Has anyone needed a second uterine fibroid surgery or procedure?

From a recent comment asking about a second fibroid surgery:

Nicki Too: I had an abdominal myomectomy 3.5 years ago. Does anyone have any information about whether a laparoscopic hysterectomy is an option for women who have had a prior AM?

Decided to start a discussion. I’ll include myself here since I wanted a UFE but needed a hysteroscopic myomectomy first to “shave down” two submucosal fibroids that were bothersome. You can read more details of my experience by clicking the related posts at the end.

Let’s pick from Column A/Column B. 🙂
So, if you had one of these:

  1. ablation
  2. D & C
  3. any myomectomy
  4. UFE/UAE
  5. ExAblate (MRgFUS)
  6. other surgery or procedure not listed

and then one of these: (or thinking about it)

  1. ablation
  2. D & C
  3. any myomectomy
  4. any hysterectomy
  5. UFE/UAE
  6. ExAblate (MRgFUS)
  7. other surgery or procedure not listed

Leave a comment. This would include a second dose of the same surgery (i.e. two myomectomies). Also, don’t worry about the span of time between (one month, ten years, or anything else). If you had a second procedure, are considering this, or if it’s just on your mind as a distant possibility, post your thoughts.


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33 Responses to “Has anyone needed a second uterine fibroid surgery or procedure?”

  1. aly fibroids Says:

    Does it count that I am on the verge of calling my GYN and BEGGING for a hysterectomy? I had my UFE on August 23, 2006. I know that they (who are “they” anyway?) say that it takes at least three to six months for any measurable change in the size of the fibroids or the uterus. Okay. So, let’s see, it’s October 10 so I’m heading into week seven or approximately two months since the procedure. AND, I’m sorry, but if my FREAKISHLY LARGE UTERUS doesn’t start going down pretty soon, I’m going to just show up at my GYN’s office (they’ll be able to tell it’s me, because my FREAKISHLY LARGE UTERUS will get through the doors first). Wow. Can you tell I’m a bit frustrated today? I think this needs to be posted under “how are you feeling after..”, and “what makes you mad, sad…”, and don’t we have a post called “I’m so over this”?

  2. Ruth Says:

    FYI, In preparing for my ExAblate procedure, I was made aware by both docs that if you have had any pelvic surgery at all, including a Ceasarean, myomectomy, or UAE, you may not be eligible for ExAblate. The reason is because any scar tissue or foreign material, whether internal or external, can cause the focused beam of the ultrasound that “cooks” the inside of each tumor to refract or deflect from its straight, aimed path, causing burning or damage to other areas. I have an external “nevis” (dark-pigmented spot) down there that needs to be biopsied, but since it is very slow-growing I’m postponing it until I have the ExAblate in January in order to keep things tidy down there for the treatment.

    BTW, I had my first Lupron injection 2 weeks ago, and no side effects at all – except a sore arm for 2 days & an unusually long & heavier than normal period (now on my 12th day.) Hoping there will be none at all next shot, but I’ve observed here that others did not get the “instant shut-off” I was so hoping for – dang!

  3. EclecticGeek Says:

    aly fibroids:
    UFE Supergirl! Hang in there. FREAKISHLY LARGE UTERUS can’t be freakishly large forever. I think you should go to the mad/sad/glad thread and add FREAKISHLY LARGE UTERUS!

    Thanks for the information. That is quite helpful for those thinking about ExAblate. A longer and heavier period is a possibility because initially there is an increase in estrogen production after the first Lupron injection. I never got total shut-off but it helped me. I have a Lupron experience thread if you would like to contribute there.

  4. savannah c Says:

    I’m so glad to find this site! I’m looking at my second fibroid surgery in about a month and the circumstances are very different from the first. I’m 36 years old, had my first myomectomy at 29 and am getting ready for a second in about a month.

    Several years ago while trying to conceive our first child, I had three early miscarriages (6-8 weeks) and found my way to a reproductive endocrinologist. I got the standard battery of fertility testing, and had a hysterosalpingogram that showed 3 fibroids (2 about 2cm and one about 4cm) that seemed to be right in the likely location for a fertilized egg to want to implant. Miscarriage mystery solved – and the fibroid treatment process began. I had 3 months of Lupron injections, followed by a laporoscopic myomectomy that turned into a hysteroscopic myomectomy while I was on the table – those darn things didn’t want to be resected – and 3 months after the surgery I was pregnant with our older daughter. Full term pregnancy, no complications! Three years later I had a second daughter – the miracle child conceived without any surgeries or treatments whatsoever.

