How are you feeling after your Laparoscopic Hysterectomy?

One of the visitors here is having her surgery very soon. I’m hoping this post will generate a good response so we all can learn more about this procedure and the recovery. (Click the link to view the whole comment.)

Bonnie:I am having a total laproscopic hysterectomy on Monday (October 30th) …I can’t find much information about the surgery online, mostly abdominal or vaginal assisted ones.

Best wishes Bonnie.

For more information:
Uterine Fibroids Guide for Hysterectomy (Mayo Clinic)
Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (OR-Live video)

If you have a laparoscopic hysterectomy experience, question, concern, or thought – please post your comment here.


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382 Responses to “How are you feeling after your Laparoscopic Hysterectomy?”

  1. ensatina Says:

    If they kept your ovaries and/or aren’t having bad menopausal symptoms, then you don’t…

  2. Gardnerella Vaginalis Says:

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  3. Keitha Sundin Says:

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  4. Susan Says:

    I am 3 days post-op from a combined supracervical laparoscopic partial hysterectomy & gall bladder removal.

    My doctors were amazing & I’m normally very critical. My gyne has called me 2x at home since the procedures & the other doc who had only been slated to do the gall bladder removal assisted my gyne with the hysterectomy.

    I have chronic hep c & had very large fibroids which had previously been treated with the UFE procedure. In my opinion, that procedure should be best kept for those with smaller fibroids, but even then it seems drastic…as it was difficult for me. I think I may be a slow healer though.

    Ok, so at this moment, I’m seated basically drugged & in major pain still. This is the first moment in 3 days that I’ve felt ok to research my post-op symptoms. I suppose I should expect the pain I’m in, but OMG I look like I’m ready to deliver triplets!!

    I think it may be the CO2 stuck in me combined with my inability to have a BM causing all of this discomfort. Note to self….If I EVER have to have surgery again, I WILL eat high fiber foods for weeks before!!

    I suffered with occasional constipation to begin with, but wasn’t having symptoms at the time of the surgery. NOW….I have barely done anything. I had a small BM the day before surgery & today…..I finally laid 2 small rabbit pellets & farted.

    I know it’s gross to talk like this, but I’m desperate to feel better. I feel like such a wimp having to call my doc & tell him how I’m suffering with pain tomorrow. My step-mom is an RN & she advised MOM & Colace. So I did that earlier today. 2 tablespoons of MOM & 2 Colace tabs along with a box of prunes…..then I felt it coming on & hallelujah (or so I thought…2 pellets covered in goo) So then I tried to add a suppository to this mix. No good. I farted a little & then nothing. So here it is almost 8 hrs. since I took all of that & I’m in agony.

    My boobs are laying on top of my belly!!! You would seriously think I was ready to deliver. And the pain…again is terrible. I feel like I have to carry my belly when I walk. It’s no joke. If I don’t carry my belly I feel like everything is gonna fall out! My skin is stretched to its limit & itching (just like pregnancy).

    If there is anyone who knows anything about this and/or knows how to help get this bloating to go down….please HELP!

    I think I even popped a stitch in my side incision on the right.

    Oh yes….btw….this amazing surgeon didn’t even make the normal upper incisions normally done with gall bladder surgery!!! He used the ones that the gyne had done for the hyst. So I have one at the belly button, one directly below (right above my hairline) and then 1 on each side near my hip bones. 4 total!!! Is that not amazing?!

    So I suppose if I live through this pain & bloating I was done right! Oh ya….the other thing…..

    My only qualm with these guys. I take Norco 10/325 normally for FMS & liver related arthritis along with some other issues I have. They sent me home with Vicodin ES which is 7.5/750. Tell me just how that makes any sense whatsoever? I ended up needing Percocet called in which does help much more….but it kinda makes me nauseous & I really don’t like the feeling it makes me have. I don’t get “high” from my meds & this feeling kinda scares me. But it’s this or the pain.

    I could use any help out there. I’m unsure as to whether I’m wrong about the meds and I’m unsure as to what else I can do to make myself get better faster. I’m all about natural stuff. And yes…I’ve tried natural teas too. I will say this much….my relaxation teas have gone a long way to keep me from freaking out & thinking I’m in danger due to not getting much better in the last couple days. I can work myself into a frenzy pretty easily.

    Anyway…. I was under anesthesia for 5.5 hrs. I have done everything they’ve told me to do to ensure no pneumonia (breathing machine thingy) and no clots (walking). I walk hunched over because of the heaviness in my belly and so I’m not sure if it’s actually helping the gas situation….and Gas X doesn’t work for this AT ALL.

    For anyone getting ready for this surgery (either)….I’m a chicken & the surgery was a breeze. I made sure I talked to everyone….anethesiologist, docs, nurses, etc. I made friends with them so that they would feel it more personal lol. It worked. I also requested that they put me out before moving me to the operating room & of course before putting the mask on me. They did. They were amazing. Every one of them.

    As I am quick to complain usually, I DO plan to write very nice letters to each and every one of them asap.

    Until then, please any advise to help me help myself…..

    • Sheila Says:

      So sorry you had such a rough time!
      Please update us.
      Keep taking the MOM (and drink Metamucil daily as well)!
      I’ve had my own share of bowel problems and that always seems to work the best.

