How are you feeling after your Laparoscopic Myomectomy?

A contributor here left a detailed comment on her experience with laparoscopic myomectomy and hysteroscopy/endometrial ablation so I’ll create two separate posts to start the discussion.

Mary: I just had a laparoscopic myomectomy and hysteroscopy/endometrial ablation two days ago.

Pre-surgical issues and diagnosis: I had a huge, slow growing external fibroid that was about 9 * 10 cm at its peak, plus several smaller internal fibroids that were the cause of my long, heavy, painful periods. My gynecologist referred me to a surgeon who is head of Ob-Gyn at a local hospital and teaches at a major Canadian medical school. (Very relaxed guy, easy to talk to, and well-respected.) He checked me out and declared that the internal fibroids could be taken care of with hysteroscopy and ea. He’s done over a hundred of these procedures and is probably the go-to guy in my city for this procedure. He also said that it looked as if the external fibroid was on a stalk and could be at risk of twisting, although he also said I wasn’t showing any of the signs of being at risk — no feeling of movement — so it was up to me whether I wanted to just leave that one alone or remove it as well. I decided to go for the laparoscopy because of the twisting risk (my sister went through the horror of an ovary getting twisted and i didn’t want to go through anything similar) and because it would be nice not to look five months pregnant.

Surgery: It was supposed to be about 2 hours, but turned into three as it turned out the external fibroid wasn’t on a stalk, but was embedded in the external wall. I asked my doctor after surgery about the risk of adhesions given that such a relatively large surface had been excavated, but he says that I should be all right.

Recovery: I was in the recovery room for an hour after surgery, then moved to my hospital room, where I was told I was staying overnight just to be cautious, given the extended work required for the external fibroid (we had originally discussed the option of going home the same day). The nurses had me up and peeing within a couple of hours. The first time out of bed was a doozie, and my bladder was tight, sore, reluctant and overfull the first time, so I didn’t get rid of two cups of urine until my second attempt. After that, I was up and down several more times throughout the day, alternately reading, napping, chatting with my husband, or having my vitals checked. By 8 PM, I was adept at getting myself out of bed on my own, unplugging the IV from the wall, and going off to have a pee. (They dumped a few liters of saline in me, so I was peeing like a racehorse all day.) By 11 PM, I got out of bed and wandered the halls with my IV because I was bored and wanted to move. The pre-surgical anti-inflammatory suppository took care of most pain except what I felt when I got out of bed and the gas pains in my shoulders.

They let me have jello, broth, juice and a few crackers for supper the first day, and a real breakfast of egg, bun and cream of wheat the next morning. I was discharged by 8:30 and home by 9:30, where I caught up with some clients for a few hours (self-employment isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes) but I was sore by supper time and took off the rest of the day. Gas-X, naproxen and stool softeners were my friends, and even though I have percocet, I haven’t taken any yet. I did take some cough syrup to suppress coughing, which hurt yesterday, although much less today.

First bowel movement was late yesterday (first evening after surgery day), and there was no pain, although reaching to wipe was a little awkward. At my worst, my whole abdomen felt taut, swollen and sorte, with occasional gas pains on top. Today, I got up feeling significantly better, and my belly is less taut and numb.

I’d love to know how long it’s going to take all this swelling to go down. My face and eyes were very swollen the first day, I still couldn’t wear my watch and rings yesterday, although I can today, but my waist and belly are larger than they were than when I went in. (Gas? Fluid? Swollen tissues?) I have no idea how long it will take for those to shrink, as I would think that removing something 4 inches in diameter would make things smaller in circumference.

I’ll report back with anything else of interest.

Thanks Mary. Nothing more I can add except a couple of links for more information:

Laparoscopic Myomectomy (
Laparoscopic Myomectomy (Mayo Clinic)

Please post your experiences, thoughts, or questions.


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643 Responses to “How are you feeling after your Laparoscopic Myomectomy?”

  1. Carol Says:

    Hi. Wondering again if anyone here had fibroid grow back after surgery, as was my case. Alternatively, I wonder if maybe my surgeon accidentally did not remove all the fibroid and fibroid cells….Or how long has it been that your fibroids did NOT grow back? Just trying to guage how my situation compares with others. Thanks for any responses.

  2. Mia Says:

    Happy New Year!!!
    I have been lurking on and off because I have been on the Lupron shot for over a year, too control my fibroids, I finally
    I’m 4 days post op from my lap myeo…I feel a bit better and def relived 3 large tumors were removed the largest was 10cm which was thought to only be around 6-7cm. I always thought they were larger than predicted. Also there was a nest of little ones so my procedure took 6 hours!!! And i’m happy to say I’m tumor free I know he had to get a ton of little buggers out so I’m feeling lighter and happier!

    My post-op is on Monday so I have no way of knowing all the results until then my mom was there after surg, but my doc took pics and promises to show me exactly what was clogging up my insides all these years I just turned 34 so I’m looking forward to a new tumor free year of meeting Mr. right and having my own family no pressure from my Fibroids on my life decisions!

    I’m tired since surg and really felt like the first night should have been a hospital stay I was in so much pain and had so many hours under and my night was miserable I had to pee every hour and could barely sit down so ended up going in adult diapers, cutting them off, and then putting a new one on with help from mom. They were a blessing as I had been using them for my periods but I could not get out of bed or sit up easily until today really.

    I’m due to return to work on Tuesday which will be 7 days Post-op but I’m hearing that 11 days seem to be when everyone is feeling back in tip top shape…I have been reading so I want some feedback My aunt is a retired nurse and feels that the pain I have is the gas used to inflate the cavity. It’s not awful but it comes on and off, lots or burping, lots of pressure, bloating, and more pain. Anytime I eat I have the pressure bloating and pain I’m taking Gas-X which didn’t work, I’m taking Maalox and it works but OMG the discomfort???? I’m eating chicken noodle soup, salmon patties, cranberry juices, water, green tea, just started chicken breast, fruit a few small pieces of bday cake (lol) but why the painful bloating? Any advice for me? Will update you on my post-op!

  3. Amy Says:

    I finally got my lap myo two days ago after wanting one for over 10 years! yay! Doing okay now and just on 800mg of motrin every 8 hours. Ended up staying the night because surgery started about two hours later than scheduled and when I came out I had horrible back-sacro-illiac pain – which i was afraid of – and I ended up with a horrible nurse in recovery that didn’t recognize the amount of pain I was in. Fortunately, because she couldn’t wait to send me away because her shift was over, she released me to someone else who was much more compassionate and willing to figure out how to put me into a position that didn’t hurt as much. Then her shift was over and I got a male nurse who said I was released from recovery too soon, my pain was undermedicated and that I needed to stay the night. He called my doctor got permission to admit me for the night and put me on morphine whew! The surgery was nothing compared to the back pain.

    I’ll post more later, but here are a couple of tips I hadn’t seen:

    – Take pajamas you want to be in at home and just wear them home. It’s hard to put pants on and off, so it makes things a little easier.
    – I had flannel sheets on the bed which made it really hard to shift myself in bed because of the incisions. I took off the bottom sheet and put a regular one on and then put on some satin pajamas and it was so much easier to move around – satin sheets would even be worth to get even if you only need them for a few days!

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  5. Amy Says:

    Well, after wanting my fibroids out for over 10 years, I finally did it on Tuesday! Thanks to Cammie (the Geek) and everyone who has posted their stories here over the years!
    Several tips I haven’t seen:
    – Take your pajamas to wear home. Why struggle with putting your pants on and then taking them off once you get home? You’ll still be in some pain, so every little bit helps!
    – It will be painful to shift around in bed for at least 3-4 days since you engage your abdominal muscles. Even more so, if you are a larger woman. I had flannel sheets on the bed and I realized if I put a regular bottom sheet on and changed into my satin pajamas, that it should be easier to move around – and it worked wonders! Better yet, satin sheets! 🙂
    – If you suffer from back or sacral pain, ask the doctor to let you position yourself in the stirrups before they give you the anesthesia, and when they finish and your are still out, ask that they place a couple of pillows under your knees – you’ll be much less likely to hurt or irritate your back.

  6. Hope Says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences!

    I just had a lap myo 8 days ago. Was able to go home the same day and overall the pain has been minimal. What I just started experiencing yesterday is being a little nauseous. Not that I feel I’m going to throw up, but that certain foods are just putting me off. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m still on 3 ibuprofen every 8 hours and yesterday I started using Arnica cream which is a natural pain relief cream for bruises (I have a huge bruise on my stomach) and trauma.

    Helfpul tips for people getting a lap myo –

    I’ve been wearing wrap skirts because you can make the waistband as big as you’d like so there’s no pressure on the stomach – it feels even better than skirts with elastic waistbands.

    I got my medication filled before my procedure so I was able to have it right away – the pain and nausea meds.

    If you’re a single person like me it’s nice to have someone stay with you for more than just a night. They can help with keeping track of when you need your meds, prepare meals, clean dishes and just make sure that you’re doing okay.

    Rent a whole bunch of movies from the library. It takes you away from what you’re experiencing and it’s an entertaining way to spend your time when you can’t really do anything.

    • Amy Says:

      Hi Hope,
      I missed your post the other day, hope you are doing a lot better and past the nausea. It’s been about 7 weeks for me. I believe I stopped taking all Ibuprofen at the beginning of my second week – maybe just took some at night to sleep easier – but really, I seemed to heal pretty quickly – and thankfully I never had any nausea – maybe it has to do with the type of anethesia used. But all in all, I’ve been doing great. Instead of peeing 4 times/night I’m going 0-1! Also, I didn’t realize how much the fibroids were causing some constipation until after surgery – when it was easier. Of course, pants fit better, and my abdomen is no longer lopsided – yay- and I also seem to be losing some weight! I seem to have more energy too, I suspect that may have to do with the constipation going away – but I’m not sure. At any rate, I’m so glad I finally did this! (Funny to see that I posted some info the day I got home and then a few days later I posted some of the same info again- I must have forgotten – maybe it was the drugs…. !)

  7. Hope Says:

    That’s so interesting that you mentioned about the constipation because I was having serious digestive issues before the lap myo and they seem to have gone away since the procedure. I knew that feeling like I had to go to the bathroom all the time was because of the fibroids, but I wasn’t sure if my digestive issues were. I had 17 fibroids so you’d think it was messing with all sorts of things! I’m not feeling nauseous now, but some foods are still really putting me off. I know that will go away. How long was it for you before your stomach went down? I think my Dr. said it could take a couple of months. Thanks for your blog!