    Now, for about the last I’ve had a recurrence of symptoms – heavy periods, spotting between periods, cramping, etc. Several months I’ve bled continuously for 3 weeks or more, between spotting and periods. A hysterosalpingogram in August showed I have three new fibroids – 2 submucosal and

  5. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hi savannah c,

    I’m glad you found us, too! Sorry you had such a rough time of it previously but now you have two precious daughters. It’s good to read that you became pregnant after Lupron injections as this seems to be a concern that I hear on the site.

    Your comment appears to have gotten chopped off. I apologize if this happened due to some glitch on my end. Feel free to come back and post again if your have other thoughts or questions.

    Best wishes with your upcoming surgery.

  6. Wendy Says:

    I went through 3 procedures until I finally found the one that worked for me.
    I had a Hysteropic Resection at 47 followed by a UAE at 48 and then an Abdominal Myomectomy at 549 a year ago. They were all done at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. It’s a harvard Medical school teaching hospital and rated #3 in the US for gyn services by US News and World Reports. My Gyn surgeons were in the Reproductive Medicine department and are board certified reproductive endocrinologists in addtion to their license in general OBGYN. It is also where the Center for Uterine Fibroids is.

    I don’t expect any more problems with fibroids since my last surgical procedure because of my age and closeness to menopause. I would highly recommend Dr. Richard Baum for a UAE, at Brighams. He is very experienced and knowledgeable. He also has the best pain regimen. I was given dilaudid after the procedure along with Zofren to stop any nausea. I had period like cramps following the procedure that were totally alleviated by the dilaudid. A few hours later I switched to toradol and went home the next day and only took Motrin when needed. Unfortunately I was a rare case and the procedure did not work for me. I would recommend Dr. Brian WAlsh at B & W for myomectomies. I had a 20 week size uterus filled with more fibroids then my surgeon had ever seen in his 25 years of doing myomectomies. He did an amazing job removing as much as humanely possible. He has a great deal of experience doing myomectomies and does not discriminate because of a woman’s age or amount of fibroids or their size and does not need to resort to using Lurpon to remove large fibroids. his incisions are done by bikini cut. He’s also kind and easy to talk to. The staff at B & W are wonderful ,and I recovered on the gyn floor where the rooms are private and it’s peaceful and nicely decorated. Anyone can get on the [hospitals website and look up the doctors and their backgrounds] and even e-mail them if needed.

    From what I’ve been told and read, younger women have more or a problem with recurrent fibroids then women who are 40 and older.

    [Edited by EclecticGeek to add link.]

  7. TAMEKA Says:

    The first doctor I had, an OB/BYN, not board certified, performed a D&C on me which did nothing for me. I was told that she wanted to take tissue to make sure I did not have any type of cancer. During the procedure, she did not look inside my uterus via hysteroscope. I was sent to get an ultrasound which showed I had 3 intramural fibroids and a 16 week sized uterus. My first doctor was ready to do the abdominal mymomecty. I was concerned and felt that I had to have more fibroids than 3, 4.4.cm, 1.9 cm, and 1.6 cm. I requested an additional ultrasound and imaging. I got sick from something else, had a CAT scan that showed one fibroide to be 11 x 7 cm. I took info back to doctor and she was not concerned. I went for a 2nd opinion at a board certified GYN who was also a reproductive endocronologist. I wanted a doctor who could tell me when this all over if my uterus is able to carry a pregancy. I have an operative hysteroscopy (hysterocopic myomectomy). I will need another because all submucal fibroids not removed. One was deep into major uterine blood vessel and he was concerned with blood loss. It was a look and see and if he saw anything he would remove as much as he could. I had to wear a catheter when I do. I wore catheter to reduce scare tissue in uterus while it heals from removed intrauterine fibroids. I get the catheter taken out in 3 days. I continue to deal with fibroids patiently and get my body ready for surgery. My anemia is improving slowly.

  8. savannah c Says:

    Hi, again,
    It took me a while to find my way back! I’ll bet my comment got cut off because I was going on a bit – I was obsessing, but I’ve recovered!

