes, a little uncomfortable, as far as bloating, a bit of bleeding still and soreness, muscles just have to re-align themselves.

    but no real pain. NONE. i hope it stays this way.

    So there is my story, i made it and so will all those who are as terrified as i was. this blog has helped me tremendously.
    I still got questions, girls….. you are my backbone to the rest of my recovery……… dont go anywhere….

    have a great night


  11. Sharon Says:

    Gab: Fantastic to hear how ou are doing. Congratulations!

    To everyone else: Having been back at work 2 days, it’s nice to come home and check in with people who actually understand what I’m going through. Because the answer to the “how are you feeling” question is so much more than just “better” which is what I keep repeating. They just wouldn’t understand my love/hate relationship with zippers, my need to scope out potential napping locations, and how excited I am that I’m not spending 1/2 of my workday going to the bathroom. My bladder and I are getting along very well. I had no idea how the rest of the world was living . . .

    The fatigue after work is pretty amazing. But I guess it is a good way for the body to remind me that I had major surgery, and healing is still happening.

    I’m curious to hear how other 5-week folks are doing . . .


  12. Tina (1/24) Says:

    Fatigue seems to takes long to ‘recover’ from. Seriously speaking, have you thought of bringing a long cushioned deck chair to work – the kind that neatly fold away – and taking a nap on it during your lunch time? It’s something that I have been thinking of doing when time comes for me to return to the office. What do you think?

  13. gabriela (1/29) Says:

    Tina and Sharon, any suggestions on that wonderful sharp pain (discomfort) between te lower back and incision/belly area when you get up???? I just attepmted getting up after sleeping soundly 3 hours, to get up sideways and slowly, but the re=alignment of the lower body is sort of painful… i know i am probably not taking enough meds, but trying to clean out my system, i get dizzy from too much????


  14. Country Girl (1/16) Says:

    My computer was “out of order” all day yesterday, so I am far behind.

    Peace: You did a great write up on the healing process. It has really inspired me to take it easier than I otherwise would have.

    Gab: Glad to see things have gone so well for you so far. Keep up the good work, I mean rest!

    About getting out of bed, this is what has been working for me. I sleep to my dh’s left, so that the edge of the bed is on my left. If you sleep on the other side, reverse the directions – LOL. I scooch near the edge of the bed, and at the same time, turn onto my left side, so that I am facing the edge. Then I begin to swing my left leg down off the bed. Just after that I do three things at the same time. I bend my right leg at the knee. Then I grab under my right thigh with my right hand. At the same time, I start pushing myself off the bed with my left hand/arm. Then, I move my right leg toward the foot and edge of the bed in a way, when combined with the propping up movement of my left arm, provides momentum and leverage to move/rock my body into a sitting position in a smooth way that does not twist or stress my tummy. This has been working very well with my huge vertical incision. Now, two weeks out, I still use this method, but it is much easier.

    I still have the steri strips on. I can’t remember if doctor allowed me to take them off at the two or three week mark. My biggest complaint is itching, but I think it is mostly because of the steri strips. I peeled off two, and see that the skin is itchy and red where the adhesive touched it. Annoying, but not too bad.

  15. Gabriela Says:

    anyone remember there 4=5 day post op???? i am having such a hard time today, yesterday was so much better. had to stay in bed most of today, getting up very little>>

  16. Country Girl (1/16) Says:


    Yes. I crashed at around 8 days due to pure exhaustion. I got pretty tired today, too. I took it as a sign that I have been too active. So, I listened to my body and napped. Helped a whole lot.

  17. Sabrina Says:


    I felt ok on Days 4-5 b/c I was still @ my parents & doing very little. I’ve had a lot of visitors since I’ve been home & I’m really starting to feel tired (Day 8 Post Op). I plan to make it a DVD day & crash!

    I had also weaned myself from the meds but did notice a little more discomfort. A doctor friend (cute doctor guy friend) gently reminded me to take the meds. “They were perscribed for a reason.” He also said now is not the time for me to play the tough girl rountine. Needless to say I took them last night again before bed & slept pretty soundly.

