I think I finally caught up with the comments!

Wow! This site keeps me busy and that makes me happy. Thanks for continuing to share your experiences. I really do appreciate it. Think everything’s caught up but…

If you left a question somewhere and didn’t get an answer, before you take off your shoe and throw it at me, leave a comment on the Forum page. I know I’ll see it there.

Thanks to you, we have 732 total comments. Great job! 🙂


3 Responses to “I think I finally caught up with the comments!”

  1. fibroid free Says:

    hee hee for how long??? you do a great job keeping up I must say!

  2. fibroid free Says:

    Oh I had to tall ya…I ordered something and the package came in the mail and I opened it and busted out laughing….Hubby looked at me all weird..like Lord…what is it now….caues well my emotions have been running amuck lately…anyway…..I had ordered a couple of light bulb units to put in my downstrairs coat closet and another closet upstairs that has light (tired of rummaging through there in the dark with no light) and it looked just like your “picture” well you know what I mean your Lightbulb picutre at the top….

    I didnt bother to explain I just said inside joke you wouldnt see the humor….LOL

  3. EclecticGeek Says:

    Now that was too funny. OK. So, now I’m picturing the Million Fibroid March someone mentioned on this site but all of us would carry lightbulbs. LOL

    Almost forgot to mention:
    Thanks for all your help in the post-AM thread. That’s one of the reasons why I’m caught up! 😉

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