    • Sally Says:

      I know how this lady feels regarding a BM following a vaginal hysterectomy…What really worked for me was drinking a slightly warm glass (small glass) of Prune Juice, plus the Stool Softener…I’m supposed to take the stool softener three times a day, but I think I’ll stop taking it because no that I’ve “turned it on”, it doesn’t want to stop. But I feel so much better and not so bloated. The surgery was successful and I’m glad it’s over. I realized I’m not the Superwoman I thought I was..and, altho it was “no walk in the park”, they were wonderful to me…Can’t even tell you how many nurses were in and out of my room 24 hours. Mine was a one overnight deal. Surgery on Tuesday just before noon and I was home at 5:00 on Wednesday..sore…My privates felt “raw” for a day or two but not unbearable…The pain pills for “moderate pain” helped a lot the first couple of days. Good luck to you.I forgot to add that my doctor called after I got home and also a couple of the nurses called to see how I was doing.

    • lawyerchik1 Says:

      I had the laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy about three (almost four) weeks ago. The MOM helps, but so does eating high fiber stuff – and drinking lots of water. Prune juice was good, but it still took a few days.

      Hope that by this time, you are feeling much better!!

    • Danielle Says:

      I just recently had a laproscopic hysterectomy, with just having one left ovary left in. I had to have this surgery due to having endometriosis, tumors on my ovaries, as well as many huge cyst. During the surgery, the doctor found that my stomach and bladder was attached to my right ovary, which they had to remove. They had to make sure my stomach and bladder was put back in the right place surgically as well. I was trying to lupron shot at first, but, it just made my pain worse, and I gained weight. Which I have been trying to keep off! My mom had kept telling me to stay off my feet, stay in the bed, do not do ANYTHING, for at least two weeks after the surgery. While in the hospital on the other hand, they wanted me to get up, walk around, not just lay in the bed. I will tell you, it has been a bit confusing to me. All of it. I mean, I didn’t even get told by the doctor what to do, once I was at home. But, the truth is, I have taken on my body, and have done what I feel is right for ME, not what everyone else has told me to do. That is what has helped me out the most. It is now August 17th, and the surgery was August 6th, I am able to get out of bed, and move around with almost an ease, just a tad bit of pain, which, gets a little worse if I do not take the meds prescribed for me. But, this experience has not been as bad as I imagined. If I could give you some advice, I would say listen to your body. I am not all about all the natural stuff usually, but, if I feel like I need to lay down, I lay down, I lay down, or vise versa. If I feel like I need to get up, I get up. I have just been taking it easy. That is all. If you freak out, which, I am one that usually tends to freak out over everything, I have discovered that it just makes things worse, and your body not heal as fast. I will also let you know, that taking pain meds in themselves will make you constipated. You know also mineral oil you can get in the pharmacy. It usually makes woman go into labor, but, it also helps with constipation. Juts thought I’d let you know. Well, let me know how you are doing. Hope some of this helped you!

    • Danielle Says:

      Hey everyone! I just recently had a laproscopic hysterectomy, with just having one left ovary left in. I had to have this surgery due to having endometriosis, tumors on my ovaries, as well as many huge cyst. During the surgery, the doctor found that my stomach and bladder was attached to my right ovary, which they had to remove. They had to make sure my stomach and bladder was put back in the right place surgically as well. I was trying to lupron shot at first, but, it just made my pain worse, and I gained weight. Which I have been trying to keep off! My mom had kept telling me to stay off my feet, stay in the bed, do not do ANYTHING, for at least two weeks after the surgery. While in the hospital on the other hand, they wanted me to get up, walk around, not just lay in the bed. I will tell you, it has been a bit confusing to me. All of it. I mean, I didn’t even get told by the doctor what to do, once I was at home. But, the truth is, I have taken on my body, and have done what I feel is right for ME, not what everyone else has told me to do. That is what has helped me out the most. It is now August 17th, and the surgery was August 6th, I am able to get out of bed, and move around with almost an ease, just a tad bit of pain, which, gets a little worse if I do not take the meds prescribed for me. But, this experience has not been as bad as I imagined. If I could give you some advice, I would say listen to your body. I am not all about all the natural stuff usually, but, if I feel like I need to lay down, I lay down, I lay down, or vise versa. If I feel like I need to get up, I get up. I have just been taking it easy. That is all. If you freak out, which, I am one that usually tends to freak out over everything, I have discovered that it just makes things worse, and your body not heal as fast. I will also let you know, that taking pain meds in themselves will make you constipated. You know also mineral oil you can get in the pharmacy. It usually makes woman go into labor, but, it also helps with constipation. Juts thought I’d let you know. Well, let me know how you are doing. Hope some of this helped you!

      • Melissa Says:

        Hi Danielle-
        I am having this surgery next month-and was wondering how you are doing….I was just reasearching and found this site and your comments.
        I would appreciate and input you might have!
        Thanks, Melissa

  5. Sherry Says:

    I am 4 days post op from Laproscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy. They left my ovaries and I feel great. Don’t get me wrong, all the waiting to have a BM and all the gas is just awful. But the best thing to do is relax. Believe it or not, I took a stool softner before leaving the hospital. Came home drank apple juice, ate apple sauce and took two doses of Milk of Magnesia before anything happened. Trick for me is, don’t put much on your stomach to weigh you down and it should help it move out slowly. I still have pretty bad pain daily and the meds are working. I am sure this just takes times to get us back to normal. Good Luck

  6. InShape Says:

    Hi Ladies!

    I had an abdominal myomectomy, and then went on to TTC and conceive last year. I’ve posted a lot at those two threads, and will be starting a new website for us fibroid ladies to chat at, that hopefully will be easier to navigate and post at than here, seeing as Eclectic Geek isn’t here to host anymore.