    Hey, anyone doing anything for Superbowl Sunday? I’ll miss all the parties so I guess it’s just me & my cat. 😦

  18. Gabriela Says:


  19. Sabrina Says:

    My bleeding tapered off around Day 4-5 as well. I’m now on Day 8 & have no bleeding. My period is suppossed to start next week so we’ll see if it’s any better! How many fibroids did u have removed?

  20. Tina (1/24) Says:

    Gab.. I too think the tiredness is from doing more than your body is ready for. Listen to it and rest. I spend a good part of my day zipping around the house BUT definitely need a nap at around 11 am and then another one at around 5 pm. I don’t fight the need to rest. Just go with it.

    About the pain when getting up… not sure how to ‘fix’ this. Even for me, day 8 post-op, there is still some pulling or tingling when I get up from the bed. It just gets lesser and lesser each day. And – the trade off – imagine what nice strong sexy arms we will have at the end of all this!!!!

    About bleeding, sorry, I did not experience any. But from what I read it seems normal to have some. Of course, contact your dr. if you have concerns.

    PS. It’s snowing in NC! So nice to see snow again, especially for a northern girl! Take care of yourselves everyone!

  21. Gabriela Says:

    Sabrina, i had one large outside uterus and one small on inside and also had a polyp which is what doc is saying is causing most of the bleeding. I did call him Tina, just to be sure. but he said all is normal.
    thanks again ladies


  22. Sabrina Says:

    Gab, I’m glad you called the doctor. It sounded totally normal but it’s always good to double check when we can! I also had on large (grapefruit size) outside the uterus in addition to 3 smaller ones (walnut size & smaller). OK I think I’m going to rest now!

  23. Jess Says:

    Hello everyone!!! It was so wonderful to get home today and read your posts. Thanks for pulling for me.

    I am feeling pretty good overall, with ups and downs (one minute I’m fine and walking around and the next I’m crying for no reason). I don’t have the energy to give the play-by-play right now, but my surgery ended up being more complicated than my doctor thought…but it ended up working out “beautifully” and my cervix, uterus, and ovaries are all “beautiful” (he must have said that 10 times…it was nice to hear!).

    I was not allowed, or able to get up at all the first night. I had a morphine drip and also morphine on command (via a button). I was totally out of it!! The next morning I was dizzy from the morphine but my friend came to visit me and she asked if I wanted to walk around the hall. I didn’t know if I could do it, but I said yes. We walked SLOWLY around the hall and I looked at all the names on people’s doors, looking for Gab, but didn’t see her 😦 Then I got back to my door and stood there a second and looked at the door NEXT DOOR and GAB’S NAME WAS ON IT!!! I swear I almost started crying (I actually maybe did start crying). I knocked on the door and some guy answered and said “Gab had just left”…what a bummer to have missed her, but what a small world!!! I was so relieved and inspired to see that Gab had come and gone quickly and that everything had been okay with her!!

    I couldn’t wait to tell you guys that we had been neighbors but didn’t knonw it.

    I’ll check back in soon. I need to sleep now. I don’t have much pain at all…never really did…but I’m just wiped out.

    Love to you all and thanks for the support!!!


  24. Sharon Says:

    Tina: The chair idea is excellent. We don’t have one of those long folding chairs, but can look for one this weekend. I typically keep my office door shut, so know one needs to know how I’m spending lunch.

    Gab: I used a similar strategy as Country Girl. I intially slept on my back, kind of propped up like on the hospital bed. I would start by bending both knees. Then to turn over to the side, I would use my hands to lift my hips a bit and scoot them to the left b/c everything felt so heavy (I sleep on the other side than Country Girl…). Then I let the R leg drop down to the side & I stacked the left leg on top of R. Then I was almost all the way on my R side. Then I used a combination of R elbow and palm of L hand to start pushing up and get myself up. Then the R leg moved over the edge of the bed, and the L leg to join it. At the same time continuing to push up with the L hand/R elbow. I used my arms to do most of the work to get to an upright position.

    You will probably need to play with it a bit to see what works best for you. Before my surgery, I had done a lot of practice with sitting up in ways that wouldn’t rely soley on ab muscles.