    • Amy Says:

      Hi Hope, The strange thing I didn’t mention (because I still think a problem has been solved), is that the constipation completely went away after the procedure, but about 6 weeks later, it came back with a vengeance! Pretty much worse than ever before, but I called my doc’s office and they suggested eating a lot of probiotics… apparently, the antibiotics they gave me before surgery killed off all the good bacteria in my system and although it wasn’t a problem at the beginning, it seems that over the last several weeks, the “bad” have overpopulated my system and it’s going to be a matter of getting the balance back so that everything is working well again. Yuk. So don’t be surprised if something like that happens to you too – just when you think it’s all better. So you might want to start eating a lot of yogurt and other fermented foods, and even over the counter probiotic supplements so that you avoid that. At any rate, I’m confident that it will get better.

      I also noticed that some foods didn’t interest me as much… I figure that my body knows what i need and so I try to listen to it (even though my head -and habit- tells me it’s okay – like chocolate!).

      My belly was back to normal in a couple of weeks, but then I only had two fibroids removed, so it may take you a little longer. I also did a lot (for me) of yoga before hand and walked daily for the first two weeks. When I went for my post op they seemed to think I’d healed really quickly (unless they say that to everyone!) But I do wonder what I might have done to speed up my healing.

      One thing I failed to mention in my suggestions above, and that my have helped with my healing, is that I happened to have a toilet seat “donut” for when my mom visits – it’s hard for her to stand up from a low sitting position, so we got this for her to use. It is basically about a 5-6 ” thick toilet shaped hollow plastic donut that is placed on the toilet to elevate the seat – well I was very happy I had it to use… it put a lot less strain on my abdominal muscles when I got up or down from the toilet – and maybe that was good in the long run. I also took arnica pills (which by the way, I use for bruising and general healing – I’ve never hear about using them for pain) and used Traumeel cream on my belly. I also had craniosacral, massage and other somatic body work done. I made a fantastic organic chicken soup and drank the broth when I was no longer allowed to eat food the day before surgery – and it felt very nutritional and nuturing. Who knows – just be good to your self – and walk a lot as that is probably the best thing you can to… helps take any toxins from the surgery (like the anethsesia) out o your body, makes your blood pump harder, moves all kinds of muscles and tendons and ligaments – so it’s just a smart thing to do.
      Best to you!

      • Ash Says:


        Thank for your input, I have done my lap on last Wednesday. I had one 2cm posterior and one 8 cm subserosal fibroid. I did not understand which cream you have used for massage. I am not yet able to walk normally and also having lowerback pain. Although I was very active girl, this lap has affected my routine life. I need to get recover asap. Please help me what are the things i should start doing. Currently i am only sitting and watching tv and doing small things like mail reading and surfing.

  8. joanna Says:

    I had a robotic myomectomy for fibroids nearly two weeks ago and I have my post op check up tomorrow. I have been very fortunate with recovery generally until now although I have had major gas pains. Today was perhaps the worst day as I think I’ve pulled a muscle in my side and it hurts to lay down. I took a pain killer but it didn’t work. It is now 3.17am and I still can’t sleep as I can’t lay down. Also when I did try to lay down in a different position, my belly button leaked for the first time. I will tell the doctor tomorrow. Right now I am tired, feeling a little sorry for myself, and hoping that whatever I’ve managed to pull feels better ASAP.

    • Amy Says:

      Hi Joanna! Hang in there, you’re through the worst – and it’s done! It’s been a year for mine, though I didn’t get the robot! I do seem to remember my bellybutton leaked too – after I thought it shouldn’t have – but I was fine. All I can say, is that I’m still extremely happy I did it and still feeling the same positive effect. Good luck with the strain.

  9. Maria Says:

    Did anyone have severe cramping around Day 10 of their recovery? I can’t tell whether I’m having a regular period, or something has gone wrong. I did for for short walks over the last 2 days and wonder if this has something to do with it.

    • lauralga Says:

      Hi Maria, you sound like me. You might have over done it. I am 3 weeks post-op from both a hysteroscopic myomectomy (to remove a 1 cm fibroid in the uterine cavity) and robotic laparoscopic myomectomy (to remove three fibroids, the largest being 6.5 cm from the uterine muscle). I had spotting for the first week after surgery (as the doctor said I would) and then it stopped for a week. I continued on with my recovery and by day 10 started a three day marathon of activity (mostly getting in and out of the car and shopping). Well, by day 13, I started cramping and bleeding again. I called the doctor\’s office and the nurse said the bleeding was most likely due to over activity and the on and off cramping was normal. I\’m like you and am wondering if this was my first period after surgery. Of course its hard to tell which one it is. I go for my first post-op visit on August 17. i have five incisions above my belly button which are healing nicely but I still have soreness below the belly button where all the work was done.
      I hope you get to feeling better.

      • Genevieve Says:

        Omg !!! Same here except I also have a very large lump on my right side that radiates with pain ! Between the cramping and the lump pain I’m really getting frustrated !! 😦

      • Maria Says:

        Hi lauralga, I never did say thank you for this response. It alleviated my concerns at the time! Now almost 6 months post op, that whole ordeal seems like a distant memory!

  10. Tanisha Says:

    I had a robotic-assisted lap myo on 08/16/12 after my OBGYN found a 9 cm subserous pedunculated fibroid by tv ultrasound last month. I was blessed to have awesome doctors and nurses, especially my discharge nurse and was in very little pain compared to what I’d initially expected. I really didn’t feel much pain until the next day. But I was able to move around and percoset took the edge off. I had a lot of nausea the first couple of days but as soon as I started to pass gas, I felt much better. Today, my mom made me walk down the street and by the end of the day, I’m starting to feel like myself again. The itching is driving me crazy so I can’t wait to be able to scratch when I want to. I didn’t have a BM until today but that might have been because I did a gentle prep due to history of Ulcerative Colitis. I’m 29 years old and in fairly good shape but I took 3 weeks off from work. I can’t imagine going back 7 days post op so kudos to those that are brave enough. On a random note, Netflix has been my best friend. My cycle was supposed to start the day of the procedure but didn’t come until today. Because it’s extremely light, I’m wondering if its breakthrough bleeding due to surgery or actual period? Any thoughts?

  11. Lucy Says:

    My lap myo was on 8/16/12. My surgeon removed six fibroids; the two largest were 6 cm each and pedunculated, one on a stalk and another on a base. The other four were scattered throughout and just under the surface of my uterus. He also removed a cyst on my left ovary as well as one hanging off of my fallopian tube.

    Pre-surgery, I was feeling optimistic and confident in my surgeon’s abilities. Even still, I had some anxiety which was kept in check with meditation and talking honestly with my husband and close friends about how I was feeling. The doc put me on a canned chicken soup/Gatorade/ginger ale diet 24 hours prior to surgery to take the pressure off my GI system.

    Day of, I had to pee five times in the holding cell before surgery. Maybe it was the pre-op jitters. I wondered if I should hold it, and one of the interns even asked if I thought I could, but the pre-op nurse was very patient, encouraged me to empty my bladder each time, and didn’t make me feel like a nuisance, even though she had to unplug and replug me in to all the various medical gadgets. So, if you gotta go, go! The most important thing is that you feel as at ease as possible during this stressful time.

    My surgery lasted four hours. The surgeon had to make five incisions to be able to reach all the fibroids. Immediately post-op, the pain was well-managed through IV narcotics. They let me sleep off the anesthesia at the hospital for nearly five hours. The discharge nurse helped me pee. Sitting up, standing, walking, and then squatting were challenging but not impossible. She prescribed me 600 mg of ibuprofen, oxycodone, and a laxative. I had told her that I would not take a narcotic by mouth as it has made me vomit in the past (one of the worst possible things I can imagine after abdominal surgery!) but she encouraged me to get the prescription filled, just in case. I did not end up needing it. The ibuprofen took the edge off the pain enough that I chose to stick with it instead of deal with the side effects of the narcotic.

    The first night and two days following surgery were tough. It was painful to sit up from lying down and my range of motion was extremely limited. Coughing, laughing, and sneezing were very painful and holding a pillow again my abs helped. I tried to walk around the house throughout the day but I was pretty sore, swollen, and winded. (I’m active and able to handle intense aerobic activity generally.) I peed a lot and felt a lot of cramping and burning. This subsided after five days or so. I had bloody and mucuousy discharge for about a week and wore maxi pads during that time. My first bowel movement was on day four and boy did it feel good to get rid of that excess baggage! Since then, I have had daily BMs, no problem. Immediately after surgery, I had a horrible sore throat and extremely thick sinus discharge for three days as a result of the anesthesia. If they give you an anesthetic patch behind one of your ears, be sure to remove it with a tissue the next day. It works wonders to control post-op nausea but completely dries you out (hence sore and gunky throat). The tissue is important since if you get the medication on your hands and then rub your eyes, it can mess with your vision for a day or two.

    The important turning point for me was day four to five. I also pushed myself to walk/hike daily and start to do stuff around the house but made sure I rested when I got tired and sore. Today is day 15, and I feel pretty good. I’ve been working from home and feeling more energetic and mentally sharp. My incisions are slightly sore (pulling sensation) and itchy but healing nicely. The pelvic cramps are less predominant though I feel them more after I’ve been physically active. My doctor told me I could go back to work within two weeks, and that seems about right. I started working half days from home on day 6 and full days on day 11. I will actually physically be at work on day 19.

    After years of feeling pelvic/back pain and pressure (as well as frequent urination) due to fibroids, I am looking forward to fibroid-free living, especially as we try to get pregnant in the next year. One of the biggest lessons for me was not to settle for a diagnosis of open abdominal myomectomy which has the danger of many more complications and a far longer recovery period. Both my (former) OB/GYN and (former) fertility doc said open ab surgery was my only option because of where the fibroids were. Thank goodness a friend who is a doctor himself intervened and urged me to seek out a specialist who is an expert on uterine laparoscopy (and recommended a lap without hesitation). Do get a second–or even third–opinion! With the advances in medical technology, there’s no need to suffer more than necessary if you’re in good, skilled hands. Best of luck to everyone who travels down this road!!!

  12. Tania Says:

    Oh thank the stars I found this site! I am day 4 after my lap myo to remove a large 5cm ovarian cyst and 12 cm pendunculated fibroid and my doc didn’t really give me much info of what to expect afterwards! Initially he had said I would be back at work on the Monday (my procedure was Wednesday just past) but my boss said there was no way I would be back.. and she was right! We weren’t sure if he was going to take the fibroid this time or just assess for another surgery. I am so glad he managed to cut it up this time so I dont have to go back. I did not react well to the anaesthetic and I glad (?) to read that I am not alone with the post op nausea – just shocking! I find I can’t sit or lay in the same place for too long or I cramp up.. but have been too scared to move too much as I dont want to do any internal damage. BM is just starting to happen so I hope that is going to be okay, nothing worse than constipation if you already have adominal pain.

    I still have a 8cm subserosal fibroid and it seems he doesn’t want to take that one out at all.. I will have to check because although I dont really want to go through more surgery, I dont want that thing in there pressing against everything. I am hoping I will notice a difference with the 12 cm giant gone.

