Anyone using birth control pills to control the bleeding from fibroids?

Here’s an excerpt from the original question on using birth control pills to control fibroid bleeding:

malexmom: My question is about using birth control pills to try and control the bleeding. …am very hesitant to go on the progesterone only pill my Dr. has suggested. She’s not pushing it…Any experiences with altered mood during your experience?

I found some information on Wikipedia under birth control pill:

Other possible side effects are: breakthrough bleeding, unusual build-up of the uterine lining, nausea, headaches, depression, vaginitis, urinary tract infection, changes in the breasts, changes in blood pressure, skin problems, skin improvements, and gum inflammation.

and also under progesterone only pill:

May cause mood swings

This information is general. More details can be obtained from the web site (or package insert) of the formulation (brand). Wikipedia has a page of oral contraceptive formulations. Look there to find the brand. Post the name here and we can track down the specific side effects for that brand.

If you are already using birth control pills to control fibroid bleeding or have questions, thoughts, or concerns, please leave a comment.


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51 Responses to “Anyone using birth control pills to control the bleeding from fibroids?”

  1. Jude Says:

    I have fibroids that cause severe pain and pressure. I have been using low estrin fe for about 1 year to control the pain. it took about 3 months before the severe pain started to subside. now about 10 months later I find that the relief is minimal. the only real side effects I have had from low estrin were positive ones: less breast tenderness and less severe bleeding during periods. But my cramping is still nearly a month long. at times I feel the pain is unbearable. I’m 44 and I still have a long time before menopause, too long to endure this kind of pain anyway. But I’m hoping another kind of pill the doctor promised can help. I really do not want surgery.

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