Sex and fibroids just don’t go together, now do they?

Had some recent comments here about fibroids and sex so I created a separate post.

My personal experience on this? Hmmm. That’s an interesting thought. My husband was previously ill. We actually postponed our wedding about a year because of it. Not long after we married in 2004, I got really sick (from the fibroids, not him). Yeah, we have that “in sickness and in health” vow pretty much covered. This is the first time in our relationship that we both are relatively healthy at the same time. I feel we have been given a “do over”. It’s like we’re dating again. Actually comical (considering all we’ve been through) to sometimes be nervous and giddy around each other. Ah, yes. The Gunsmoke showdowns. Fingers hovering over six-shooters, we wait to see who will draw first and shoot in Dodge City! 😀

Problems, solutions, workarounds, questions, thoughts? Let’s hear what you have to say about sex and these dang fibroids.


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60 Responses to “Sex and fibroids just don’t go together, now do they?”

  1. Angel Says:

    Hello my name is angelan I’m 29 yrs of age about a wk after my normal menastration I started back bleeding dark brown blood
    I’m not sure that I have fibroids but I’m having all the symptoms bleeding,libido,pain in my side of my abdomen,I went to the emerg. they said all my blood wrk came back fine I seem to be heathy an I’m not loosing alot of blood so I went to my family dr an she told me that I have to go for an ultrasound to find out if I have fibroids I’m so scared because my fear has always been hysterectomy I’m young I met my fiancé a yr ago an this whole yr we been planning on having a baby an now that I got this news I’m ready to break off this relationship because I don’t want to put him through the triumph I’m really scared an I dont know what to do if anyone can help me give me a little advice I want more kids imidiantly an I’m stressing myself so much I’m depressed everyday an I’m becoming suicidal but I have 2 beatiful children I would never hurt myself but this feeling is starting to take control of me!!!!

  2. randy Says:

    ok you all can crucifiy me later but, I find this all as a guy very interesting if not a bit of a turn on. Im not interested in having any children anymore in my life, yet, I find the swollen tummys like pregnancy so very sexy. I know im wierd, ( Or am I? A lot of guys now find preggie girls hot btw.) Is it really as painful with this condition as you are posting? Can any of you accept your condition, size changes and so on and embrace it if you had someone who, of course liked you as a person first, but also really was into your transformer like body? Im sure I will get some hate for this post but I can’t be alone in outright wondering if any of you would allow/love a man to worship you rather than shun you.

    • sara Says:

      Yes some women can live with it. Many can’t. Sex is incredibly painful for me. My period was so heavy in July I had to be hospitalized and at 21, I need to have a hysterectomy because its become so dangerous and uncomfortable for me.

    • Says:

      Hey Randy. I have had fibroids since 2003. I found out when I was delivering my first and only son. I can tell you that since 2003, the pain periodically has been debilitating to the point to where I definitely couldnt sleep. Found myself bent over in pain too many times to count. Trust me, if any woman is experience this type of pain, the last thing we want to do is have sex……..nothing worse than knowing your womb(uterus) is growing/swelling and you have no control over it……

  3. Greg Says:

    My wife had fibroids, and it caused her a great deal of pain. She had them removed, and was able to have non-painful sex again, she became pregnant, but while she was pregnant it was discovered that she had developed uterine cancer. She wanted to have the baby and so delayed treatment. The baby was born a month and half premature, and survived. My wife lived to see our daughters one year birthday and passed two months later. I know fibroids are not cancerous but for me all our problems began with fibroids.

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