    Thanks, Wendy, for the recomendation of Drs. Baum and Walsh at B&W, as I am near Boston. My former RE went off to Florida last year, and I didn’t know who to call if things got to be more than my OB/GYN can handle. I’m a week away from a laparoscopic myomectomy, for the pedunculated fibroid lodged in my cervix. After that we’ll see what else we need. I developed anemia this year and was prescribed Repliva, which is supposed to be easier to tolerate, but it hasn’t worked for me. Any other suggestions?

    Regarding the concern about Lupron and subsequent fertility, I’m only one case but we found that my fibroids were my fertility issue – once the fibroids were out of the way I was able to conceive pretty quickly. I was only on it for 3 months (3 injections) – the CW is that any longer can cause problems with subsequent fertility. I did have “total shut-off” along with a harsh preview of menopause – if I can catch a minute I’ll go post on the Lupron thread.

  9. EclecticGeek Says:

    I added a link to the hospital to your comment. Thanks for sharing your experience and the information. Glad you found a treatment that helped and that you had wonderful doctors and good care along the way!

    Sounds like things are moving forward with the new doctor. Ahhh, the anemia. That’s what forced me to finally get help. Once that was corrected, I felt tons better. Best wishes as you prepare for your next surgery.

    savannah c
    Don’t worry about obsessing. We all do from time-to-time.

    My doctor prescribed Chromagen Forte iron pills. They really worked for me. I wrote a post about it:
    Big fat purple iron pills to treat my anemia

    That’s great if you can make it over to the Lupron thread but I appreciate you sharing your experience here.

    Surgery in a week? Well, best wishes to you, too! Thanks for keeping us updated.

  10. savannah c Says:

    Groggy from the anesthesia and achy from the procedure, I made it through (so far so good). Had a hysteroscopic myomectomy – from the location of the fibroid my doc wasn’t sure if she’d need to use the laparoscope, too, but it turned out to be unnecessary. All is well. I’ll be moving slow for a couple days, then back to the doc for a checkup/consult in a couple weeks to figure out what to do about the 2-3 other fibroids that showed up on the ultrasound this year.

    Thanks to everyone for the support and good humor!

  11. EclecticGeek Says:

    Hey savannah c,

    YAY! I’m excited for you. When you feel up to it (if your like), you can add your expertise to the post-Hysteroscopic Myomectomy thread and/or continue to give blackstrap molasses tips in the fibroids and anemia thread. 😀

    Best wishes with your recovery!

  12. LawGirl Says:

    I just underwent my second surgery four days ago to have a uterine fibroid removed. This time it was done through a hysteroscopy using a resectoscope. I am in less pain than the last time which was about 4 years ago and involved both a laparoscope and a hyseroscope. I am still in some discomfort and had a lo grade fever today but am managing. The procedure went well and the fibroid was larger than when they looked at it in February, but of course benign, YAY!

    I am also hopeful that I can begin trying to get pregnant in the next few months. We’ll see how that goes since I have been on Lupron shots for the last three months. This is my second time with both experiences and I have to say I hate the side effects of Lupron but when you’re losing 3/4 of your blood I guess you have to live with them. I highly recommend using minimally invasive surgical procedures and I will keep you posted as to the possibility of children in the future. Keep you fingers crossed!

  13. Anna Messie Says:

    Hi I am a victim of fibroids. and have not taken any measures yet, I have seen two Obgyns so far my fibroids are big, 8CM, they say my uterus is that of a five months pregnant woman. I do not know what to do, am 30 yrs old and would like kids someday. the doctiors recommend mymectomy, but also gave the suggestions of lupron. Am leaning on lupron, coz i have not set a date for surgery yet so am thinking to get lupron while i decide instead of doing nothing at all. I HAVE 8 FIBROIDS. SMALL AND BIG. PLEASE ADVICE.

