I started a Fibroid Discussion Forum at Oprah.com!

After posting about hearing the “F” word on The Oprah Winfrey Show, I decided to wander a bit on Oprah.com. In addition to posting on the message boards, you can also start an O Group. I created a Fibroid Discussion Forum there to (hopefully) assist with our information exchange. As I mention time and time again, I am amazed by your response. Thank you for being active here. I am so impressed by your comments that I feel we need a more traditional forum.

Here are the “perks” of becoming a member of the Group:

  • YOU can start threads (separate thoughts, questions, concerns)
  • edit your messages (for up to 30 minutes after you post)
  • reply DIRECTLY to a specific post
  • view posts by date/time, with replies, or in outline form
  • see the Total Messages and Total Messages New to You
  • add a picture to your profile that others see when you post messages (Of course, I used the light bulb!)

Join if you like but please feel free to post comments on this site. Don’t worry. I will still be here. I will continue to add topics to the Forum page and also have my odd but humorous posts.

Take a look at the Oprah.com Message Board and O Group Rules. Pretty straightforward. The only thing that directly applies to us is #3: No External Links. If you have a good link, you can always post it on this site and we can talk about it.

Quick Note: I am fibrogeek there. User names are limited to 10 letters and EclecticGeek has 12. (Believe me, I tried to get it to fit.)

Join me at the Fibroid Discussion Forum at Oprah.com! 😀


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4 Responses to “I started a Fibroid Discussion Forum at Oprah.com!”

  1. fibroid free Says:

    WOW national fibriod attention….hopefully they can deal with the real-ness this site provides… Lets get the fibroid word out there and help other women who often suffer in silence..!!!!

    Great Job

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Thanks fibroid free!

    I want to post at least a couple of times a week over there. This is still my main site (and I love being here) but I just wanted an option for women who are looking for a more traditional forum.

    I agree with you completely. Get the fibroid word out!!!

  3. Dianna Bell Says:

    I like to say it’s nice to see women in the world come together and understanding each other on this fibroid talk. My opinion to this fibroid problem just get that blood sucker out and live life again. We as women are not supposed suffer like this. We supposed to enjoy life. I know I was carrying a 20 pound fibroid for year, as if it was my second twin. I made the decision to have it removed this year june 2006. This was the best thing I did for myself before the new year come in. I can put this behind me. I don’t have any regrets of having the hysterectomy. I was glad to have the surgery. I felt like a burden was lifted. I will one day adopt even though I don’t have kids. I am 43 even though people think I am in my thirties I’ll take that as good thing. Thanks!!

  4. EclecticGeek Says:


    Yes, I am still surprised that this site gets visits and comments from all over the world! I know fibroids are a global problem. I just never thought I would have the opportunity to witness this firsthand. It continues to be a very positive learning experience for me.

    I am happy that you have made it through your surgery. You sound so positive and I’m sure your attitude also contributes to your “youth”. You have commented on other parts of the site about timing and things falling into place. I am noticing that with my life as well. When you take a step to move forward with one aspect of your life, you move forward in many others. Best wishes.

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