    If anyone has any site name suggestions, let me know. Thanks! I’ll keep you posted when the new site it up. 😀

    • i did it! Says:

      I’m one week into my healing from my laparoscopic hysterectomy. Susan, it’s awesome that you’ve spoken with your Doc, that your Doc reached out to make sure you were alright. I believe this is a crucial component of healing and recovery. It does wonders to our feelings of wellness and greatly reduces stress, which is health’s enemy.

      My Doc has been completely out of touch… He’d performed an uterine ablation in ’07 and called 3x to check up on me and explain what my body was going through, I was thrilled and felt so supported… I’m perplexed at his complete lack of communication this time around, and have concluded that he must have a personal crisis going on… I don’t even know yet if I was able to kept my cervix and ovaries, nor the size of my uterus, if I had fibroids, etc… you get the picture.

      Despite the initial disappointment with this aspect of my surgery, I’m healing nicely. I do know what you mean about the gas thing, OMG!!!!! P A I N F U L!!! Today I’ve stopped my pain meds, which I know cause constipation, and I’m changing my diet.

      The first day after coming home from my surgery and post op hospital overnight, eating was not even a thought. Two days later I started eating more and by day three I was eating delivery chinese, meats, fried stuff, breads and even had some mexican yesterday. I didn’t have huge portions or eat throughout the whole day, and yet my bowels still became really uncomfortable – an oddly strange feeling in the utero-void. I’d had no bowel movement for 4-5 days and from what I’ve researched, the utero-void takes about 2-3 months to fill with our bowels, intestines and other organs shifting into the new space. Our bellies reduce in swelling and water retention over this period of time, too. It was very uncomfortable having my food pile up for 5 days with no BM and having the utero-void filled with gas. OUCH!

      Anyhow, three nights ago, I started taking a bowel supplement called “Formula 1” by Dr. Schultz. It’s awesome. It took 2 days to work through everything, but it’d finally moved everything out. Now that I’m “clear” I’m gonna stick to eating lots of fruit and vegetable soups to keep things moving along.

      After reading that you, Susan, didn’t prep your bowels, I now see that my surgery prep instructions were great in clearing out my bowels which are bound to become bound (LOL) with all the narcotics used to manage the pain.

      They put me on a “clear foods” menu for the 24 hours prior to my surgery report time – non-red jello, clear broth, tea, popsicles. I was also instructed to drink a citrate magnesium 20 hours and 15 hours prior and to give myself an enema 12 hours before my surgery report time. Talk about being cleared out!

      So I went in empty and came home empty. The thing I didn’t realize was the importance of eating light, easily digested foods after, and how taking my “Formula One” from the beginning of my taking the super-binding pain meds would assist in me not becoming so constipated, increasing my discomfort. I know now, tough.

      I hope this helps a sister going through it and that you, Susan, have found the relief for your precious bowels 😉

      All The best To You and All Us HysterSisters

  7. CC Says:

    I am 10 days post-op from a Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy. I had surgery two days before Mother’s Day, and I was able to attend brunch with my family. I haven’t had any pain. I haven’t taken any pain meds, since the anesthesia wore off. Gas and the first BM were murderous. But I got past that. The swelling is still going down, and I think I may have lost a few pounds. lol I had a Cesarean Section 21 years ago. The pain and recovery was awful. The best thing about the C-Section was my son and the smile like incision scar below the bikini line.
    After the LAVH, I have four tiny incision scars. Three are below the panty line, one just below the navel. I’m a runner and the only thing that I haven’t been able to do is run. I can take long walks, wear high heels and jeans. I’m happy and grateful to my doctor that we got this done.
    Happy Camper

  8. InShape Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve got the new site up, and need for people to come and test it, to see if the forum and everything else works. Also, if you have comments on other things you’d like to see (links to articles, etc.?), then also let me know.

    Thanks! The site is:

  9. Rena Says:

    How long did it take for your belly button to heal. It has been 6 weeks since my surgery and mine is still oozing stuff. I showed it to the doctor 2 days ago and she said it looks okay and will heal soon.

    got any tips?

  10. Cheryl Says:

    Hi, I am having this done next Monday and am a little scared.
    How long is recovery?
    I manage a store and am on my feet all day long. I do alot of lifting and alot of walking around helping all departments. My question is how soon can I get back to my work?

    Thanks for any response. Cheryl

    • deanna Says:

      Hi Cheryl.

      You will need to lay down with NO lifting for 3 weeks. I am on my 14th day of healing from my LAVH and have reeped the benefits of being still. I have let everything heal, decreased my pain meds, and feel like a million bucks. You will also have digestive issues that through relaxation and attentiveness to your body, will get worked out. You really need to let your insides heal before standin for hours and lifting. good luck! Peace

    • Tammy Says:

      Hi Cheryl! Was wondering how your recovery went? I am kinda on the same situation. I am a registered daycare provider and am having surgery September 1. Scared to death of surgery but even more scared I won’t be able to keep my kids for several weeks which will inconvenience the parents an myself (financially) drastically. Will be closing for a week and will have help the week I open back up, but I’m worried this won’t be enough time. I don’t plan on lifting the heavy babies, was just gonna get down to there level when needed. Will I be able to get back up off floor after 2nd week? Only have one I keep that can’t walk and weighs 18 lbs. Will that be too much too much weight to lift? My doc is obviously telling me what I want to hear cause he says I will be ok after a week to do normal activities. Any info you have will be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank You in advance, Tammy

      • Tracie Powers Says:

        I had a LAVH on March 13th. They took everything including ovaries. Ihad Endo severly. I can tell that for me personally I was up and walking 2 days later. Minimal pain. The worst for me was the gas lol! But as soon as you can come off pain meds the better bc they will cause constipation and that is horrible as you are recovering. I took a stool softner, one without stimulants. I am now 3 1/2 weeks post op and doing well. I actually walked 1 mile yesterday but I stayed tired. I agree with most posts on here. Listen to your body bc everyone is different. But having laser surgery is so much easier than a full cut. Recovering time is easier and quicker. I teach kids as well and I was able to get up and down but bending a lot for me can get painful and still cant wear jeans bc it hurts the incision sites. I wear warm up type or work out clothing. Something comfy. I hope your surgery went well!