  14. Aster Says:

    LawGirl ,

    How are you doing? it seems we have the same problem. I had laparoscope surgery 5 years ago and the fibroids growing back again. I was schedule for my second surgery on the 11th but my Obgyn cancel the surgery and went me to see RE. How big were your Fibroids? Mine is big the biggest one is 9cm and 5cm and smaller one all the fib are outside. Hard to believe in 5 years the fibroid grow back even bigger and more


  15. Traci Says:

    I found this site by accident despite all my research on fibroids and myomectomy. The doctor told me yesterday I would need to the new litely colon cleanser so I thought I would look up the side effects – could find nothing in WebMD so I googled it. It blessedly brought me to this site!!! I was scheduled for surgery on Wed 6/13 but the doctor cancelled after he decided I was to anxious about the procedure and sent me off to visit some doctors – my primary prescribed Xanax to begin taking 2 days before surgery now scheduled for 6/27. After stumbling onto this site and spending the last 2 days reading it I really don’t think I will need the Xanax. This site is a Godsend! I am forwarding it to my doctors office in hopes he will recommend to other patients. I have gotten more information as to what to expect (I know everyone recovers different but it is nice to have some idea of what to expect) My doctor was not very forthcoming and it seemed the more questions I asked the more he decided I was too anxious – so I stopped asking! This is great! I have bookmarked this site so I can share with anyone I ever hear off having to go through this procedure!

  16. sina Says:

    I just had an abdominal myomectomy on Dec 19th 2006 and just last week at my first ultrasound since surgery they found a 2 inch fibroid in the uterus. Has anyone ever had one come back soon?

  17. Liz Says:

    I am 32, and have had two surgeries to remove fibroids. The first surgery removed an egg-sized fibroid from within my uterus. The second surgery, a laparotomy, removed nine fibroids ranging in size from golfballs to marbles. After recovery from the surgery itself, I felt remarkably better. At about two months post-op, I was pretty-much pain free. Surprisingly, I had a raging libido and almost boundless energy.

    At four months post-op, I had another ultrasound to check on everything. I had four or five NEW fibroids that had developed since the surgery! They were small at that point (<1cm).

    I am now seven months post-op. I have been having significant pain in my abdomen, around the area of my ovaries. The left side is particularly painful. It feels like a cross between a burn, a gas bubble, and a bruised muscle. The pain is constant at a 4 (on a 10-point scale), but “spikes” up to an 8 occasionally.

    Went back to see my surgeon. He had three options for me: do nothing right now, take Lupron, or laparoscopic exploratory surgery. He thinks my current pain might be related to scar tissue. I’m not interested in taking Lupron because I have enough emotional instability; I can only imagine what throwing myself into early menopause would do to me. I am having mental issues with “exploratory surgery”. So, I’ve opted to “do nothing right now”. I think this is only putting off the inevitable (i.e. a third surgery), which will come when I can no longer deal with the pain.

    Thanks for listening.

  18. Claudia Says:

    I’ll be 39 years old this year. My GYN just told me that I have a 2 inch Fibroid and not to worry about it if there are no symptoms or he can schedule a hysterectomy (sp?). I get pains every now and then in my abdomen and before I got an IUD my periods where extremely heavy. I would have to wear a tampon, a super size pad and a depend under garment. My husband said that he’d never heard of any woman bleed as much as I do. Since the IUD I don’t get periods but little to no spotting every now and then. The thing that worries me (and I fogot to tell my GYN) is that I get very bad kidney infections once or twice a year. I have 3 beautiful kids and my husband doesn’t want any more children. I’ve read that many of you have had other fibroids after removal of them. Have any of you had none after removal? I am nervous about having a histerectomy.

  19. Amy Says:

    Claudia — sheesh, I read your post and thought that it is quite a jump to go from a 2″ fibroid to suggesting a hysterectomy as the solution to possible problems! With what I know now, I would go to another doc right away.

    It’s true that we shouldn’t have to live with that much bleeding! But a hysterectomy isn’t the only option besides the IUD.

    In addition to getting your fibroid removed (in a variety of ways), you can also consider a d & c and/or an endometrial ablation. Also, not all fibroids cause bleeding, so that even if you had a new one show up, it doesn’t mean that a new one will cause the same symptoms. Also, I’m assuming that since you only have one, and a relatively small one, that that is an indication you may not be as prone to growing more. Are you thinking of removing the IUD?

  20. Amy Says:

    Claudia, one more thing, in case you aren’t reading all the threads on this blog. Here is a great example of another treatment: http://blog.geekwithfibroids.com/2006/09/24/does-anyone-have-an-experience-with-exablate-mrgfus/#comment-38941

  21. di1it Says:

    I just had Abdominal Myomectomy in June 2008 to remove 2 submucous fibroids, which were not that big, but had to be removed due to the awkward position.
    Now 5 months later, I have 1 subserous fibroid 2x2x2cm on Ultrasound result, and am going to see my Gyn again to discuss what to do.
    I plan to get pregnant in the next 2 years. But if the fibroids keep growing here and there, do I still have hope? 😦
    If you have any similar experience, please shed some light, thanks!!