    I too have a ginormous bruise on one lap site, bigger than my hand and more purple than an emo on Halloween!! I guess they were a bit rougher than anticipated after they decided to go for the fibroid as well as the cyst. Luckily I have only 3 lap holes.. although I dont know if there is one internally as well.. more questions for the doc I guess. Thank the stars for private health insurance (Australia) is all I can say as it was up to me if I wanted to stay overnight after a mid afternoon surgery (I did!). I have been staying at my sisters place and she has taken good care of me but I want my own bed now so will go home this afternoon and settle in for a relaxing week of healing! Thank the stars for a very very understanding boss (seeing as I had just come back from vacation as well!!)

    My doc didn’t send me home with any pain meds! So my sister suggested Voltaren as she used that for her caeserian.. it must be working as I forgot this morning and it took me a while to realise why my pain at returned so bad.. duffer.. but I guess the more pills I can stop taking the better!

    The gas is shocking… lol

    I was due for a period yesterday but seeing as I had a curette as well I am assuming that wont happen? although I have started bleeding so who knows.. just going with whatever the body decides it wants.

    Thank you all for sharing on this site, it has made me feel a bit more normal and confident that I have done the right thing.


    • amy Says:

      Hi Tania! Good for you! You are out the other side of surgery and doing well!
      You wondered if you’d notice a difference having your 12cm fibroid out… (plus your cyst right?) Well, I had a 10cm and a 4x6cm out and felt a huge difference – less constipation, I can hold my pee a lot longer, I don’t “leak” very much anymore (I used to always wear a panty liner – now only if I’m exercising) my belly is no longer lopsided (so happy about that!!) no more pain during sex, and I actually sleep on my belly sometimes now!
      Take care! Be sure to walk a lot!

  13. jay Says:

    Thanks all for these wonderful insights! I had a lap myo on Sunday. Didn’t bother to read or surf the web or ask too many questions pre-ops, that way i was so relaxed and even excited to finally be able to get rid of the foreigners! Post ops i threw up a bit within 5 hours of coming out of anaest. Afterwards i’ve bin pretty stable though i slept alot within the 1st 24 hrs and sitting up and walking were a bit challenging but by the 2nd day was sitting up, standing & walking perfectly well though easily tired. Had 1st bowel movement today & was stressfree
    You hav to do breathing exercises to free ur lungs so there is no tightness in the chest. Coughing is still a bit challenging (day3) but my Doc told me to just try freeing up my throat. The pain & dryness in the throat has also subsided. I guess with each day there is a new improvement!
    The major challenge i have now is with swellings around my groins (though not painful). Anyone with this challenge?

    • Ria Says:

      Hi jay! I had the same swelling issue for the first 3 days after my surgery. It’s because of the amount of liquid the surgeon leaves in your abdomen to prevent adhesions. Dont worry, it will go down soon. In the mean time, try not to stare, because it does look exceedingly strange!

  14. Neha Says:

    Hey hi… I got operated for a 8cm Fibriod present in nxterior wall of uterus. Its been a month now and now that i have resumed my routine, i have been thinking of again going in for a Abdomen USG to see if anypart of fibriod is still remaning. Basically what i want to ask is, We are planning for a child, does anyone have an idea, if more fibriods grow even after laproscopy? Does this affect conceiving? Are we allowed to start of with intercourse after a month of operation?

    • kayaklakeworth Says:

      Hi Neha, I had some large ones removed from the wall of my uterus 3 years ago and I am currently expecting my first child. After my procedure, the surgeon said to wait 6 months before trying to conceive to give the uterus time to fully heal. Also, yes they can grow back. Good luck!

  15. Says:

    I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really
    nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. Cheers

  16. Angela Says:

    Hello, I am 35 years old and 11 days post op. I had 2 fibroids removed. One was slightly larger than my uterus (outside of uterus) and one in the uterine wall. I also had a D&C as well as cleaning out the existing endometriosis. Part of this surgery was robotic. I have 5 small incisions on my abdomen. This has been quite an experience. Other than a full hysterectomy, this procedure was my only choice. I would have a period for 2-3 week straight along with severe cramping – all the time!

    The surgery took 3 hours. Time spent in recovery was almost 3 hours. I honestly feel like they should have kept me overnight, but was happy to get home. The carbon dioxide caused me a great deal of pain and discomfort. That took about 4-5 days to “get out”. I highly recommend fiber – lots of fiber! I am still a bit lethargic and having sharp pains. In addition to the pain, I am sore. I usually can get in one activity per day and then I need rest. I have never been so bored and so frustrated!!

    I hope this all comes to an end sooner than later! I wish every woman that reads AND experiences this the best of luck!

    • Rachel Says:

      Hi Angela

      Just wondered how you are feeling. I’m on Day 5 and am feeling stronger but still a bit sore. I too tire out easily and I know what you mean by being frustrated and bored! I can do one activity at a time then rest, but not sleepy enough to sleep.

      I have 4 wounds. I think the carbon dioxide are out of my system but the general area around the wound and uterus itself is still swollen. I’m a week behind you, hope you are are feeling better!


      • Amy Says:

        The time will go quickly – you’ll be fine soon and be happy you had it done! I had mine at the end of ’11 and still feel grateful on a regular basis!

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  18. Rachel Says:

    I had a lap myo on 1 July to remove one small fibroid on uterine wall and 5 medium sized ones growing out wards from the uterus. It is now 4 days post op and I feel much lighter. The puncture wounds are sore but manageable using normal paracetamol. I made sure I drank a lot of water when I had the catheter in (came out on Day 3) and still do, to prevent UTI and I’ve had bowel movement since Day 3 too.
    I think the General Anaesthetics has the biggest impact out of all this. I was under it for 4 hours in total. I’ve had nausea although I don’t throw up. But my heart rate goes up and I start to sweat and feel faint every time I do something, like taking a shower or making tea or heating up some soup in the microwave. So I lie down and rest in between getting up and looking after myself. Can’t imagine being out and about just yet 😦

    Wishing everyone a speedy recovery

    • Rachel Says:

      Hi Amy
      Thanks for your reply above. Today was Day 6 and I walked around slowly for 30 minutes outside the house. Also managed to do some squats. The recovery over the last 48 hours have been amazing.

      Hospital said I should exercise (obviously need to listen to body) but it is amazing how it helps. I can also engage my core without any pain although sit ups or anything involving stretching of abs is out of the question. I’m going to stick to walking and no-impact no-weights reps plus stretching except for abs.

      Bowel movement has been sluggish but hoping the walk today would have kickstarted things 😀

      The dressings are supposed to come off tomorrow. I feel a tiny pop ( only way to describe them) of tearing pain and I think these are stitches dissolving and the skin adjusting to it. No bleeding though. Am supposed to leave the wounds exposed to air but they are still sore to the touch and the area is also still swollen so they would touch the clothing and press against them. I plan to keep them covered with those scar reducing plasters ( with a good dose of dettol).

      Anyone else did the same?


      • Rachel Says:

        Today is day 10 and the fatigue is finally gone and my appetite is back. One of the spots under the incision is still sore but slowly getting better. Still feel very bloated though. I walked for about an hour today but I needed to rest afterwards. But a huge improvement compared to this time last week.

  19. letitia Says:

    Hello all,

    I got a fibroid removed on 19 June, it was 10cm and I believe that was the only one I had. When the dr came around after the op to see me the next morning I was so sick from the anesthetic that I can’t remember much. My question anyway is, it’s been 4 weeks and 2 wounds have healed – as in scabbed over and peeled off where are one is still healing and hasn’t scabbed over enough to peel off, no puss or anything. Should I be worried? I feel like its taking forever for my body to heal.

    Thanks ladies.

    • Rachel Says:

      Hi Letitia

      I’m on day 20 post op and I’m the same – the stitches haven’t even dissolved yet! I still can’t run and can’t use my abs much but I can now carry heavy items. Still very tired though, and only want to eat clean healthy food which is a good thing! I think general anaesthetic and post op morphine and painkillers were really toxic and it is my body’s way of making sure that I don’t overload with toxins. I’m teetotal anyway but thought of drinking makes me sick. I can still feel a tinge of pain every now and then where the fibroids used to be but I guess the site on the womb also has cuts from where they were and so that is normal.

      Hope you heal up well.


      • Amy Says:

        Rachel, sorry i disappeared there! Glad you are better. I sure wish this site was as active as it used to be so everyone would get more feedback. I always wonder what happened to the “geek”!

      • Letitia Says:

        Hi Rachel,

        Glad you are getting better. I got the ends of my stitches cut off, they were digging into me and very annoying, still waiting on them to dissolve too.

        I’ve gotten a lot better in the last week not tired anymore, so happy about that. Hard to believe 2 weeks ago having a shower would wipe me out for the rest of the day.

        I woke up with horrific pain on day 14 and went to see my GP she said that the site where the fibroids came out contract and cause pain every now and again. I didn’t even think about the insides healing while I was worrying about the incisions. No pain since then. My period came last week and that was the worst period of my life totally crippled with pain for days. Don’t know if that is because of the surgery or because I haven’t had one for 3 months (had a Zolodex implant to help shrink fibroids before surgery) but it unleashed with a vengeance.


    • Amy Says:

      Letitia, it’s been a while since I had mine done, but I do remember that one of the wounds did take longer – I think it is the one they did most of the work through so there was pulling in and out, moving back and forth – more than the others that might have just been in there to view and irrigate or suck stuff out… but it will heal. Of course if it starts to get red and warmer or puss comes out… then I’d be sure to call my doc right away. Good luck!

      • Letitia Says:

        Hi Amy,

        I’ve got my eyes looking at it closely everyday and no sign of infection, just sooooo very slow healing. I’m so impatient.


      • Amy Says:

        I never even think of the scars anymore, they are so small – although now that I looked, that one shows a little bit more!

    • Rachel Says:

      Hi Amy

      Sorry to hear about your period. Mine is due soon and I’m psyching myself up for it :D. If you had a submucous (the one that grows on lining of womb) fibroid removed like I did, and given period is basically the lining of the womb shedding, it probably means a lot of pain and lot of gunk!

      They don’t tell you these things post-op, good to be able to share experiences.

      Take care


  20. Says:

    Thank you for the good writeup. It actually used to be a
    amusement account it. Look advanced to more added agreeable from you!

    By the way, how can we keep in touch?

  21. Kaz Says:

    I had laproscopic myomectomy for a 13 cm fibroid intramural in the back wall of my uterus. i recovered well and the skin healed. at about 7 days i was working again (computer stuff) and at about 10 days could lift and go for longer walks. I wanted to know, Is anyone still experiencing tiredness and fatigue at 3 weeks? i can be up and active for most of the day and lift things, but by about 7pm i am wiped and have to go to bed. and if i try and push it and stay up or go out and socialise til 9 or so i’m wiped the next day. weird dizziness and feel like my eyes are sunk in the back of my head. When i feel like this I can’t even concentrate on doing computer work or non-active work. I just feel zonked! thanks for everyone’s stuff on the site too, it really helped me pre-surgery! My word of advice for surgery, take lip balm! you wake up so dehydrated and with gross lips!

