How are you feeling after your Endometrial Ablation?

Second post based on the great comment left describing a personal experience with endometrial ablation and laparoscopic myomectomy. Since I added the full comment in the previous post, I’ll just include an excerpt here:

Mary: I just had a laparoscopic myomectomy and hysteroscopy/endometrial ablation two days ago.

Pre-surgical issues and diagnosis: I had a huge, slow growing external fibroid that was about 9 * 10 cm at its peak, plus several smaller internal fibroids that were the cause of my long, heavy, painful periods. My gynecologist referred me to a surgeon who is head of Ob-Gyn at a local hospital and teaches at a major Canadian medical school. (Very relaxed guy, easy to talk to, and well-respected.) He checked me out and declared that the internal fibroids could be taken care of with hysteroscopy and ea.

You know I must leave the obligatory links for more information:

Endometrial Ablation (The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)
Endometrial Ablation (Mayo Clinic)
Endometrial Ablation (
Endometrial Ablation (WebMD)

If you have an experience, questions, or thoughts on endometrial ablation, leave a comment.


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513 Responses to “How are you feeling after your Endometrial Ablation?”

  1. Latosha Says:

    I’ve had an d&c, thermal ablation, tubes tied, and an ovary removed. I started heavy bleeding again after 2 weeks, and I were told I would have little or no bleeding at all what should I expect now?

    • Gina Says:

      be patient latosha. give your body time to heal. it will take a while, i’m not gonna lie to you, but it will happen. give it time. good luck!

  2. Pamela Says:

    On Monday, January 9, 2012 4 days ago. I had an endometrial ablation procedure done by freezing. IT WENT SMOOTHLY! I hardly felt any discomfort at all. My gyn prescribed Ketorolac 10mg (pain med) and Diazepam 5 mg (Valium). I was still able to function so I figured they weren’t working but they ACTUALLY did. It felt mostly slight pressure and movement of the device used occasionally during the procedure. My husband was there with me and we watched the monitor as the procedure was taking place and held a conversation as well.

    Immediately after the procedure, I needed a pad due to bleeding as if my cycle was on and it contained clotting. I was able to walk out of my doctor’s office without any assistance. The next day, I experienced a slight pinkish discharge even now, but no pain.

    I’m telling you, I was just about to cancel the procedure due to the comments left by others but, I am so glad that I didn’t.

    Hopefully, I am looking toward a pain free, light to no cycle at all over the next few months.

    This is my experience…I hope that those requiring it have a successful procedure as well:-)

    • Susan Says:

      I hope anyone who has this done gives it a few months before forming an opinion. It took me a few months to get to a new normal after the EA, but looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing! I’m no longer in pain every month, and I no longer have to worry about embarrassing moments of sudden large clots leaking out. Every month I can go an entire day with a panty liner and have spotting at the most. Before the EA, there were times I couldn’t go 10 minutes without a mess. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  3. Gina Says:

    hi all! haven’t been back here in quite a while to write about the results from my novasure endometrial ablation. well, it’s approx a year and a half since i had it done on 6/30/10. the spotting did eventually stop after about a good six months. i kept getting lighter and lighter periods as the months passed… they also kept getting further and further apart. i don’t know if it’s totally from the ea or if i’m going thru the change (i was 48 at the time). anyway, the last period i got, which was very light (def. due to the ea) was in september 2011. so i haven’t had a period since. don’t get night sweats or hot flashes like i used to either. just wanted to put my update out there. good luck to all!

    • Vicky Says:

      Novasure procedure was done on 2/16/2012. I feel very bloated and my stomach feels very hard. I also suffer from lots of lower back pain. I don’t know if this is normal. My follow up appointment is coming up shortly. I’m curious to see what the doc says,

  4. CQ Says:

    I had a cavaterm ablation 10 days ago with minimal pain, bad nausea and vomiting from the gen anaesthetic, and i have had no bleeding since, just a steady flow of thin straw coloured liquid requiring thick sanitary pad wear. I have also passed flesh/white coloured bits if tissue/matter the size of a 20c piece , approx 1 per day. Is all of the above normal?