  11. Jo Says:

    I had a Laproscopic Vaginal Hyterectomy and with removal of ovaries on 25th January this year, I was out of bed the next day as soon as the doc had seen me. Off work for a total of 6 weeks, but up and about every day and walking as much as possible. I am quite fit I was back at the gym after 4 weeks, but not lifting or pushing weights – You will have to be careful with this bit – as you will feel great and think you are able to do it, but really shouldn’t under 8 weeks. Don’t over do it as it will set you back and if you have to be on your feet include lots of sit down rests, otherwise you will feel exhausted.
    Other than that it will be fine, just remember you are not superwoman!!!! and allow your body a little healing time ok.
    Good luck
    Jo x

    • Cheryl Says:

      Thanks deanna and Jo. Well had the surgery done on Monday the 28th and it went well. Today is Friday and it still is kinda painful walking so I only walk around the house a bit. I keep hearing walking is good for recovery but I really don’t feel up to walking outdoors yet. I plan on doing more around the house today (slowly) to see how much I can take. Thanks again for your help.

      • JO Says:

        Well done Cheryl… just keep walking as much as you can but pace yourself… it WILL get better – I am now 5 months post op and feel fab. Remember to eat lots of fruit and drink plenty of water as this will keep your bowels working

        You will feel much better soon…..

  12. rochelle sherman Says:

    i am having a laproscopic hysterectomy on wednesday july 7 2010 and am scared to death. I am scared of anathesia i have never had an operation. I am a 68 year old female and am having the operation because of very large fibroids. I feel like running away. What are the after symptoms of surgery?

    • sheila bateman Says:

      hi rochelle! i am an almost 67 year old femAle. i had a complete laproscopic hysterectomy with everything out on june 22 for endometrial cancer. a very early cazse so looks good. i am still sore but am taking pain meds had one incision leak but am otherwise ok. am constipated taking a stool softener. i worried just like you dicd as i had had no operAtion like that only cataract surger and colonoscopies. it wasn’t as easy as i thought but am getting better every day

    • sophia Says:

      Had laparascopic hysterectomy on jun 16. after the first few days, there will be pain but mine was manageable without medication.
      gas pain will continue for a while. you will feel the need to support your stomach,especially when your bladder is full. you may have a hard time figuring out when your bladder is full at first because everything feels different.
      walking nomrally is a slow process. at 3 weeks post surgery, walking is still a slow process but at least i can do it upright most of the time now. there’s still some pain at 3 weeks post but it lessens each day.
      good luck

      • sophia Says:

        stool softener’s a must. may need additional help with senokot as well.
        anesthesia may leave your tongue sore and your esophagus a bit raw. do not eat spciy foods for at least 2 weeks post surgery. i tried and my esophagus felt like it was on fire.

    • Jo Says:

      Hi Rochelle,
      try not to be scared, I understand where you are coming from, I had never had surgery before until my LVH, which had to be done due to growths on my womb and ovaries. I am 45 had no idea of what to expect or how I would feel.
      Any pain or discomfort can be managed, if you have a reasonably high pain threshold you probably won’t need meds, I found it not too bad and considerably less pain than I was in with my monthly period.
      I ate quite light the night before the op, and ate foods that would ensure my bowels were open before surgery.
      After surgery, day one I didn’t feel like eating much but drank loads of water, as i felt really dehydrated, they will fit a catheter so don’t stress about having to get out of bed straight away..
      They removed it the day after surgery once the consultant had seen me.
      When you can start eating, make sure you have plenty of fruit this will help your bowels, but if you have any problems definately take something to ease the constipation.
      For me the most perplexing problem was working out when my bladder was full, as everything moves inside and doesn’t feel like it did before – don’t worry about it…… you won’t pee yourself, as it only takes a day or two to establish the “new” normal….

      When you are told to get up and walk about, (even if you don’t want to because you are worried about stitches and stuff), DO IT ANYWAY….. lots of little walk abouts, until you get your strength up. You will feel tired at first, this is a major op with minor invasion… so be good to yourself, rest when you need to, and definately don’t try to push yourself too far.