    • ensatina Says:

      Hi Kaz,
      I had to remind myself that just because on the outside I had a few little scars that were looking pretty good, that it didn’t mean there wasn’t still a lot of healing going on inside! I believe I recently heard that a lot of healing takes place while you’re sleeping so take it easy and remember your body went through something major and is still healing! Glad you seem to be fine otherwise! And yes, my lips were so parched and I was so thirsty!

  22. ensatina Says:

    NOTE You need to fix many of the links on this site to go to the correct pages!! If they don’t have “wordpress” in the address – you are going to a fake site.

    Click on a link, check the address bar, if it doesn’t include “wordpress” you need to add it and click again and you will get through. Apparently I can’t place a link in here to show you, but just add “wordpress” without the quotation marks and make sure you add a period – one is needed on either side of .wordpress.

    Good luck!

  23. Sherri Says:

    I am 8 days post-op. This is my second robotic myomectomy, the stupid tumors grew back after the first surgery 7 years ago. I had a large 12 cm tumor removed along with a smaller 3cm tumor and a cyst. I then got a post-op bladder infection which I am still on antibiotics for. I still can’t stand up fully straight, sit up easily, turn, stay seated in a chair for long periods or walk for any real length of time. Bumps on the road still hurt when I’m in the car. My abdomen feels like there are rubber bands insides ready to snap. I just got off of narcotics today. Every time I eat I get heartburn and I can’t really eat much. I get bladder spasms and random sharp pains. I have 6 incisions and the one above my belly button and in the lower right of my pelvis are killing me. They want me to go back to work at 14 days. As of now I can’t clean the bathroom without getting out of breath and having to I am afraid to return. I am a teacher and I’m on my feet 8 hours a day with a bunch of high-energy teenagers and then come home and have to grade papers every night. Is it normal to be this messed up? Thanks everyone.

  24. Sherri Says:

    They moved my post-op visit up to early next week. Hopefully nothing too bad is happening.

    • ensatina Says:

      I hope you told them everything you wrote here. If you feel worse make sure you trust your gut and insist on being seen tomorrow. I’m always careful about weekends…. if I feel bad and don’t want to go to the ER because of the extra expense, I’m stuck trying to wait it out – which may not be a good thing. Plus if you are in the US, it’s a long weekend due to Labor Day.

      I hadn’t thought of it, but since this is your second myomectomy – how does it compare to the first? If you talk to the doctor’s office tomorrow, you may want to tell /remind them you’ve been through this before and this is a lot worse than the first one – if in fact it is.
      Take care!

  25. Ambi Says:

    Thank you everyone for sharing your stories. I am having the da vinci myomectomy on thursday the 26th. I am also having a hysteroscopy and D&C as well.I have a very large fibroid in the wall of my uterus, a large cyst, and an abnormally thick endometrium. This is my first time being put well as my first surgery. I am so terrified of the whole thing. From being put under,to dying during.waking up without a uterus…just every little thing about this scares me. It really helps to read all of your experiences. I have been experiencing long heavy scary periods, severe cramps, fatigue, back pain, constipation..etc. Im looking forward to feeling better and being over these symptoms. I am also very grateful for the option of this mom had a hysterectomy at age 33..I just turned 33 2 weeks ago and am hoping to TTC in the next year or so.It will be my first pregnancy…so Im glad I still have the option.

    Were any of you really really scared? Im going to be so freaked out…I just want to unexpectedly fall asleep..and not realize it has happened..and wake up and it be done. Is that how it will go? How can I not be so scared?! Im a total baby about this.
    Also I hope everyone is doing fine after their surgeries! And seriously thank you so so much for sharing…it has helped me so much!

    • Genevieve Says:

      Hi !! I was SO scared !!! But when they put you under you just go to sleep ! I feel SO much better now !!!! It took about a month for me to be back 100 % . Honestly, the hardest part was just being bored afterwards ! Haha ! When you take meds, remember to take gravol with them … It sucks when you throw up ! Trust me ! Haha ! Babe, you’ll be okay, I promise. It was not even a year ago for me, and I feel like if I had to do it again tomorrow, I wouldnt be as scared. We always fear the unknown ! Message me anytime ! 🙂

    • ensatina Says:

      Hi Ambi!
      Between now and then, try to relax, and remember that these operations take place everyday all over the country and beyond, and most of them turn out just fine. And even more people are operated under anesthesia for any number of things, and they come out fine! Yes, those things can unfortunately happen, but beyond knowing that and tucking it away in your mind, there is no point in focusing on it. What is really scary are all the things we let ourselves go through before we finally decide we’ve had enough! Even today, I think – with gratitude – about my laparoscopic myomectomy probably every week! It used to be every day! And I think it was in 2010! I’m so glad I did it! Almost no incontinence, a lot less constipation, no bleeding, less back pain, no lopsided bulge on my stomach, no more getting up to pee 3 times a night! And I’ve steadily lost weight (about 28 lbs now) since my surgery as well… and I think it was made easier by the surgery. I feel so much better.

      You’ve done your homework, found a good doctor who I hope you are comfortable with, and you’ve been dealing with all those horrible symptoms and are ready to move on to health!

      With different surgeries I’ve done different things but with my myomectomy, I actually found it helpful to look at some of the surgeries on youtube, and it might sound sort of silly, but I told my body that I was going to have an anethesiologist the whole time, making sure I’m okay, the doctor of course doing his work and nurses and other operating room staff who are all there to take care of me. With my finger I sort of traced what I thought the doctor would be doing, where each cut might be and sort of telling myself, my skin, my uterus, my consciousness, what was going to happen and telling the fibroid (and cyst in your case) that it’s time to go! Consider telling them that they need to release easily from your uterus with little blood loss – and be on their way. Then imagine your tissues coming back together, with the doc sewing everything up easily, finishing up and you’re rolled to the recovery room and you come back into consciousness when the anesthesia wears off. After surgery, talk to your body again, tell it that it’s free of the cyst and fibroid(s) and it can now relax and focus on healing. I held my hands over my abdomen and focused on what a healthy uterus would be like, and in your case, a healthy spot where you can hopefully bring a baby into your life. It was suggested I do this by someone I trust, so I figured if it doesn’t help, no damage done, if it helps even a little, then why not! If you don’t want to see the actual videos, just look at some good illustrations and take it in that way. You might also find some videos of women talking about their experiences before and after – I found that helpful for another surgery I went through – there they are before, and there they are after, and they seem fine! If praying helps you, say some prayers for your body and the surgical team, then relax and let them do their work!

      In answer to your question about anesthesia, yea, it’s pretty much like that – you aren’t even aware of falling asleep and then it’s over!

      And sure – it’s an unknown – so that in itself can be scary, but being scared won’t accomplish anything – it will just make your body more nervous – and who needs that? Breathe deeply, and tell yourself that you’ll be fine and that you are in good hands. If you know how to do relaxation exercises (like tightening each part of your body, starting with curling your toes, then breathing and relaxing them and moving on to your feet, doing the same, and moving on to your ankles all the way up to your scalp. It helps to have something to do instead of just fretting and worrying. There is also the technique of imagining you are in a place that you feel relaxed and/or cared for – or lying on a beach, or on a warm grassy hill with wildflowers or floating on water, whatever feels good to you! Sometimes I’ve imagined I’m a melting bar of butter that just completely relaxes into the table! I think in one of my surgeries I imagined those closest to me (live and deceased) standing behind me with their hands on my shoulders watching over me. I just used to experiment and some things worked, some seemed sort of silly – doesn’t matter. So try these on for size and see what works for you!

      I think with my ovarian cyst at around 20 years they were going to do an epidural and I thought I’d be awake, but the epidural didn’t work so they were going to have to give me general anesthesia. They told me to start counting backwards from 100 and I think I got to 97 and the next thing I knew I was aware I was in the recovery room and feeling pretty drowsy. I also had a hysteroscopic endometrial ablation with general, no big deal (that’s what actually stopped the bleeding, because he found a small fibroid in the endometrium) and it was sort of like I went away for a while and came back and there I was in another room, I think I had to ask if they had done the procedure! Then I had my myomectomy – the team I hadn’t met introduced themselves to me in the operating room and then I went out and really was unaware of any time even passing. When i came to I slowly realized I was in a fair amount of pain because I have back problems – but once they gave me something for that, I was fine… though I did have to fight for it and they let me spend the night! I also have since found out that I metabolize opiates faster than the average person, so I now make sure I tell the doctor ahead of time that I may need to be given pain meds a little more often. Just last May I had rotator cuff surgery and again, I was lying down waiting for the surgeon to get there, and next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery and home in an hour or two! Truthfully, I don’t even think of the anesthesia as an issue anymore!

      Good luck and I hope it all goes well! Keep us posted!

    • Stephanie Says:

      I was meant for me to read your post. I am also 33 years old and my surgery is scheduled for 9/24/13.I have 1 fibroid that is in view for now size of orange. Very small, however I’m only 5’2 115 lbs, so pretty big for my frame. Just was discover in er after a rupture cyst on my ovary. Never had a clue, never heavy bleeding. I’ve never been under before as well, let alone been to a hospital for any procedure!! I am anxious, scared,nervous excited….everything you could imagine feeling. I have only been pregnant once about 10 years ago and my husband I have been not been successful since. Praying this will jump start some positive actions!!

      Good luck to u..keep in contact

    • ambi Says:

      Thank you all so very much for your replies. My surgery got moved to october 31st! Halloween day! They moved it to do a biopsy of my cervix..which came back non cancerous! However now I’m getting the few weeks before jitters! I am so grateful for you’re stories and advice. Genevieve: thank you for the advise. I can imagine throwing up to be horrible after! I look forward to boredom being the worst part!!fingers crossed!haha! Ensatina: thank you for your imformative and lengthy response! I will definitely be using any techniques to calm myself! I might even watch a surgery! Stephanie : I hope you’re surgery went well. I can’t believe how close our surgeries/ages are! I hear that this does in fact jumpstart your chances of conceiving. Fibroids really can get in the way. I hope that everything goes great and you’re on the way good health and a new little one!

      I am still terrified..but Im hoping to just be done with it..and be able to help someone else who’s scared the way that all of you have helped me.I has to be done.To relieve these be ever have a baby…it just is something I HAVE to do. So Im trying to be informed..I have a good doctor….sigh..its the unknown that gets ya. That’s what helps so much with sites like these. Thank you for sharing your experiences ladies.Thank you all so much. I will keep ya updated!