    My acupuncturist suggested anchoring my R elbow on the bed palm up (like serving a plate); then put L palm on top & press palms together; then pressing R elbow into bed to move up to seated. I found that caused me to rely more on my abs, but might work for you.

    The other thing I did was to do all movements on my exhale (it’s the yoga teacher in me, and recommended by a nurse/yoga instructor friend). It forced me to go slowly rather than try to get up too quickly which my incision did not like.


  25. Sabrina Says:

    Great to hear from you & welcome back!!!!

  26. Val Says:

    Jess: Welcome back!!!

    Gab: Fatigue comes and goes. First day home, I was up and around, out with my sister-in-law (she drove) then I absolutely crashed the next day. I over did it. I learned my lesson, stayed home, and took my time healing. As for the bleeding, it will subside. If it’s clear red, that’s good. I was bleeding in recovery and it continued another 3 or 4 days. It didn’t feel like a period, so I am assuming it was due to surgery. Two weeks later I had real period, and another on schedule in January. I kept with the iron throughout. I still take it at least 3 times a week…just to be sure.

    Getting out of bed is just like Sharon described. Scoot to the edge of the bed. Pull your knees to you, roll to the side. I tucked my hands under both knees and pushed up. It worked. Funny, instinctively, I still do it sometimes. 🙂

    I’m still not to cool with the zippers either. It really is a love/hate situation. Like I wrote, mid-late afternoon, my tummy tends to feel swollen. I love Fridays though! I wear athletic pants and a sweatshirt. It’s a high school thing and faculty wears casual stuff and the school colors.

    Super Bowl Sunday: home with the dog. I get errands done during the pre-game hype because the streets of L.A. feel so crowd-free. Probably the only time other than the day before taxes are due.

    Ciao! 🙂

  27. LR Says:

    Reading all of your stories has been so comforting and helpful as I prepare for a myomectomy 3/1. I have a 10cm subserosal fibroid and it is time for it to come out… 35 and want to get pregnant soon and I finally admitted to myself that I DO have symptoms- almost always feel bloated, get constipated [too much info…], get crampy, and now feel it outside sometimes. I finally decided to have the surgery and hearing all of your stories is great. Thank you for sharing. I am unbelievably anxious about the anesthesia and just in general. Was anyone nauseaus when waking up from the surgery? Did anyone feel the breathing tube? I will be so glad to just be done. It’s nice to meet all of you..

  28. Tina (1/24) Says:

    Hi LR,
    I too had a fibroid just over 10 cm that was surgically removed 8 days ago. I did not experience any nausea or headache because of the anesthesia. However, all the meds did lower my blood pressure on Day 2 post op to the point that I was feeling light headed but still awake and alert. Never felt the breathing tube go in or out (it was done while I was under) but I did wake up in recovery with a sore throat that last about 24 hours. ‘Halls’ Vitamin C lozenges helped with that.
    Hope this helps!

  29. Tina (1/24) Says:

    Sharon, can I ask what type of assistance does your accupunturist provide you. Is it related to having had an AM and how can I benefit from such sessions?

  30. Sabrina Says:

    LR: welcome to the group! In my case I didn’t get nauseas waking up from the anesthesia but I did get nauseas from the morphine. The nurse was able to give me something immediately that worked within minutes.

    I didn’t feel the breathing tube b/c it was placed once I was already out from the general anesthesia. My voice was a little froggy for a day or two flwg but that was the only after effect I noticed.

  31. Country Girl (1/16) Says:

    Hi LR! General anesthesia…. it was amazing. No, I had no nausea, and no grogginess or fogginess. I was not aware of the breathing tube going in, or coming out. It was out long before I woke up. I didn’t even notice the sore throat until the day after, when they transferred me from I.V. to oral meds. But it was very insignificant. Once I woke up from surgery, I was completely alert the entire time.

    I’d have to say that the general anesthesia was the best part of the whole experience! One minute, I was waiting in Pre-op with my husband for my surgery time to arrive and they gave me “something to calm me”. The next moment, I hear a voice “your surgery is over” and wake up after an hour in recovery as from a very restful nap. It was truly amazing.