      Good luck for Wednesday, you will be fine, and you will feel like a new woman. This is a good time to really get to know your body – by the end of the month you will be wondering how you ever got along feeling like you did before the op…

      Jo x

  13. Andrea Says:

    Hi Rochelle,
    I had Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (fibroids and enlarged ovaries)almost a year ago and although I had some setbacks, it is still the best decision I have ever made. I am 46 years old and like you never had major surgery. The anesthesia was my biggest worry. All I can remember prior to surgery was the Anesthisiologist asking for my name and if I knew why I was there. The next thing,I woke up in the recovery room. One of the most uncomfortable place to be I believe is the recovery room.I remembered freezing cold, noise around me magnified 10X, throat dry/sore and chaos around. Once they transferred me to my hospital bed, I was fine. The nurse encouraged me to empty my bladder and had this measuring “cup” or container to ensure I emptied enough. I was released 8 hours later. The first 3 days was spent in bed. Definitely needed assistance getting in and out of bed and with shower. My agony began on the 4th day when I felt excruciating pain and had fever. My doctor dismissed it as part of recovery but I was very persistent to get tested, ultrasound, etc. That is where we discovered that I had an infection. I am not going into detail of my 2 months ordeal. All is fine now and have recovered fully. A good diet with lots of fruits and veges (Papaya,Cabbage) helped. Take it easy on caffeine but plenty of water. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Diana Keough Says:

    I love your blog – it’s so informative and helpful! I have a website,, and would love to hear from you! ShareWIK (share What I Know) is a website devoted to bringing together women from all different situations and backgrounds (as well as a few men!) to talk about their experiences and learn from each other. We are taking about Hysterectomies this week on ShareWIK, namely the new and improved procedures; and I would love your intake on it. Hope to hear from you!
    – Diana Keough
    P.S. And keep up the great work!

  15. janet Says:

    hey ladies i am 14 days post op i had partial hysto i dont want to scare anyone but u need to be prepared i was not . the recovery for me is still painfull. i hurt really bad every time i have to pee,and when i do pee its very little and i leave the restroom w/ as much pressure as i came in w/ also the bowel movements and gas are horrible still. one minute i’m fine and the next i’m doubled over w/stabbing pains in my lower abdomin.also i’m only 33 and now every time i move or bend over i pee myself and i dont feel follow up appt isn’t for another week hopefully my doc will have some good answers i pray dont be scared just be prepared and ask ur doc lots of questions if he doesn’t answer them the way u expect find another doc u only have one body

  16. tang Says:

    I’m 32 and I had a total hysterectomy w/ removal of cervix in april of this year..feeling unbelievably great and don’t miss the heavy periods at all…but I had sex after 3 months and felt awful afterwards. It feels like either fluid or gas bubbles floating around my stomach and under my ribs some bleeding also a lot of pain where they closed me up.. Its very sore Maybe it was too rough.. I can hardly walk. Don’t feel as bad as I did the day of tho. Hav anyone experienced this and will it get better?

  17. Cheryl Says:

    Hi, Well it 10 days post surgery. I had the supra cervical laparoscopic hysterectomy on June 28th. I’m feeling good except for the feeling my bladder is full all the time. It’s kinda painful/uncomfortable when getting up from a sitting position and walking. When I eat anything at all the gas seems to build up again and puts more pressure on my abdomen.
    Janet I can relate with you because I also have had that stabbing pain and when I have to pee it takes a while to even come out. I have my dr. appt today and will ask if this is all normal.
    I know it will get better and do not regret my decision to do this.

    • sheila Says:

      Has this improved? I’m looking at the same procedure (because a large uterus is pressing on my bladder, causing me to pee often and sometimes to leak). I’d hate to have the procedure and still have the pee problem only worse. Also concerned about my sex life afterwards!

      • Cheryl Says:

        Well it’s been just over 2 weeks recovery and I feel really good. No more pains or pressure on my bladder when I walk. I am having cramp like pains and very very small amount of blood (no liner needed) I think it is my period because this is the time it should start. If this is all I have to deal with each month I am a happy camper. Why didn’t I do this years ago??
        I was really comfortable sleeping in my recliner during recovery and my dogs enjoyed the company but last night I was actually able to sleep in my bed.
        I feel like I could go back to work now but I think I will take one more week off which is a total of 4 weeks. I do not have a sit down job or would probably go back now.
        Have not tried sex yet because I am afraid but because they left my cervix they say all should be good. We will see.

  18. san Says:

    Hi ladies so glad I found this site. I have been given a date for my op on the 28th Dec I know its a good bit away i have just turned 40 and im pretty fit. I’m probably asking a really stupid question but I usually go skiing end of Feb which is 7 or 8 wks after my op. Would i have recovered enough to be able to ski.

    • sheila Says:

      Please let me know when you find the answer to this!
      I’m looking at having a TLSV in Oct. and want to ski in Feb.
      I’m not fat, but I am NOT in good shape, so I wonder what my recovery time will be. I usually try to do a lot of squats and lunges daily for a month or so in preparation for skiing.

  19. Heidi Says:

    Hi ladies. I don’t know yet what I have…may be endo and/or adhesions. I’ve been to 2 gyns so far, my normal one and a pain specialist. Mine sent me to the pain doc, who recommended a total hysterectomy. I have another consult with a women’s surgery specialist, and this is where I’m putting my faith. So, I don’t have a surgery scheduled yet, but I’m sure it isn’t far away. I want to have advanced lap surgery, which this doc can do. I’m 46 so I’m not concerned about fertility, but I do want to keep an ovary.

    I’m so glad I found this blog and read your posts about constipation. This is really good to know, and I will be sure to ask about this pre-surgery.

    • Danielle Says:

      I’m having a single port laparscopic hysterectomy done tomorrow and I’m very nervous. I’m finding comfort in the fact that my entire surgery (removal of my uterus and ovaries) will be done through one incision in my belly button. I would highly recommend finding a surgeon who can do the surgery this way. I spoke with 2 other people who had the surgery done this way, and both were back to work in 10 days! The doctor also put them on bio-identical hormone replacement cream. This therapy replaces the same levels of all three types of estrogen that your body naturally produces, but at controled levels. The hormones are absorbed through your skin and not processed through your liver which makes a huge difference. Pill replacement therapy can only replace one type of estrogen. Ask about that, too!