  26. Heather Says:

    I am 38 years old and scheduled for a laproscopic myomectomy on 11/7. I am so thankful to have found all of you. I’m very scared and was wondering if it was worth it. If my symptoms can finally be relieved then it will all be worth it. Looking forward to less pain, bladder issues, constipation, and bleeding every day. Also infertility.
    Seeing others with the same issues makes me feel so much better! I’m not crazy! I plan to keep reading and ill give you all an update in November.

  27. halliepv Says:

    I just had a robotic myomectomy on 9/19. I had 2 fibroids removed (1 was the size of a peach, and at this point I only know that the other was larger) and also had endometriosis removed. I was under for about 4 hours. Unfortunately I still have some small tumors because the surgeon didn’t want my “uterus to look like Swiss cheese.” I’m 36 and don’t have any children but would like to, so preserving my fertility was a top priority.

    The worst part of surgery for me was not being able to pee (it took me much longer to come out of the anesthesia than it did for sinus surgery in April). It got to the point where I had over 1200 ml of urine in my bladder and had to get a catheter (which hurt but only for a minute).

    I have 5 incisions. Three I can barely see or feel at all, but two are larger and darker, and they hurt. I assume those are the ones through which they actually pulled the pieces, etc.

    I have been sleeping a lot and sitting on the couch watching TV. I’m still waiting to feel the difference, but I know it hasn’t been long enough yet.

    In addition to all the great advice on here, I would also take your own pillow or case. After both this and my sinus surgery, I got eczema on my face. I’d never had it before (with the exception of once as a reaction to medication), but I do have many allergies and somewhat sensitive skin. I have a cortisone cream that calms it down (it’s almost gone now), but if I had taken my own pillow, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as bad.

    I’m hoping I’ll soon see the improvement so many of you have seen! Good luck to those of you getting it!

  28. smilingabbie Says:

    Hello everyone,

    Thought I’d leave my experience here too. I had my laparascopic myomectomy on Sept. 18. I was a little nervous, but had no need to be. The insertion of the IV needle was the worst part (and the nurse was very good at it)! When I was wheeled into the operating room, I was introduced to the room, then the anesthetist injected drugs through my IV and I went off to sleep. I had 4 fibroids removed, taking 2.5 hours, and I took 2 hours in recovery. One fibroid was outside my uterus, joined along its side, not pedunculated, and was 9 – 10 cm. One was inside my uterus, subserosal, and about 3 cm. I’m not sure about the other two, except that they were smaller. My surgeon told me the 2 larger ones were definitely causing me problems. I had very heavy bleeding during my periods, and had been unable to conceive.

    My recovery has been very good so far. I began bleeding right after surgery, quite heavily at first, and by the time I was released that same day, it had tapered off quite a bit, to a medium flow, and by day 9, all bleeding and nasty smelling muscousy discharge has ceased. The anaesthetic made me quite nauseated right after surgery, so I just slept. The next day, I was able to be up and around quite a bit, with a lot of resting in between. I took Naproxen every 12 hours for the first 3 days and hydromorphone (a half dose so I wouldn’t be completely bed-ridden) for pain as well. When I woke up on day 4, I felt really good and decided to try without drugs. I haven’t needed them since.

    As for eating, I began with a digestive cookie at the hospital, cups of cold water, then broth and small sandwiches, applesauce and MINT tea. The mint tea almost instantly got rid of gas buildup. The gas pain was fairly bad the first few days, as is normal. It’s day 10 and I’m almost eating everything regularly now. Nothing very greasy or creamy for me yet though. Lots of yogurt, fruits and veggies (although I’ve stayed away from the really gassy ones like broccoli and cauliflower), lean meats, rice and oatmeal (this helps with the BMs too…I didn’t have my first for 4 days, but have been back to regular ever since).

    I have 4 incisions. One in my belly button, two on my lower left side (the large fibroid was located here) and one on my lower right. They all hurt about as much as a bruise. They have self-dissolving stitches and are covered with a small, waterproof bandage that is not to come off until at least day 10. I’m to leave them until they fall off by themselves. I haven’t had any problems with draining or leakage or anything. Just a small amount of blood from the bellybutton incision after the first day. You can see the blood at the edges of the bandage. There is a HUGE dark purple and yellow bruise right over the area where my uterus must be. It’s not really painful, but it’s tender like a bruise will be.

    I had trouble sleeping on days 3 through 6. I think I wasn’t active enough…but when washing breakfast dishes wore me out, I decided rest was more important! Since then, I’ve been walking 10 – 15 minutes per day, and doing small, gentle chores that don’t leave me breathless. At day 10, I’m doing my own laundry and washing the floor. And still have energy left over. A trip to the grocery store proved to be too much today, though. Got excited about being out and about and an hour later, I was exhausted and alone, standing in the seafood department at the very back of the supermarket! And I still had to push my cart, lug the groceries and get home by myself. So. Don’t do that!

    I have two things other may not have, but just in case you do: I have a hiatus hernia which gives me bad acid reflux. I take pantoprazole for it and that has worked well for me. I was advised to take that medication first thing in the morning, as usual, although I was fasting for my surgery at 11:30. When not under control (as in, when I don’t regularly eat), that acid reflux gives me horrible nausea. So I’m not entirely certain it WAS the anesthesia giving me nausea.

    I also have atrial fibrillation, where my heart drops out of sinus rhythm with no warning. I have had one previous surgery (gallbladder removal) and the a-fib was in full swing. Apparently, this time my heart performed properly during surgery. They told me as long as the anesthetist knows about the heart problem prior to surgery, I would be fine. Post-surgery, however, my heart acted up until about day 8. Lots of palpitations and racing, hard-beating scariness. But it never did flip over into a-fib. Again, I believe proper eating and daily walking has helped.

    And lots of water. LOTS of water. I had a bad sore/dry throat right out of surgery, which is normal. My brain fog went away about day 5. I have a slight sting or pinch when I urinate – getting that checked, and the GP said more water. I haven’t been up to pee in the night since day 3! Such a nice thing to sleep through the night again.

    Things to take with you for your surgery: lip balm, comfy pajamas you won’t mind wearing in public, shoes you can slip into (not sandals like I had – I was scared to death to slip or trip), all notes of your prior medical history (they should have all this information already, but if you’re nervous, like I was and they have any questions…this will save your bacon), ID, a hair tie, gum or hard candy for your throat.

    Other than that, I’m doing fine. I almost feel guilty taking 6 weeks off work. Not really. I have small, shooting pains through my pelvic area, a bit of bruising, and my incisions are slightly painful, just like a bruise as well. I sleep well, I move slowly, and have to rest often, but am feeling good. Slightly bored, but I’m just not used to having this much ME time. I’m filling my days best I can with reading, Netflix, calling relatives, planning Halloween, Christmas and hubby’s birthday next year. Best wishes, ladies!

  29. Kathryn Says:

    Hello, I had a laparoscopic myomectomy on oct 3rd, 2013, the surgeon removed 3 fibroids the largest approx 8cm outside of my uterus. During the surgery the surgeon discovered that I also had deeply imbedded endometriosis, he also removed that as well. I am still waiting on the biopsy results Since my surgery was late in the day I had to stay overnight in the hospital. I spent most of the night eating jello and crackers. It took 4 days for me to have a bowel movement. After the first bowel movement I started incorporating protein, veggies, and fiber back into my diet. I went outside today for 10 min walk and tried doing some light dish washing. This tired me out an bit and I am experiencing some cramping this evening . I was advised to not lift anything heavier than a gallon of water for at least a month. I am off of work for 2 wks so I am just trying to rest. I am typically a very active person (working out twice a day) so all this time off from the gym is kind of difficult for me. But I hope to at least try walking at the gym tomorrow. Good luck everyone with your surgeries and healing.

  30. Tracy Says:

    Hi! I had laparoscopic myomectomy and D&C 8 days ago to remove my fibroid and polyps. My surgery ended up 2 hours late as my surgeon had a delay with his previous surgery. By the time I was done, it was almost 6pm and I changed my mind and stayed overnight. It ended up being the right decision cos I had fever in the middle of the night. Doc attributed to dehydration with all the fasting and long hours. Had bad stomach cramps/ pain when I came out which the doc addressed by giving me a shot of painkillers in the butt. Weak and cold which was taken care of by the hot chicken soup my mum brought. I slept at an angle of 45 degrees (bad move) which I think caused the sharp pain around my right clavicle (near shoulder) strongly felt when i was standing and walking around when I was discharged then next morning. But after a nap lying flat, it felt better. Gettin out of bed and lying down was trial and error to find the least painful approach. Legs up then using your hands to slow let your body down seemed better. When I felt bloated, I bent my legs (like sit up position) and it helped to expel the gas. Overall the mind has been stronger but body weak, tried washing a couple of dishes after dinner and felt tired after that . Walking around gracefully, big movements cause discomfort. Should b back at work in week3.

    • Ambi Says:

      Hope your doing well now! I too found bending my legs helps expel the gas. My body hurts elsewhere I think from trying to compesate from not using my abdomen. Hope your back to work and doing great!!

  31. Ambi Says:

    Hey ladies! I survived my halloween surgery!! Ill tell ya..I was a crying mess going in. I felt so bad for the doctors..No matter what I tried to do to calm myself..I was just terrified! Everyone at the hospital was so nice, they all tried to pep talk me..calm me down. I got my IV..and then my surgery team started coming in and introducing themselves to me. Each one I asked to please take care of me and dont let me die!! ugh so dramatic now looking back!! One said “you’re a surgical virgin aren’t you”..and I said yes. My first surgery. They gave me a little something for anxiety…then started wheeling me off to the operating room…..I was still so scared..I saw the robot..saw a nice nurses face..asked her to take care of me again…the mask went on…and …i woke up in another room. To all those that are as scared as I was…(truly terrified!!!)…There is nothing you can do.If ya need this surgery..ya just have to do it. I can’t believe I did it. Still! It is truly like they say…ya blink..then you wake up in a different room.Its done.I read that a million times..and still freaked out..but please know..I was insanely afraid…and I did it..and Im telling ya.. you can do it.

    I woke up sore..groggy..they had me on morphine.My catheter was already out! I did feel a little nauseous. Turns out my fibroid was twice the size they thought! It was “really in there” and “didn’t wanna leave” my surgery ended up being around 4 hours! I can’t believe it! All while I was just in some dreamland. Incredible! I have 5 incisions on my abdomen..they did a hysterscopy and D&C.Surgery was at 7am on Thursday…I left and went home at 3-4 pm the same day!!
    Its now Saturday and I feel way better than I thought Id feel! Yes..Im sore..I need a hand walking to the bathroom..and im hunched over. Coughing and laughing are too painful..and hard to adjust to. a little scary.Its kinda of sore..or weird..but its far bleeding has been minimal. I still having went poo yet…and Im afraid of it..but it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Im already bored too! Between video games,movies,books,crocheting,internet..Im trying to keep busy. I also nap alot. I am on Motrin and Norco..believe it or not..I go longer than I need to without the hard stuff! Its a hurt you can handle. Sure it can get a little rough..but you have medicine..and some of the time you can’t believe how good ya feel for what ya just went thru!!Im lucky to have my husband home with me this weekend to help me out!He helped me change clothes and bathe today..that took alot outta me..but feels nice to be clean!I seriously couldn’t of done that alone.

