Thanks for all of your help with this fibroid site!

I am blown away by all of the comments over the past couple of days. Haven’t had a chance to respond yet but I’ve seen them all. I come here every day even if you don’t hear from me. Been busy “behind the scenes” and spending a little time with the family. Hubby decided to take today off and told me THIS MORNING! I had planned on working on the site most of the day but enjoyed the time with him. Just hope I get a little more notice next time.

In other news, my sister had a procedure today involving conscious sedation. Not fibroid-related. Dental surgery (opposite end). 😉 She was freaking out some but everything turned out quite well. Yay! Talked to her over the phone and we discussed doctors and medical information and the importance of talking to others and sharing experiences. She’s impressed by the site and by the many women who are contributing. So am I.

I really, really appreciate you coming here and taking the time to talk about what you are going through. Thank you for guiding newer visitors to the information they need. Thank you for the words of encouragement you graciously leave for others. Thank you for the advice, and laughs, and putting such a personal face on this fibroid issue. Thanks for all of your help!

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