  22. Shell Says:

    HI, I had abdominal myomectomy(AM) to remove multiple fibroids in February 2008. I had to have two follow-up hysteroscopic myomectomies to “shave down” additional fibroids that my RE thought was best not to try to remove during the AM. I just learned (January 2009) that I have a sub-serosal fibroid that is changing the shape of my uerine cavity. So yes you can have multiple surgeries for fibroids and yes they can grow back. One good thing, the heavy bleeding was markedly reduced after the surgeris last year and has not returned- Thank You God! Before the myomectomy I packed and used 8 superplus tampons and 3 depends every day. Now 2 superplpus tampons and one always overnight pad gets me through a heavy day. What an improvement!

  23. Margaret Says:

    i had an abdominal myomectomy in 1995 to remove one extremely large fibroid, and then i was lucky enough to be fibroid free for the next 13 years. I recently had one grow back, in the exact same place–from a stalk at the top of the uterus, within the uterine cavity. That was removed via hysteroscopy just last week and all went well. There is one more fibroid in the anterior wall of the uterus that my doctor just wants to watch for a while. If this does cause problems then i will have to decide the best treatment available since it cannot be removed hysteroscopically. I am hoping i don’t have to go down yet another surgical road for fibroids but if it happens, it happens. Any advice based on similar past experiences is greatly appreciated…perhaps regarding laproscopic myomectomy. Even though i am 42, i absolutely want to keep my uterus, so hysterectomy is not an option for me. Thanks!

  24. brijay Says:

    I had an abdominal myomectomy 3 months ago. I just had my first ultrasound since the surgery and was told they still see three fibroids. My Doctor said he removed all of them. I do not understand. They said one of the curren ones is approx 7 centimeters…can a fibroid grow back this fast, how could the doctor have missed it..they said the large current fibroid was in the back of the uterus..has anyone experienced anything like this?

  25. Natie Says:

    I, unfortunately, didn’t find this site until after I was rushed into surgery for a subserosal fibroid measuring 10 cm and a few others of different sizes. I will say though, hearing all the stories expressed here and being able to relate to other women has been extremely helpful as I work through the diagnosis. Thank you!

    My first fibroids were found after I complained of extreme menstrual cramps. I had them removed during an abdominal myomectomy early February 2009 when I was 24. I was concerned about recurrence given the age at which the fibroids were removed, so I bounced around from one gynecologist to another seeking someone who might provide a more thorough follow-up. In doing so they all asked for repeated ultrasounds only a month apart. Nothing showed up until last week. A new small fibroid measuring over a 1 cm along with a few others ranging from 4 – 8 mm. Since I have been having so many ultrasounds it is safe to say that those all grew within one month.

    Problematic fibroids run in my family with nearly every one of my female relatives having hysterectomies. But I’m only 25 and not yet ready for kids. I do want them though (them being kids, not hysterectomies!). I hope that I can push off surgery as long as possible so that I can have kids shortly after it. I’m guessing some people just have faster growing fibroids than others, and in those women – multiple procedures might be necessary.

  26. mama Says:

    hi I had a myomectomy three months ago to remove two large fibroids and 2 small one. the doctor did nor remove all of them though. I just had an ultrasound and I still have 1 5cm fibroid and two smaller ones. Did that happen to somebody here? Should the doctor have removed all of them? now symptoms are better but still very annoying. I still bleed a lot and feel pressure and pain alll the time..
    please I would love to get an answer, now I feel I have to have the surgery again.

  27. Amy Says:

    Mama, If you look back on the other posting dates on this page, it doesn’t get a lot of traffic. So you might want to go to the myomectomy page:

    There are definitely women there who have had second operations and new fibroids, but I don’t recall if they had some fibroids that weren’t removed! What does your doc say about that?? I think I’d be pretty pissed if s/he knew about them and didn’t take them out.

  28. janae Says:

    Hi, I had surgery about 3 weeks ago to remove 13 fibroids,but I am still bleeding very heavily is this normal, I am going thru about 5 napkins an hour or more, what do I do? .

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