    Some advice for home…Have someone there with you for the first few days. Im on day 3..and I can’t imagine not having help.Drink lots of water.Have some sprite or ginger ale on hand. Have a heating pad. Im finding my reclining love seat to be helpful. If I want to get up..we push it to a chair position..and recline it to lay me down. Post recovery camp where you will be comfortable…I chose this recliner love seat.No way could I do the couch or bed.Get an extra pillow for your stomach..clutch it when you cough..laugh..its just nice to have it. Make sure things are in arms reach..cuz moving sucks. Dont over do it.Have activities..stuff to do on hand too! Sleep whenever you can..I have been sleeping in 4-5 hour intervals..just whenever I feel sleepy. Also when eating..i notice solids fill me up fast..and make me feel go slow…I was ravenous at first because I was on a liquid diet for 3 days before surgery.

    Yea it hurts. Yea it will be rough for a bit. But you got this!! I notice I feel a little better than yesterday…and Im willing to bet I’ll feel a little better tomorrow! My goal right now is to be able to walk to the bathroom alone by Monday! Take it day by day..and be strong..but let yourself rest and be taken care of. I still can’t believe I did this. Here’s to us all feeling good again..and making it thru these tough surgeries and coming out stronger babes than we were before we went in! And thank you everyone for sharing on this site. It really helped me.

    • Ambi Says:

      I should have said they did a hysteroscopy and D&C along with my Da Vinci Myomectomy..sorry!Hazy from my medicine!

      • ensatina Says:

        Hi Ambi! Just now catching up with my emails…. so glad all went well! That sure sounded like a monster fibroid! I wonder why they didn’t know how big it actually was!
        (Sorry no one was around here to say so!! This blog used to be so much more active…. oh well. )

    • aku333 Says:

      Hi Ambi,

      I only found this site in the past few days…not sure whether you’ll still be checking the site now that you’re so far out from your surgery. But I was just wondering how you’re feeling at 4 weeks post-op? I had mine two weeks ago, and though I’m feeling much better, I still get tired pretty quickly and feel a little bit of cramping and discomfort from time to time. It makes me wonder whether I’ll be up for returning to work in 2 weeks.

      Anyway, hope you’re feeling great! Your story of getting through the surgery despite the fear is pretty inspiring!

  32. Nikki Says:

    Greetings Ladies,
    I am so happy that I found this site!! I am having a Laparoscopic Myomectomy on Dec 9th to remove a 14cm pedunculated fibroid. It was discovered about a year ago after having an ultrasound. I was about 7 or 8 weeks pregnant at the time and I looked about 3-5 months. I was wondering why I looked so huge. I had a very tumultuous experience and eneded up having a miscarriage. I was an HMO at work and the docs were horrible. I’d never had anything wrong with me EVER. My GP referred me to a few docs and one made me feel like I was literally going to die if I didn’t get t u is fibroid removed. And I felt like even if I were to have surgery…I certainly was not going under with him!!!! He came with rave reviews from my doc and online as well, but his energy and behavior was just too aggressive and not empathetic enough for my taste. I was depressed and very emotional from the miscarriage and discovering some huge tumor was inside of me. I was very hesitant about having surgery and discovered a naturopath online…and she turned to be an extremist as well…but in the other direction. She put me on a raw vegan diet, working out for 1 hour 6 days a week, drink 1/2 my body weight in water, and I was taking a several supplements throughout the day. I was actually doing pretty pretty good for the 1st 2 weeks and then I almost fainted after a ski trip. So, that whole thing ended up not working because she was suddenly unavailable to answer any questions. Did I mention that she guaranteed my fibroid would be gone in 3 mos. Doing this regimen. Guess I’ll never know. So, I switched to a PPO and researched the best darn doc for me and my needs. He is awesome and we monitored for a bit then I decided I was ready to get this sucker out of me!!! I’m still very scared an nervous about the whole thing. I can definitely relate to Ambi!!! I do have a few questions: How is the scarring for people? Does it leave horrible scars? I’ve been trying to find pics but no luck. Also, any pre op suggestions to alleviate pain and the gas. OMG! That gas sounds horrible!!!
    I haven’t been as active for the past year…with the depression, weight gain and anemia I just haven’t had much energy. So, I’m worried that my body isn’t in the best shape for a recovery. Any tips or suggestions. I’m so nervous!!!!

  33. aku333 Says:

    Hi Nikki,

    So sorry to hear you went through so much before finding a good surgeon! I just had a laparoscopic myomectomy on Nov 13 and reading this site, even the old posts, has really helped when I’ve had questions about post-op aches, pains, and weirdness.

    You asked about scarring…well I’m only two weeks out from the surgery, so I don’t know for sure, but so far it seems like the incisions will end up looking pretty small. I have 4, and three are fairly unnoticeable. The 4th is on my lower left side and was the largest and is more tender than the others, but even this one looks less than an inch and is a thin line. I guess everyone scars differently, but my doctor said most of her patients end up with a barely noticeable thin line at the incision points. As for the gas…I’d avoid having gas-causing foods in the days before (you’ll probably have to have a liquid diet right before anyway) but I don’t know if there’s much to do to prevent the gas. They fill the abdominal cavity with gas during the procedure, and there’s no way to get it all out during surgery. So yes it causes some discomfort after the surgery…but you’ll get through it! For me the gas feeling lasted 2-3 days. I was also worried that I wasn’t in the best shape before surgery; I hadn’t been exercising for months and had been exhausted from work and having my period non stop due to the fibroids. My mom, who’s a nurse, told me to just try to stay hydrated and get rest in the days before surgery. Cut back on unhealthy foods and alcohol and try to distract yourself so you’re not too nervous. Recovery isn’t easy no matter how fit you are, but you’ll get through it and feel so much better about getting that fibroid out!

    • HezzyJ Says:

      I just had my laproscopic myomectomy on Nov 7th, and I agree with aku333, there’s not much you can do to prevent the gas. I was supposed to have 2-3 golf ball sized fibroids removed, but my Dr found 12 covering my uterus and one was big and shaped like a pickle. He also found and removed endometriosis scar tissue. I had no idea that I had endometriosis. My surgery took 3 times as long as it was supposed to. I have 3 incisions and the one on the left is the most painful since it’s where all of the fibroids were removed. I drank a lot of water and used a heating pad on my shoulder for the gas. Some advice- be careful with the heating pad while taking pain meds. I slept with mine on my shoulder all night and didn’t feel it burning me. My husband saw the blisters on back when helping me into the shower. Super fun since I had to lay on my back for 2 weeks. Recovery is painful and slow going. I was very active and fit before my surgery- I’m a runner, practice yoga, and go to the gym and it’s still hard for me to get up and down and move around, but I’m trying to be as active as possible. Walking really helps expel the gas and I think I’m not as sore becasue I try to walk every day- it’s very slow and not very far(after my 3rd day of recovery). It’s week 3 and I’m still not up to my normal walking speed but I can stand upright. Last night I had new jabbing pains internally on both sides and I can feel the bruising in my pelvis when I walk or stand, but I feel better every day. I took 2 weeks off of work (worked from home- thankfully), and I wish that I had taken this week as well. Everybody’s different but we are healing interally as well as externally so down time is important. I will say that even this early in recovery the surgery was worth it. I already feel less pressure in my belly ( I had constant pressure prior to surgery) and I don’t feel the urge to go to the bathroom as often, and I’m able to completely empty my bladder when I go. I don’t have to get up several times a night to go. The week after surgery you will use the bathroom a lot so don’t panic because it gets better.I’m still hoping that my belly will flatten but I think I’m still a bit swollen. No matter how much I worked out or how well I ate my belly was always swollen before the surgery. The worst part after surgery is getting in and out of bed. I used my arms to push me up and roll over but just go slow, if you go too fast you will know it! I actually resigned myself to the fact that it was going to hurt but I had to get up. It’s a lot easier now, but I still have pain in my pelvis and am a little stiff in the morning- also I’m still sleeping on my back. I just can’t comfortably lay on either side yet. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m so thankful that I found this forum before my surgery. I love my Dr but I didn’t get a lot of information about recovery after my surgery. Best wishes.

      • aku333 Says:

        I agree, HezzyJ–doctors mean well but they don’t often know about the day-to-day of recovery or how it feels. My doctor made a joke last week about how I should enjoy my time off from work and go holiday shopping…I couldn’t help but stare at her in disbelief. Holiday shopping, when I can barely stand up straight? (This was one week after surgery.) My surgery also took much longer than expected as there were more fibroids than the ultrasound and mri showed. For me, the worst part was the first couple of days afterward–I was vomitting/dizzy whenever the nurses tried to have me stand and walk, partially because I react badly to anaesthesia and also because I lost a lot of blood during the surgery and ended up anemic. Now I’m feeling much less sick and the worst part is finding a comfortable way to lie down (I can only sleep on my back, too, which I normally never do) and just being exhausted after something as simple as making lunch. Just trying to take it day by day–a trite saying but so true in the case of this surgery. Good luck with your recovery!

  34. Sarah Says:

    Thank you so much for starting this blog. I got a laproscopic myomectomy 3 weeks ago. I have some very minor issues but feel stupid calling my doctor. Reading the posts have been easing my mind. But I do have a slight concern. I had a large fibroid (over 10cm) that was more on the left side of uterus. I feel really good now but lately I’ve been having an annoying, lingering pain that is more on my right side. Also, I got my period last week that ended 3 days ago. But I’ve started a on and off bleeding yesterday. Anyone else have these issues?

    • Hez Says:

      Hi. I’m 3 weeks post op and experiencing the same pain on my right side- it switched from my left side that they took the fibroids out of and I’m having on and off bleeding. I’m not sure if I’ve had my period yet or not. I’ve been worried about the bleeding as well but I think its normal.

  35. Sarah Says:


  36. Amy Says:

    Hi I had a laprascopic Myomectomy 9 days ago and have a pinky watery discharge – anyone had the same.

