Does anyone have a dilation (dilatation) and curettage (D&C) experience to share?

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Tameka:…the doctor said that the fibroids sizes were relatively small compared to my uterus size. She was concerned about the size and wondered if I had more fibroids than the sonogram or something else. She recommended a D & C to see what else is going on? Has anyone every had a D&C during their fibroid experience?

I’ll leave a couple of links. Visit Wikipedia for general information and additional medical references including a D&C guide by the World Health Organization. Here’s a quote from the MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia:

D and C is a procedure to scrape and collect the tissue (endometrium) from inside the uterus. Dilatation (“D”) is a widening of the cervix to allow instruments into the uterus. Curettage (“C”) is the scraping of the contents of the uterus. The vaginal canal is held open by a speculum, and the opening to the uterus (cervix) may be anesthetized. The cervical canal is widened using a metal rod, and a curette (a metal loop on the end of a long, thin handle) is passed through the canal into the uterine cavity. The inner layer of the uterus (endometrium) is scraped away, and the tissue is collected for examination.

Dilation and curettage (Wikipedia)
D and C (Medline Plus/ US National Library of Medicine)

If you have a D&C experience or thoughts/questions, please leave a comment here.


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3 Responses to “Does anyone have a dilation (dilatation) and curettage (D&C) experience to share?”

  1. Tameka Says:

    I had a D & C today. I don’t remember a thing because I put under throughout the entire procedure. I see my doctor in two weeks to go over the result and to schedule the myomectomy. I was a given prescription tylenol. I really needed it. I feel like I am on on my period early. I was having painful cramps and clots for the first few hours and soaked through several pads. I have been resting and felt some pain going up steps. I was really nervous because the doctor was almost 90 minutes late and she had a patient before me.

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    I’m glad to hear from you post-procedure. Sorry about the pain. I hope you are feeling better now.

    There’s another thread that talks about second procedures. Since you’re planning a myomectomy, feel free to leave a comment there as well.
    Has anyone needed a second uterine fibroid surgery or procedure?

    Please keep us updated.

  3. Torie Says:

    Hello All:

    I had a D&C Myomectomy approx. 2 months ago. I had a prolapsed fibroid falling through the cervix which was found when my GYN tried to do a pap test. It was the size of a plum with an apparent large stalk. This caused menorrhagia & metrorrhagia and anemia.

    The procedure was quick and I had only cramping for a few hours which was relieved with Ibuprophen . I had spotting and than a pinky discharge for a few weeks. My First period was scant my second had cramps a week prior with much bleeding but no large clots& lasting 4 days. I did develop a post – op urinary tract infection that responded well to antibiotic treatment.

    I am now having vague lower back pain rt to left and wake up at night with cramps on ocasssions . No other symptoms . Shall wait to see what my next period will be like.

    The procedure has provided relief . Best of Luck to All !Torie

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