How do I evaluate or rate a fibroid doctor?

This is the second post in a series on fibroid doctors. Once you find a doctor, it is vital to feel comfortable with that professional. Medical knowledge is important but never underestimate good communication skills. Medicine is both a science and an art. Make sure your doctor practices both.

PBS is airing Remaking American Medicine. I am impressed by the amount of information there including this great list on evaluating a doctor:

Top Ten Quality Indicators of an Effective Patient- and Family-Centered Physician

Does your physician exhibit these behaviors?

  1. Listens to all symptoms before making a diagnosis.
  2. Is knowledgeable about the patient’s condition; past and current status.
  3. Is very knowledgeable about diagnosis and current treatments; staying up to date on current medications and recent research.
  4. Encourages patients and family members to ask questions and participate in the care experience.
  5. Gives options for solving problems and suggests ways in which patient and family member can participate in care.
  6. Collaborates with patient and family member in seeking additional solutions.
  7. Volunteers information about agencies that provide additional services and knows how to access those services.
  8. Uses familiar terminology or carefully defines new terms; checks that patient and family member understands.
  9. Takes time and does not seem rushed.
  10. Follows through on care and outcomes.

The site also includes a link to a detailed survey you can use to rate your doctor. The survey evaluates effective Pediatricians but can be applied to any physician.

One visitor (EL) contributed this site that rates doctors – The site provides patients the opportunity to rate and read about their doctors. Thanks EL!

How do you rate them? How should you rate them? Post your questions and thoughts.


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9 Responses to “How do I evaluate or rate a fibroid doctor?”

  1. gala Says:

    its the first time i’ve seen ratemd, it looks ok.
    i’ve been using a different site its not the same, this one is more like a community, but they have rating and reviews on doctors as well. you should check it out – it worth a try.

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    Thanks for the link. They have a “Know your Doctor” section with reviews.

  3. Janet Says:

    My doctor was great. He removed 3 fibroids–one the size of a cantaloupe–laparoscopically, with the aid of a robot. He was terrific on all counts! If you are lucky enough to be in or around NYC, call him. I am back at work after 2 weeks. Way better ( and less invasive) than a standard myemectomy.

    [Edited by EclecticGeek.]

  4. BK Says:

    How can we contact the NYC doctor with robotics? You don’t give his name…
    I am looking for anyone who could recmd a doctor in Texas for a myomectomy. Someone skilled and committed to performing a myo. instead of defaulting to hysterectomy. Preferably in the Dallas area. Anyone know someone they’d recmd?
    Why is it so hard to find these doctors — seems like most docs think the hysterectomy is great and that you’re just being fussy if you’d prefer a myomectomy.

  5. marilyn Says:

    Janet Who was your doctor in NY? Would like to check him out. Thaank t

  6. ELizabeth Says:

    Does anyone know who the great doctor in ny is? I would love to check him out as well. Thanks everyone!

  7. Barbara Says:

    who is the great doctor in nyc that is mentioned above
    I am looking for one thanks for your help

  8. erica b Says:

    I read other blogs of women with fibroids who were treated in NY. They highly recommended a Dr. Ascher-Walsh @ (212)241-7952 also, a Dr. Schattman. I, however, am looking for a recommendation in either the Los Angeles or Atlanta area? Please let me know!

  9. assignAppette Says:

    visit us!

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