  37. Taylor Says:

    Hi all,

    Glad to find this! I had DaVinci Lap myomectomy last week- 12/5 I have always had heavy periods, bad cramping, but in October I started feeling really poor. Completely ran down, chronic lower back pain (though I’ve had sciatic nerve issues for years), leg pain, stomach bloating, constipation (had my gallbladder removed about 4 years ago so that’s generally not an issue), and problems urinating. I thought at first it was a bladder infection or something, and scheduled an appointment with my GYN. The first visit was to rule out any visible infections, and they proactively started me on pain medication as well as a round of antibiotics just in case. The follow up ultrasound showed that I had close to a 9cm fibroid, and my right ovary was in a higher position but showed a cyst. I can’t say enough positive things about my doctors office and the treatment I received during all of this. I switched to them in June and up to this point had only been in for my physical. They continued my script for pain medication. It sounds pretty wimpy but the leg pains and aches I was experiencing made it impossible for me to get comfortable and I’d fidget and kick like a toddler. My nurse practitioner told me it was the largest fibroid she had seen in a very long time, and suggested me seeing the surgeon in the practice that treated her last patient with one as large- that patient went on to have kids. I turned 30 in July, and I don’t know that I want children but to have the possibility removed really broke my heart. I didn’t know until this came up, but my mom had her hysterectomy at 32 due to fibroids. I met with the surgeon and he did a pelvic exam and said from what he could tell off the ultrasound it was on the back wall inside my uterus. The surgery was set up and it was about a month wait and the closer the more nervous I got. My mom came in to town to help out the first few days of recovery. I had to drink magnesium citrate the day before to do a ‘cleanse’.. enimas only clean your lower bowels and this really does a number. Went in at 6:30AM. It was an overnight stay and the surgery was technically easy. My anesthesia had to be switched due to a surgery 15 years ago and the possibility it triggered malignant hypothermia. The good thing about the gas being switched is the alternative that doesn’t impact MH, also helps with nausea so I didn’t have issues with that. Met with the CRNA, anesthesia, nurses, and my surgeon before. Though my ultrasound showed the fibroid and the cyst on the right ovary, I asked him to check my left side because I had a lot of pain on that side. My surgery was between 2.5-3 hours. I don’t remember much other than the DaVinci is MASSIVE, and moving to the surgical bed. After that, I remember someone in recovery calling my name opening my eyes, then falling asleep until I had to change beds in my room. I went in and out a lot during the day and it was really painful when I did. There’s a catheter which was odd feeling but not totally uncomfortable. Mostly just feeling like I was peeing myself. My throat hurt a bit from having a tube. When I was finally a bit more aware I asked my mom what the surgeon said. When he came to talk to her he said my fibroid was massive. My uterus was at least twice it’s size, and it took up my whole lower abdominal area/pelvic cavity. They drained the right ovary cyst, and my left ovary also had a cyst as well as adhesions. This caused my left ovary to be ‘stuck’ and they had to file back the scar tissue (still unsure why there’s scaring). Since they have to grind down the fibroid I’m not sure yet the size/weight of it exactly but it definitely seems larger than the ultrasound showed. They came to remove my cath within 4 hours. It was awkward but not really painful. I didn’t realize how painful getting comfortable would be, and especially laughing. Multiple times I would laugh and instantly turn in to crying. The pain was intense and not only from the surgical area but the gas trapped in my chest. They should tell you about holding a pillow tight. It really does help for some reason. The first trip to the bathroom wasn’t as unpleasant as expected. I was able to urinate a lot, but not able to empty my bladder without waiting. I couldn’t bend to pull my underwear up or anything. I didn’t have any post surgical bleeding and very little during surgery. I was discharged the next afternoon. Pillows definitely helped once home. I’ve kept one behind my back, one under my side, and one to hug on to. The first BM wasn’t awful, just a lot of pressure. I’ve had my gallbladder removed so my movements aren’t generally too solid. The worst of all of that is the digesting beforehand. All the belly movements and cramping. I have a few questions for those that have gone through the surgery with post care.

    -While I didn’t bleed in the hospital, Saturday after my surgery I started bleeding quite significantly. It was all new blood. When I called the on call doctor (not my surgeon didn’t have my file) he didn’t seem too concerned about it. It stopped Monday evening. I didn’t know if that’s normal?
    -I am also having a lot of shooting pains. These will be all over. Abdominal, vaginal, and even some rectum pains. They don’t last long but are really intense. Not related to gas.
    -Today was 5 days post op, and I woke up in so much pain- I’d easily say the worst since being discharged from the hospital. I woke up and just hurt so bad I started crying. That doesn’t seem normal. The nurses, and my mother (who works in surgery) encouraged me to move around when I felt like it. Monday was a pretty good day, less pain so I did get up more but I almost feel like I paid for it the next day.
    -I’m dealing with swelling still not only in my stomach but my hands/feet. Anyone have issues with this? My incisions also have swelling which I expect, but almost like knots. Is this common?

    Just curious if anyone has experienced any of these issues, if they went away, & how long. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to call for additional pain medication and I will ask the medical assistant that works with my doctor but I’m interested in anyone elses experience.

    • aku333 Says:

      Hi Taylor,

      I had some bleeding after my surgery for probably about 4-5 days. My doctor said that spotting or light bleeding was normal and could last for a week or even two weeks. I know you said your bleeding stopped, but if it comes back and it’s a lot more than you’d normally have during a period, you should check again with your doctor. Soaking more than one pad per hour is “excessive bleeding,” at least according to my doctor.

      As for shooting pains, I experienced those off and on for a week or so after surgery, mostly when I was in between doses of painkillers. I read on message boards and heard from friends who had the surgery that they had similar pains, so I didn’t feel too worried about it. I told my doctor, and she didn’t seem concerned either.

      I’m not sure why you’d wake up 5 days post op and be in much worse pain than in previous days. Unless perhaps it’s just your body’s response to being more active the previous day. I didn’t have that experience, but I did get sick on the 4th or 5th day after surgery. I was having dizzy spells and vomiting, and I had a fever of 102. When I called my doctor, she sent me to the ER for tests (thank goodness it wasn’t anything serious that required being opened up again, which is what my doctor was fearing). For me, recovery was a 1 step forward, 2 steps back sort of thing for the first week or two, but that was mostly in terms of exhaustion and dizziness (because I lost a lot of blood during and got extremely anemic). It might just be that you’re having a 1 step forward, 2 steps back kind of recovery in terms of pain, but I’d say if the unusual extreme pain continues, go to the doctor.

      I had swelling in the hands and feet from the IV fluids for about 2-3 days after surgery. (And I went to the bathroom a LOT during the first couple of nights at home, I guess getting rid of all that fluid.) I didn’t, however, ever have knot-like swellings near any of the incisions. The largest incision did form a scab, which is still here at 4 weeks post-op, and my stomach itself still feels a little swollen and tender (still can’t lie down on my stomach), but I haven’t had anything that felt like knots. Can you see the knots or just feel them with your fingers? I’d get that checked out just to make sure it’s not anything to be concerned about, like a hernia. It could be nothing at all, but I’d say better safe than sorry.

      How are you feeling now? Hopefully better than day 5 and with less pain and swelling. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

      • Taylor Says:

        Thanks Aku333! The bleeding never came back, but at the same time my period hasn’t come either. Still waiting on that. Maybe just got off cycle.

        I’m now 2 and a half weeks out. Swelling went away, and generally feeling worse has too. At my follow up, path weighed my fibroid at 180-190 grams (Doctor said the average uterus is around 60 grams, so my fibroid made it three times it’s size). They treated me for a bladder infection. 12 days out I was still having issues emptying my bladder and intense pain at the end of urinating (each “wave”). Half way through, the medicine doesn’t seem to make much difference.The pain is still there, and I still wait to make sure my bladder is as empty so I’m not back in 20 minutes. I’m also still having a lot of shooting pains and my right side is almost constantly something.. maybe discomfort is the word I’m looking for? Sometimes just an ache, sometimes much sharper, a few days the pain has radiated out. When I told my doctor at my follow up the right side was bothering me he didn’t seem so concerned, but at the same time said he wasn’t sure what that was about. I feel silly about it but I’m considering going to the ER to make sure it isn’t something related, or possibly my appendix, though it’s low between my hip and belly button. The aches are on the left side but not as often and generally not as intense. Could this be period related post myomectomy? I’ve read a few places the first cycle after surgery can be pretty rough.

        I did have a question about incisions. My incisions are healing fantastic. No issues with them in the least in lines of bleeding or discharge, but the one above my belly button is so sensitive it’s painful. it extends about an inch or so above the incision down to my belly button. Of course my belly button was pretty walloped. I found out on my post op, my adhesions were on the front side too. It wasn’t directly bothering me after surgery, but a week and a half after I was doing some light cleaning and tried on a bottom. It’s not too small and that material was stretchy. It came up below the incision but just it resting was SO intense and uncomfortable I couldn’t take it. Same thing happened a few days ago when the area above that incision barely grazed the top of my dresser. It’s jarring. Anyone had issues with this? I’m kind of concerned with it being above my incision and in the opposite direction of anything operated on.

        I really appreciate the reply!

      • Jay Says:

        I had a lot of trouble with my bladder after surgery and 4 weeks after surgery it is only just feeling normal. Hope you feel better soon

  38. Amy Aranoff Says:

    I just had a LSH with the removal of a very large fibroid a week ago. I’m still in some discomfort at the incision site (right above my pubic bone) but for the most part, am doing very well. I had my surgery in the morning and stayed that night at the hospital (my choice). By the next day, I was home and have since been taking ONLY Motrin and a stool softener for the first 3 days post surgery. For the most part, I am amazed at how quickly I am healing but am still frustrated by the pain at the incision site. My fibroid was really large (larger than a cantelope) so the incision is a bit bigger than usual. I’m thankful that the surgery is over with and the fibroid is gone! I never had abnormal or heavy bleeding just some lower back discomfort and a protruding belly. Still, it was time for it (and my uterus) to go. I’m 52 years old and am a Pilates and Spin instructor. I know it’s going to take a while for me to get back to my pre-surgery routine but I am still glad that I finally did this surgery and am going to be ok.

  39. Dee Says:

    So, I had a robotic lap myo on Friday, February 7, which was 11 days ago. I am 30 y/o, AA, with no kids, slightly overweight, and have been diagnosed as being anemic off and on since I was in high school. I started having minor symptoms (irregular and long periods) in October 2012, but in June 2013, I started bleeding really heavily and having large clots. I had an ultrasound in September and was diagnosed as having 3 fibroids, 2 subserosal and 1 intramural, two of which were ~ 7cm and 6cm. My quality of day to day life had begun to be affected and my iron levels dropped really low. I was told that I would have to have an overnight stay at the hospital and was scheduled for the first available date. This was in November, but there were no dates available until February.