      As for keeping an ovary, I wanted to do the same thing, but multpile doctors have told me that with endo keeping an ovary can be a very bad idea. Your body will still produce endometrium tissue, only it will grow in the empty cavity that used to contain your uterus. Once in the cavity it can spread to other organs. With the regrow of tissue, the pain will come back.

      Ultimately it is your decision, so my best advice is just to do your homework so you’ll be comfortable with whatever decision you make!

      • Rachelle Says:

        I just had mine july 12th was scared at first but Doc said all went well and i’m home now recovering pain an discomfort i expect for at least 3wks just no BM yet but maybe its a good thing? I’ll move slow and eat soft foods and drink alot of juices water etc….. and pray for each day to be better and better o.k. i’m off back to bed been in this lazy boy recliner all day time to go to bed dread taking pain pills i’ll see if i can handle without them ? God bless all us super woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Shelley Says:

    Hi, I am due for a lap hyster (total) in about 3 weeks. I am one of 5% of women who has Uterine Cancer and since I have never been pregnant and obese and diabetic I have the chips stacked against me. I too am nervous about the surgery and recovery. I fear I will be laying here in pain and nothing will help me. Of course I am use to abdominal pain as most of you know with the passing of clots for years hurts like heck anyway but I know the post op isn’t nothing like it. I am curious about the mental state you are left in. I already take an antidepressant (Celexa) but fear the absence of hormones will put me over the edge. Has anyone else had emotional problems? I have mourned loosing the ability to conceive and my husband has been helpful in the process but you truly never “get over it” at the early age of 37. Also I read one post about pre-op procedures as far as liquid diets, enimas ect. Is this also what the majority went through. It has been mentioned as well of radiation post op… any one gone through that?
    One thing I do know… even though you talk to friends and family and they comfort you it’s nothing like coming to a wonderful site like that each and everyone knows EXACTLY how I feel before I even try to describe it. Thanks…

    • lawyerchik1 Says:

      Shelley – you have things against you, but you also have a lot going for you, so focus on the good things. That will help.

      I definitely recommend doing the bowel prep, as well as easing back into solid foods. The bowel prep isn’t that bad, although it’s not pleasant, and it does make the recovery time easier when it comes to getting your digestive system going again. (sorry – no pun intended!)

      I had a laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy, with bilateral salpingo-oophrectomy (fancy terms for everything but the cervix!), and thankfully, mine was all benign; I just had stage IV endometriosis.

      It ended up being a 7-hour procedure (instead of no more than 4 hours), but I was very fortunate to have excellent surgeons, because the endo had plastered my uterus to my intestines…. Ick!

      When I came out of the anesthesia, I felt mostly sleepy. There was pain – and I never had menstrual cramps, so I couldn’t tell you how they might compare – but it was well-managed in-hospital by Vicodin.

      Mostly, I slept the first day. I stayed overnight in the hospital because of the duration of the surgery (and how long I was under anesthesia), but I got up and walked around the halls twice the next day, and I went home that evening.

      The first week, you will want someone around (preferably a woman – not sure if your mother is still with you, or if she’s able, but when you don’t feel well, nobody’s better than mom!).

      You shouldn’t be allowed home until you can put feet on the floor and pee by yourself, but you may need help getting into and out of the bathroom or shower. I’ve heard that husbands can do this well, too, but … my mom was with me, and it was the best thing ever.

      Get a back pillow/rest thing – those things with a raised back and arms – for your bed. If nothing else, it will help you when you want to read or something as you recuperate, but it will also help when you get tired and you don’t want to move as much as you will need to to lie down or sit back up. Once you get comfortable, you will want to stay in that position as long as possible! Also, have extra pillows for under your knees for that first week. It really helps…..

      I ended up feeling “hot flash-y” after about the second week. However, everybody is different. What I noticed was that I was too hot then too cold at night while I was trying to sleep. My doctor put me on estrogen, which has helped a lot, but your situation might be different because of the cancer.

      Tell your doctors what you feel/notice that is at all different about stuff like that. The best thing your husband can do is let you sleep – which means, taking care of the things around the house that need to be done without asking you for input.

      If you can have someone clean your house – especially the carpets and the bathrooms – right before your surgery, it will be a lot better for you (helps the mind relax to come home to a clean house).

      As far as meals, at first, lots of soup, clear is better but you can add what you can tolerate. It’s warm, it’s fluid your body will need, and it’s comforting. Also, Vicodin can upset your stomach, so saltine crackers can help. Diet ginger ale is good too – diet Vernors if you can get it – or diet 7up.

      As far as mental state, I found I was more antsy before the surgery than after. Until about two weeks prior. I didn’t know what they would find when they got in there, and I had to sign consents for a total hysterectomy with staging and lymphectomy, etc., in case there was a malignancy, so I was kind of up in the air until afterwards.

      The thing was, though, I realized that, no matter what happened in the surgery no matter what happened during the procedure, what was in my body and what was wrong with my body was already there. What the surgeons were doing was to try to make it better – whatever that entailed.

      For me, once I realized that I couldn’t change what had already happened (I could only change what happened next), I felt calmer. I am 46, and I still thought that I might “someday” want to have children – only now I can’t. That choice is gone, and I’m entitled to mourn it, but I can’t change it.

      I hope that everything goes well for you!! You have a lot on your plate right now, and if it helps any at all, at least you have these issues now – in the 21st century – when advances in medical treatment, especially cancer treatment, are so much more advanced than they were 30-40 years ago.