    Afterwards, I had Dilaudid by PCA pump for about 24 hours, maybe a little less. I pushed the button about twice an hour, and found that I did better by tolerating a small amount of pain (2-3 on a scale of 1-10) than trying to eliminate the pain altogether. I ended up using less Dilaudid, therefore less side effects (less constipation, drowsiness, etc.) Best of luck to you.

  32. Gabriela Says:

    Jess, i am crying………i am so happy you are home ……….i did try that morning, but i wanted to so much to get out that i was overwhelmed with getting my paper work and so many doctors came in and out i had no time, as my husband was waiting downstairs for me cause he had to go back to work, he took two days off and could not do anymore… know how that goes.

    In fact when i came to the lobby my hubby asked me, did you look for your friend???? i am so disappointed that i did not, but i think u can understand why i wanted out….. not a bad hospital at all, in fact care was very good, but so old and dingy i WANTED TO TAKE A SHOWER!!!! MY BATHROOM WAS NOT THE BEST EITHER.

    Did your doc do an AM??? or lap???

    Now when we get better, i making a trip to the city to meet you… its a must.

    I broke the rules and left exactly 48 hours after surgery….. the residents were so impressed with everything……LOL

    But i have to say, yesterday was a really bad day for me, tired, and some pain/discomfort, so my suggestion, please take it easy at home, REST REST REST.

    I spent all day in bed, and today i already feel better, but will take scheduled naps.

    Tell us your story when u feel better, and you will.

  33. Jess Says:

    Hi all, last night was a little rough because I didn’t have the GOOD DRUGS (percoset in the hospital was wonderful), but I’m okay. I slept pretty well and my pain is pretty good now with just motrin. I am pretty darned exhausted. I just walked for about 10 minutes and I literally need a nap!!

    Gab, of COURSE I understand wanting to get out of there. I just was so happy to see your name on the door next to mine…I almost took your name thing but I realized that was probably wrong. Anyway, I’m just so glad you’re okay and I’m okay too!! How are you doing today?? I’m feeling some ups and downs, physically and emotionally and I get a little discouraged during the downs…but I’m trying to stay as positive as I can.

    My sugery ended up being almost 4 1/2 hours. He didn’t even try to do it laparoscopically…he did a “throrough” internal exam once I was knocked out and he realized that the position of the fibroid made laparoscopy impossible. When it was over, he went to my brother and friends and sighed and said “that was hard.” He also told them it went beautifully but that it was much more difficult than he anticipated.

    It seems this 9 cm fibroid, which was attached to the very back of my cervix (near my tailbone), was completely crushing my cervix. My cervix was paper thin, he said. The fibroid came off easily, but when he took it off, he saw an entire circulatory system had developed to nourish it (GROSS…that gives me the chills). He said that whole area was bleeding a lot…and it was such a delicate area…he didn’t want to mess with arteries that were attached to my legs and other things (scary) so he called a team of obgyn oncologists to work with him. He said that work on those delicate areas all the time so he wanted their assistance. They sewed it up for over an hour and he said it was perfect when they were done with it. I lost a lot of blood so they had to give me 2 units, but they said my blood count was fine when they took blood later that day.

    It was funny…tons of residents came in to see me while I was in the hospital…they all called me “the success story”…of course I was totally unaware of any of this because I was obviously out cold throughout the surgery (LM, the anesthesia is great…I did not feel nauseus at all when I woke up but I was out of it…you slip off to sleep very restfully…it was the best part of the entire experience…and like you Sabrina my voice was a little froggy for a day or so from the breathing tube, which I never knew I had at all…they did it all while I was asleep).

    LR…I feel for you. I am also 35 and want to get pg soon and had that same sized subserosal fibroid…it IS time to get it out. Don’t wait until it gets bigger because it just gets more complicated (I struggled with “should I wait??”). I thought, my symptoms aren’t as bad as many women’s (because my fibroid was outside my uterus instead of insiide like most women’s, I didn’t have bad periods at all) so maybe I should wait. But now I’m SOOOOoooo glad my fibroid is out. You will be too. Be in touch with us on the board as you get closer to your surgery because the waiting for surgery time is difficult (at least it was very difficult for me).