    I’ve never had any surgery, so I was really nervous, but I was ready to get them out of me! I arrived at the hospital at 6am and was scheduled for the OR from 7:30am – 12:15pm. Slightly before 7:30, the nurse anesthetist came in and said she was going to put something in my IV to help me not feel any pain. When they rolled me out at 7:30, I remember turning the corner and being pushed into the OR and nothing else! At 12:30, I was awakened to a nurse, my brother and mother standing over me and I started talking. I was in the recovery room for about 3 hours and was only given water. One of the doctors that I had met that morning and who assisted with the surgery came in and told me that my blood loss was minimal and the surgery went very well and that if I wanted to, I could be discharged that day versus spending the night. I have four incisions: my belly button, one to the lower left of my belly button, one to the upper right and one to the lower right. As a graduate student, this actually appealed to me, at least from a financial standpoint! So they removed the catheter and told me that I had to urinate before I could leave.

    I got redressed and attempted to urinate…which took about 15 minutes and was quite uncomfortable. I was allowed to be discharged to my family members. I felt like I had tried to do a whole bunch of sit-ups after not doing any for a while. I actually ate real food right away…my brother went to subway and got a veggie sub for me and I managed to eat it with no problems. My mother filled my prescription and I started my percocet that evening. I urinated so many times that I lost count that evening,a really urgent feeling, but then it would take like 10 minutes for it to happen. I did notice that my stomach was no longer lopsided…it had been noticeably lopsided on the right for a few months. It was impossible to laugh, cough, or sneeze or blow my nose at this time…just too painful.

    The 2nd day was really painful. I slept on my living room sofa, as to not have to worry about getting up from lying down flat. Unfortunately, my family had to leave that evening. The next day, I was still very sore and walking hunched over, but a few friends came over to visit and brought dinner. I started having gas pains, and though I was taking stool softener, could not have a bm. I finally passed gas once that night, but still was having pains.

    On day 4 (Monday), I had class at 1pm and was determined to go. I purposely didn’t take percocet and I drove myself to campus and went to my graduate class…walking very slow, out of breath, but I took a pillow to put behind my back and I made it. I finally had a bm that evening…very uncomfortable! I had no class on Tuesday, so I stayed in and decided I would sleep in my bed that night, which was a little difficult but I placed pillows under my back. Similarly, I went to class on Wednesday morning…I took the bus, but I drove my car to a parking space nearer to the bus stop than my apartment before walking to the bus. I drove to the post office after class and then it snowed that afternoon, so I was in the house again until Friday. I did notice some leakage from my belly button a couple of times(Saturday and on Wednesday).On Friday…one week after surgery, I drove to do a couple of errands…I was out for about 2 hours, still walking slowly and bent and still easily winded. I was finally able to laugh, cough, and sneeze without pain on this day. It was then that I noticed that my belly was very swollen. I look about 4 months pregnant!! On Saturday, I went out with friends for Valentine’s Day….they made me stand up straight to walk, which hurt…felt a pull at the belly button, but said it would be easier now than later. Since then, I have been walking upright with no pain. I am still somewhat irregular as far as bm’s… though I had several on Tuesday and have had at least one each day since, they have been somewhat difficult…as I’m still somewhat constipated. I removed my strips on Monday…went to class…still get winded a little easily, still walking slower than normal, and still with a swollen and slightly sore abdomen (sore near belly button and lower incisions…and slightly itchy), but otherwise I’m back to normal. I have yet to wear jeans…still in sweats and I wore a skirt on Saturday. My post-op appt is at the end of March, so it will be a while before I get to see what they looked like.

    • Lisa2 Says:

      Oh, my dear, please take it easy!!! I know you have obligations, but recover from the surgery first! Your teachers and job will understand. You probably have abdominal soreness because you’re shaking around your insides by getting up and around and doing a lot, before everything is healed up inside. I had a laproscopic myo in 2010 and while it was nice to be up and around within about 5 days from the surgery (I went to a job interview at the time but knew I could drive and dress up, and no one needed to know about my bandages underneath), but when it came to “running around” it took me a good 2-3 weeks before I could, say, run errands and carry in my usual load of groceries and bags when I come in from the car on any given day. I do Bikram yoga, and though my doctor said I could resume working out within about 4 weeks, “as you are ready,” basically, I didn’t go back until 7 weeks post-op, just to make sure. Even then, I made sure to go very slowly instead of push myself to the levels I was at, before the surgery.

      Of course, I was 38 when I had my surgery and you’re a bit younger than me, so maybe you just didn’t need as much healing time as me! But I’d say it’s never dangerous to take it easy by precaution, a little bit longer, as you slowly get back to your regular life . Be well!

  40. Holly Says:

    Hi everyone this site has been a God send. I wish I had found it days sooner. I am day 6 post laroscopic robotic myomectomy. It has been a very difficult experience. The doctors tell you what to expect before and during but not after surgery except for taking 4 weeks off of work. I didn’t know about day four side bruising,,a swollen vagina that looked like a sqeezed purple donut. the swelling of everything from face to thighs are not normal at all. The new cramping at day 5 worse than day 1. Day one was nothing but dizziness and nausea from anestisia and pain meds. My body hurt from the IV. I was unable to drink anything or eat due to throwing up. I had a racing heart and still do. the pain was mostly in my back, chest, and shoulders. The cramping wasn’t worse than menstrual pain. I rejected all pain meds on day 2 in hospital. I went home on day 3 as I wanted the iv out my hand looked like a blown up latex glove. I got ezema on my bum like someone else had so bring your own bedding.If you have sleep apnea as I seem to sleeping on your back will be difficult I have been sleeping sitting up.
    List of things to have before you go for surgery
    take lip balm to hospital. you will need it
    a liquid iron sup like floridex at home. you will need iron to replace blood loss. that one is natural non constipating
    laxitive tea
    dramamine if you can’t controll naseau. this helped my dizziness too and helped me sleep
    heating pad for back
    coconut or maple bark water to replace electrolytes
    herbal cough drops and herbal cough syrup
    Biggest thing!! grandma panties and big girl pants. you will be 3 times bigger and the insisions are tender to a tight panty or pants
    I am on day 6 and I am finally feeling confident and better. I have not taken any pain meds except tylenol when I had a slight fever first few days. ( normal) My plan now is to nourish my body with green juices ginger and turmeric. rebound to get my lymphatic system going and shed the toxins. I am also on livecare from hymalaya to nourish my hardworking liver through all of this. This site has quelled my fears of pains and issues that I wasn’t sure were normal. I think my anxiety was worse than any pain due to not knowing what was normal. thankyou for all who took time to share. will keep u posted.

  41. Ivy Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I am 19 days post op davinci robotic myomectomy. My doctor removed 8 fibroids (2 9cm, 1 6c, and the rest about 2 or 3cms). It has been a fairly good recovery but I thought it would be easier. I think my expectations were too high. I was really happy the first week because I felt better than I thought I would and was so relieved it was over. I was super scared as this was my first surgery so I was literally just happy I survived. I only took two pain pills to sleep the first two nights and moved on to advil after that. Week two I got bored and frustrated with the “taking it easy part”. I am a former runner and now a major walker ( I walk 3 to 5 miles every day no matter what) so not being able to do these things really bothered me. I also started having some days with more cramping and spotting week 2 and continue to have them week 3. I am also kind of bummed that I am still having to take a couple of over the counter pain pills a day to manage the achiness…again I thought I would be past this by now. Yesterday my husband made me laugh really hard and I started bleeding and cramping again which again really frustrated me. At this point I just want to get more back to normal. I had my two week follow up last Tuesday and I was cleared to drive, take baths again and walk “all I want” and that is great but still no yoga. He also told me I could have sex starting this week which scares the heck out of me especially since the bleeding/cramping seems to come on over minor things. I think the unknown is the worst part about this and worrying that I am going to overdue something and cause damage to my uterus. I am so glad I had the surgery and would probably do it again if I had to but I am ready to get back to my normal life and not have to worry about every move I make. Did all of you have the cramping/bleeding several weeks in to the recovery?

  42. lose weight fast men's fitness Says:

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  43. K Says:

    Also, can i just say for anyone about to have surgery. Get a friend to bring you lip balm and lozenges for after surgery. i had no idea how dry my mouth could get after having tubes in it!

  44. britta Says:

    Hello ladies, I’m at 12 days post laporotomy for removal of 2 fibroids …My incision is about 3.5 inches on the bikini line and healing well, not too much pain there. The fibroids were 5cm and 3cm. I’m curious if any of you felt really winded walking. I can walk around the house fine and even do some mellow chores but when I take a walk outside I am moving like a turtle and pretty winded and weak….I’m a pilates instructor and often go for brisk walks and hikes but now I just can’t do much at all… is this common? I feel like my chest is tight and at times feel like I can’t get a full deep breathe in… sometimes it’s better than others. Anyone else feel so weak in terms of cardio nearly 2 weeks out? xo

  45. billige handy internet flatrate Says:

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  46. Eboni Says:

    I hope someone takes a look at this comment.
    I had a robotic lap myo exactly one week ago and my recovery has been really tough. I doctor said the surgery was flawless and she was very happen with everything…the recovery not so much!
    It’s probably easier to list out all the issues I’m having:

    Day 1 (evening): Nausea and vomiting (I was starving and ate solid foods, shame on me I know)
    Day 2 (evening): onset of dehydration (never had any surgery before and I really should have hydrated myself better)
    Day 3 (evening): ER, the dehydration caused a monster headache, nerve pain form the IV, CT scan (my right leg was in pain and my chest was tight so they wanted to make sure I didn’t have a PE). They gave me saline and pain killers and sent me on my way
    Day 4 (evening): I fought through the headache but found it difficult to drink any fluid because my belly was so full
    Day 5: still now bowel movement so I called my gyno and she wanted me to come in. Once she saw me doubled over with a full stomach she ordered an ultrasound and enema
    Day 5 (evening): back to the ER- shooting pain from the IV (i was still battling dehydration) and the enema. Immediately after I felt great but the IV didn’t help with the dehydration
    Day 6: No bowel movement, there was nothing left to move I guess.
    Day 7: loss of appetite but I forced myself to eat, light bowel movement and lots of walking even though I am still doubled over, very uncomfortable. I also made an appointment with a GI, I have to get rid of this “full, bloated, gasey” feeling I have

    Did anyone else have issues with constipation, sever gas/bloating?
    When did your internal swelling subside?
    Any suggestions on how to get rid of the gas? Gas-x isn’t working quite as well as I need it to
    Back support garment suggestions? Spanx?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated and apologies up front for any grammar errors, I’m writing this with nerve pain

    • Genny Says:

      Also I know how you’re feeling it’s been almost 3 years exactly since my surgery and the recovery was the WORST. After about 3-4 weeks I was back to 100% again. Don’t worry you’ll get better !! Promise !!!!

      • Eboni Says:

        Thank you agency for your response. I’m hopefully that this will pass soon. Excited to go see the GI doctor I’m a few hours (never thought I’d say that).

  47. Genny Says:

    Drink Senna tea it’s a life saver. I had a bowel movement about 2 hours later after drinking.

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