      Let us know how things go after you come through this – and I am sure that you will!! Good luck to you and your husband (also, tell him that he needs to plan to take you out to lunch or something – just to get you out of the house – after the first week or so). Hang in there!

    • sheila Says:

      Shelley, please give us a follow-up after you are feeling up to typing on this blog. I’ll say a little prayer for you!

  21. Jennifer Says:

    I have three fibroids. I am 44. I have the bloating.. I am a small person 5 foot 2 used to be 105 lbs.. Now within 6 months …People have been asking me if I am pregnaunt. I said NO>>>> I do have an enlarged uterus due to the fibroids. I was thinking about Laparoscopic Partial Hysterectomy.. I don’t want to go through the change just yet. Keeping my ovaries and cervics. I just want my bleeding to stop, bloating and pain.. And not look like I am pregnaunt. Any advise….?????

    • Jean Says:

      Jennifer, I am the same age as you, and like you, I look pregnant. At least I think I do. I am also 5’2″ and used to weigh about 110. Now I’m about 135. I am having a Supracervical Laparoscopic Hysterectomy on Tuesday and I cannot wait to never have another period, bloating, cramping, etc. caused by my fibroids. I have explored many options including Myomectomy, Uterine Fibroid Embolization and under the advice of my former doctor decided on “watchful waiting” and did nothing for years. Now I have a new doctor who I have consulted with in detail and I feel good about my decision. Good luck to you!


  22. lawyerchik1 Says:

    Best thing I know is to talk to your doctor about what is important to you as well as what your options are to resolve the problems you’re having. You said that you have fibroids – how were they diagnosed, and were there any other issues (like ovarian cysts or anything else) that might impact on your treatment options?

    There are a number of alternatives to hysterectomy, including myomectomy, uterine artery embolization, drug therapy, etc. – there is also something called “MRI-guided focused ultrasound” for fibroids – but all of them have their own risks. If you want a second (or third) opinion, get one – get as many as you need, and think about what is best for you. I hope you find a solution that works for you!!

  23. Cheryl Says:

    I had the supra cervical laparoscopic hysterectomy on June 28th. I feel great! I’m going back to work tomorrow after 4 weeks off. I started back to exercising and sex is great. I should have done this along time ago. Best wishes to all of you.

    • Jean Says:

      Cheryl, I’m so glad to have found this sight and your comment. I am having a SCLH on October 5th and one of my many concerns has been the impact on my otherwise active sex life. I’m glad to hear it’s going well for you! Take care.


  24. Heather Says:

    I had a total laparoscopic hyst on July 9th. It’s an amazing procedure and the recovery has been very quick. I’m feeling great but wondering about the vaginal discharge. How long can I expect it to last? It’s nothing that seems to be infected just very annoying. (Pink tinged to light brown) It is also good to know that bowels are an issue for us all.

  25. Kim Says:

    I had a total hysterectomy including cervix & ovaries on July 19th. It was supposed to be vaginal, but the surgeon ran into some problems with one ovary and a “bleeder” so it ended up being laproscopic instead. I was off pain pills by the third day even though gas occasionally still is a problem. My belly button is really sore and my waistline is non-existant. I can’t get any of my pants fastened. I’ve resorted to wearing scrubs–I can tie them as tightly or as loosely as I want, and I can position them underneath my belly button and above the other incisions. I’m 55 and thought I’d bounce back pretty quickly, but I’m still taking 3 hour naps every day. Everything is pretty much what I expected except for the exhaustion & pain in my belly button. I hope the part about feeling great happens pretty soon.

  26. tang Says:

    Wishn everyone well wit their recovery.. I posted a comment last month re sex for the first tym 3 months after my surgery and it was great but felt terrible afterwards.. Come to find out it was too much pressure and pulled a muscle in my stomach. Ladies the anxiety is crazy wen u kno u r able to hav sex again just take it easy.. Have dun it many tyms after and it was enjoyable and afterwards felt like old tyms… I feel 10 yrs younger no weight gain.. So glad I did this… I don’t miss my period either…

  27. tang Says:

    Kim the healing process takes tym.. Everyone heals differently but u will start to feel better soon. I had laproscoptic as well and I was sore for a while.. Remember u hav to heal inside as well.. I say giv it a month.. I suggest for now get a couple pair of pants wit the alastic or draw string..

  28. Kelli Ash Says:

    I am a 37 year old who has had two c-sections and laparoscopic surgery to remove adhesions. My uterus was fused to my bladder. I was having tailbone/back discomfort before that surgery and had hoped that it would slove the problem. It didn’t. In fact, I think it’s worse now a year later. I had scheduled laparoscopic partial hysterectomy leaving the ovaries and cervix. I cancelled the night before because I was scared. I wasn’t scared of having the sugery so much as the effects it would have on my very active sex life. I know that sounds terrible, but it’s the truth. My husband says to do what I feel is best for me. I guess I just have to get sick enough of it to finally go through with it.

  29. Lynne Denis Says:

    I am a 54 year old and had total laparoscopic hysterectomy on Oct 7, 2010. My urethera was constricted so that had to be dilated to even insert a catherer.