    I am thinking of all of you, those who are recovering and those who will be recovering, and I’m wishing you all well. And again I thank you for being part of this with me!!!


  34. Tina (1/24) Says:

    Welcome back Jess! Wow, what a ride you’ve had! And what a smart dr. to seek the assistance of his peers at a crucial time. Kudos to him.
    Your post sounds very upbeat and energetic. How are you feeling?

  35. fibroid free Says:

    Kristen – welcome to the thread….read through some of the post from Jan 07 – there is a lot of dicussion about anethesia….keep us posted!

    Gabriela – told you you would make it to the fibroid free side! LOL Where is that box of tee shirt…you deserve one!!

    to all the gals who are now on the other fibroid free side !!! welcome to recovery and remember to do just that. recovery and heal. Rest and take it easy. It takes a while to lose the fatigue and tiredness -weeks sometimes (in my case months) you will wear out easily…jsut go with it. You will feel better at your own pace. Trust me…almost 6 months post Op and the world is SOOOO much better without the fibroids

    LR – I was under genreal anethesia for 5 hours and did not wake up nauseous or queezy or anything…no sore throat (they did give me oxygen for a day or so via nose that I could take on and off) nothing…

    Val -I died when I read nurse Vlad!!! too funny..

  36. Gabriela Says:

    Jess, WOW…. thats all i can say….I am very proud of you…. but a day ahead of you, tomorrow will be better, yesterday was a bad day, too much activity, resting made all the difference….. LOOKS like we both made the HEADLINES at NYU……..I broke the record for leaving the hospital in 48 hours (less) and you succeeded an amazing surgery!!!! we will be the talk of all residents all week!!! LOL

    Take it easy today, the 4th day was not a good one, tomorrow will get easier, but I noticed that taking the Motrin on time helps, try not skip them yet. Drink, Drink, Drink as much water as you can…. it really helps. tomorrow i will start my walking again, i stopped cause i think i over did it yesterday.


  37. Peace Says:

    One more week for me. My mother will come tomorrow; father and niece next Saturday after the surgery. My niece (she’s 6) knows that this visit she’s supposed to “take care” of me.:-)

    Jess, thanks for sharing some details — mine is also in the back, and intramural, so I’d ask whether it’s more difficult because of its location. Just so that DH and mother won’t get too concerned if the surgery is long.

    Cheers to all those who’re recovering.

  38. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hi Ladies! It is so uplifting to read your recovery experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and see how you support each other. Thank you for your continued visits and comments. Best wishes to those recovering!

    This forum has become so popular that we now have a problem. I received an email message today from a visitor who is having a difficult time getting this looooong page to load. If she is having a problem, I KNOW others (including me with my >5-year-old laptop and dial-up connection) are having problems, too! So…

    I plan to create a new AM recovery thread (AM part 2 based on fibroid free’s original comment). You will be able to post as much as you want (like you did here) in the new forum. I will close this one to new comments but it will still be available to read and use as a reference. Feel free to copy and paste anything you’ve written here into the new forum.

    I think since Gab and Jess are back (Welcome back!!! 😀 ) this would be a good time to start a new page. This will give you the chance to walk with them through their recoveries providing your great expertise and support along the way.

    When will this happen?
    Pretty soon. Probably within the next hour. Sorry for the short notice. If I don’t do it now, it will slip my mind. I’ll think of it a week later when there are 1000 comments here and we have an even bigger problem. 😉

    I’ll come back and post updates. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you can all find each other. Thanks for your understanding.

    Take care.

  39. Country Girl (1/16) Says:

    Thank you, Eclectic Geek, for replying so soon about this. I was the visitor who sent you the email. I have been posting under this name. Thanks again!! You are The Woman!!

  40. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hey Country Girl (1/16)!

    No problem. I was going to drop you a line after I got everything set up and ask if I could mention your nickname but you beat me to it. 🙂
    Thanks for the great suggestion.

    The new AM forum is up! Please leave your comments there.
    How are you feeling after your Abdominal Myomectomy? (part 2)


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