    • CQ Says:

      Update on 20 May. The liquid flow stopped a day ago . This is 20 days post surgery. I have Also stopped passing the bits of tissue . I started calling these aliens after reading another blog post on this site! And was getting about 2 a day with some minor pain when they came thru. Saw my gynae during the week and feel reassured that i am on track. Best wishes to all other women going thru this procedure. My advice would be to rest and not push yourself too much straight after and give yourself time to heal.

  5. Debbie Says:

    I just had a bunch done let me try to name the things my dr did to me .. I had an adnormal pap come back and was told to go to a professional ob – not just a primary for reference to this I will never use primary again for my yearly — because Insurance does not pay for it the 2nd time. …….. so on Nov 27,2012 I I was in outpatient surgery – I was knocked out for mine as my ob said it was inhumane to do this to a woman while she was awake! _ I had the biopsy a month earlier and I cried out during that –
    my uterus swollen – low grade cells in uterus and cervix were found … I asked for a full hystorectomy but I have another problem that we are not sure if the 2 are connected – I have a bone tumor.
    I went the week before and had blood work done to make sure I had no infection and was not pregnant – I had a fit over the pregnant part – as I had my tubes tied back in Nov 1991
    so on 27. Nov 2012 I had –
    Leep procedure followed by DNC Parcial
    Coneization of the cervix and I had a camera to record
    seems like something else but I cant find my paper on it – 😦
    I have a history of not being able to wake up after surgery and being very nauseated … dr told me to remind the anesthesiologist of this…. so when I got to the hospital at 6:15 – I told the nurse .. who once I was checked in gave me meds to help with this and to relax me ………. my hubby sat with me the whole time except the check in part .. which was more or less changing clothes and getting my arm band and making sure I was not in danger (abuse policy of the hospital)
    I then got in a cubby room … and iv was started … and anesthesiologist came over and talked to me – they put meds through my iv to help with cramping and nauseating …
    I went to surgery feeling sleepy I remember them putting the oxygen mask on thing I recall is waking up and my husband telling me to hold still .. I told him i was itchy … it itched and I yelled at him that I had the worse yeast infection ever … the nurse came over and calmed me down (I was just freaking out to freak out forgot where I was )
    I may of been alergic to the wash they use to see the cells – bendyn ? and vinegar? My surgery was at 730am – I was getting dressed at 10 to go home …
    I have 2 pain pills they sent me home with and have only used the IB …. I came home and went right back to sleep for about 4 hours got up starved ate and went back to bed for another 4 hours … that night the most problems I had was my leg pain due to my leg bone tumor – which is way painful 😦

    Next day I felt wonderful — I was expecting bleeding – they cauterize you so no bleeding – I remember asking my hubs if they used a welder — lol silly me!
    so I was ok most of this time .. no real pain nothing that felt as bad as cramps from my period .. I had chunk come out of me and I freaked out looked like scalp skin or something — just grossed me out I was not expecting that and it happen in the shower .. Dec 1st I had bad back pains and cramping and wanted to just sleep all day …. I took a 2.5 hour nap got up feeling blaaaaaaaaaa .. had this nasty discharge … so took a shower again … another HUGE thing came out – the size 1inch x 2 inch … I thought it was gauze at first — I had cramps comparable to the start of labor — and nobody was home so I really panicked and made it worse … I believe this is just the skin from the scraping and burning — just really gross .. now today feel tired still slept 12 hours … and my lower back hurts (my back pain has been associated with my leg so not sure if it is or not) … and I have a discharge today that is milky with a ting of pink .. and some small chuncks coming out like particles the size of a small scab — sorry to be gross but I have looked everywhere looking for something that describes this no sugar coat ……….
    when the cramps came on my daughter in law suggest that I do the massage the belly like u do after having a baby since I was dilated – that has helped!!
    So am on day 6 … and I should know next week if mine is cancer or if it was caught in time .. I would go through all of this again if it prevented me from going through cancer!!! (my fathers sister died at the age of 35 with Ovarian Cancer .. My father Died a year ago with a bone tumor)

    • Amy Says:

      Wow! I sure hope your lab test comes back negative! Have you told your doctor about the stuff coming out? I really think you should! I’ve had an endometrial ablation and later a laparoscopic myomectomy and never had what you describe! Unfortunately – there aren’t too many of us on here anymore to reply since the “inquisitive geek” disappeared several years ago – and no one is maintaining the site. ( By the way, do you know the trick about putting in “wordpress.” after “geekwithfibroids. ” in the web address if you get a link that doesn’t work? like this: “”
      Take care!! Keep us posted –

  6. Debbie Says:

    my flesh stuff that I am passing looks like dead skin – gray aliens!!! nothing white at all …

    • Amy Says:

      Wow! I sure hope your lab test comes back negative! Have you told your doctor about the stuff coming out? I really think you should! I’ve had an endometrial ablation and later a laparoscopic myomectomy and never had what you describe! Unfortunately – there aren’t too many of us on here anymore to reply since the “inquisitive geek” disappeared several years ago – and no one is maintaining the site. ( By the way, do you know the trick about putting in “wordpress.” after “geekwithfibroids. ” in the web address if you get a link that doesn’t work? like this: “”
      Take care!! Keep us posted –

  7. Debbie Says:

    I have it coming directly to my email — I weighted myself before passing one of these “things” and lost 3 lbs later – calling my dr. Monday morning

    • amy Says:

      3lbs – how can that be! You must have also peed a lot… which would make sense after a procedure like this. Or how big was that one? Make sure you monitor your temperature and go to the ER if you go up! Maybe save your “thing” to show the doc…. Are you sure they aren’t just large clots? When I was bleeding a lot, I passed things that looked like pieces of liver… (although you said yours are white…) Does it look like tissue?

      • Debbie Says:

        Someone said tea bags — well similar to the color of a tea bag … but they are looking like mushrooms with snake skins attached — sorry to be gross and yes am calling the dr today .. I have not bleed at all since all this has taken place .. looks kinda like a thick scab … I dont gross out easily but am grossing out pretty well now!

      • Debbie Says:

        I called the office ..turns out I had packing in me … am doing better now .. apparently they told my husband and “he forgot”

  8. amy Says:

    Ohhh grrreat!
    Well, at least everything is okay!!! He owes you! 🙂

  9. Lanec34 Says:

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  10. Jamie Hastings Says:

    i had an endometrial ablation 2 1/2 weeks go.. little bleeding up until day three of recovery, then started heavy bleeding and fluid,body aches, fever, cramps. doctor said i had some sort of infection put my on augmenten and a week later no better. after taking a urine sample it showed no infections they took my blood and it still showed infection so the put me on 2 antibiotics and im on fay 4 of those and i still feel horrible loosing a lot of fluid and dark bown to black colored blood.. any suggestions im at a loss im. single mother of 4 kids on week3 imI’m so ready to feel bwttbetter and play with my kids, work ect…

  11. Jamie Cudmore Says:

    I had ablation surgery last year and now all of a sudden my sex drive is gone.I went to the Dr and they said I wasn’t going through menopause so has anyone else had this problem since the surgery? I am only 41 years old and it was sudden that it stopped

    • AUDREY Says:

      Haven’t had that happen … At least not yet ! I had an ablation done Sep 2014 and have since gain a large amount of weight looks like im 8 months pregnant… I’m also ALWAYS bloated and gassy ! Not really to much pain besides my rib cages swell and hurt sometimes but i can totally relate to all the older post … If anybody have been thru what im going thru please tell me if you think it’s from the procedure … And also i think it did something to my bowel and bladder cause i urinate a lot more most times i have to force it .. Or i have a urge and either dont have to go or its very very little … Sometimes feel a hot sensation in my uterine… Smh I’ve read some stuff online about bleeding in the uterus.. Does anybody here know about that …. I honestly need opinions so when i go to the doctor i can push him to do some tests on me and not have him tell me its all in my head …. Cuz it’s def NOT … OAN DID I MENTION IM ONLY 30 AND I DECIDED TO GO ALONG WITH THIS PROCEDURE BECUS OF HEAVY N PAINFUL PERIODS … HAVEN’T HAD ONE SINCE THO … THANKS GUYS

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