    Had a breathing emergency (couldn’t wake up) was placed in ICU for two days. What started as out patient surgery (going home the same day) turned into a life altering experience. I have been on oxygen since the surgery and have now gone through a sleep study and awaiting the arrival of a CPAP . I am thankful

  30. Lynne Denis Says:

    As I was saying, I am thankful my husband was there to see my breathing stop and to get me additional medical help.
    As far as the surgery, I feel great and plan to go back to work on Monday-10 days post op. Own my business and mostly sit at a computer and work numbers and talk to clients. (Took Motrin 800 and then tylenol-extra strength for any pain)
    The 4th day post op, went out to eat breakfast and rode around. 6th day post op-visited 3 clients and out to lunch. 8th day post op, drove 40 miles to shop and lunch and then back home in the afternoon.

    At this point, have a little gas but nothing major. No other pain to report. If I can get my sleep problem worked out, I will be very happy.
    Good luck to anyone thinking about this. Had I known that I had bnreathin problems, things could have been handled differently.

  31. Wood Shelf Says:

    i’d love to much so many fiber foods because it helps in digestion and waste removal `:”

  32. Camile Says:

    Ok, I am 6 days post total laproscopic hysterectomy with ovary removal. I was scared to death and couldn’t sleep the week prior, up until check-in the morning of. Now, I can say that the worst part of the entire procedure was the insertion of the IV, due to dehydration. So my advice is to make sure you follow you bowel prep/ plus drink plenty of water. Smart water is good because of the added electrolytes. Had surgery on Friday (my birthday), went home on Saturday, Walmart on Sunday. My bigest problem was the Hydrocodone. It isn’t for me. Caused me to have nightmares. I stopped it and just took Tylenol for headache, I really don’t have any unbearable pain from the procedure. Have many pillows on you bed, as it may be a challenge to find a comfortable sleep position. Gas pains are something I don’t think you can get around, and that is the worst part of my post-op pain. I found that they are worst if you don’t move around. You need to get moving and often. This also will help avoid blood clots. I havn’t experienced any menopausal symptoms yet and still weighing my options on Hormone Replacement. I guess it’s only normal to be apprehensive, but I had a lot of anxiety for what turned out to be less painful then my last dental visit. I hope that this will help someone who may be facing this procedure. Modern technology has made many surgeries less invasive and have decreased the recovery time. I am on work leave for 6 weeks, however, I’m calling my doctor Monday(10 days post surgery) asking for return to work clearance. Good Luck and God Bless!

  33. julie Says:

    Hi all
    I am wondering is somebody can advice me. I was suffering from bladder pressure and an ultrasound detected big ovarian cyst. Last Monday i had ovary removed with cyst but refused to have other ovary removed. The surgeon found slight endo on remaining ovary. My problem now is that i am still getting bladder pressure, could this be the result of the keyhole surgery or something else. I keep hoping it is just where my bladder was moved around and it will improve. Thanks

  34. Michele Says:

    I am a 41 year old and I opted for the Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and they left my ovaries. I was in the Hospital for a day for recovery time then went home. Two weeks later i’m feeling great . But now going on the fourth week and I’m spotting for a week now and am so out of energy . I have craping too. I’m not sure if that is normal . I can feel fatigue all day then at night feel this burst of energy. I guess it’s taking a lil longer for me to heal because i have Kidney diease or i don’t know but i don’t like feeling this way. I just don’t know why after the surgery two weeks later i feel great and now i’m feeling misrable . Hopefully it will pass.

  35. vinni Says:

    i am a mother of five year old .two weeks back i had undergone a laparoscopic sugery.last night when i had sex , my husband got milk from my it normal ?after my surgery my doctor gave two medicines for 10 days.vizylac and opal D.

  36. christina henson Says:

    So I had a total laparscopic hysterectomy on may 10. They left the left ovary. I am progressively getting better, but…. I still have horrible pain. I ate through my first script of pain meds, got a second and am out again. I only take as neccessary, but its around the clock deal…

    Then todaY as I walked to my living room, I tripped over my kitten and nearly went down…. I felt a searing pain gor through my left lower belly and side and now I hurt so bad I wanna puke.

    If someone could help that would be great. Or give suggetions… thank you.

    • ensatina Says:

      Christina! Please call and tell your doctor what happened! You could have torn stitches or something when you tightened all your muscles to keep from falling! You shouldn’t be in that much pain. Do not hesitate to call or go in – that is what they are paid for !!!
      Hope you’re ok and feel better soon!

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  38. ensatina Says:

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    Good luck!

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  40. Cecil Says:

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  42. Andrea Rhinehart Says:

    I just had a laparoscopic procedure done Wednesday. is monday and i haven’t had to take any pain meds since i left the out-patient procedure Thursday. I took a shower before going home by myself. The night after the surgery (wend nite) i felt a little “horney” i didnt expect to have any sensation until about 4-6 weeks when i had my scheduled check up. since ive been home i havent dis anything yet but i keep telling my husband of 11 years…16together…n im 33-years-old!!! That i cant wait to have SEX…before my sex drive was great! But now….i cant wait to get the ok…. I suffered with fibroids..and vert horrible 7 days of menstruals issues…from mood swings to overnight pads in the day. I have experienced 3 miscarriages and i have a 13yo boy…n a 3yo boy. I love them dearly. But i can grantee they will love this new unbothered by “mother nature” MOMMY and my husband do hqve to experiance this each month with me. I feel like it was the best decision i could have made in my life as a responsible adult! Lol i had tons of support from doctor family n friends… My doctor tied my tubes and removed fibroids 3 years ago 4. Months post from having my last baby boy. She has been my doctor/obgyn..for 14 years. I LOVE HER AND TRUST HER AND I AM VERY APPRECIATIVE FOR THIS PROCEDURE. o did i add i dont have any scars… Hope this helps i feel great! !!!

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