How are you feeling after your Hysteroscopic Myomectomy?

Thought I should finally start a “How are you feeling after…” post about my first fibroid procedure. From

Hysteroscopic myomectomy is a technique that can be performed only if the fibroids causing the symptoms are within or bulging into the uterine cavity (submucosal). This procedure is performed as outpatient surgery without any incisions. Anesthesia is needed because the surgery may take one to two hours and would otherwise be uncomfortable. A small telescope, the hysteroscope, is passed through the cervix, and the internal uterine cavity is seen. A small camera is attached to the telescope, and the view is projected on a video monitor. This magnifies the picture and also allows your physician to perform the surgery while sitting in a comfortable position. The surgery can then proceed more rapidly.

For more information:
Hysteroscopic Myomectomy (
Hysteroscopy (WebMD)
Myomectomy (Wikipedia)

My Hysteroscopic Myomectomy was outpatient, under general anesthesia, and caused very little pain. Since I had never gone through surgery before, I was freaking out some over the idea of general anesthesia but it all worked out well. Of course, I don’t remember any details from the procedure itself but the recovery was not that bad. The nausea from the drugs bothered me more than any pain or bleeding. You can follow my story in excruciating detail through the Related Posts at the end.

If you have a Hysteroscopic Myomectomy experience, thoughts, or questions, please leave a comment here.


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373 Responses to “How are you feeling after your Hysteroscopic Myomectomy?”

  1. michele Says:

    Hi Narbro
    You will probably have to wait until next cycle. I had mine 1 week before my period was due. I had some light bleeding for a day or two and then spotting until my period came on 1 week later, so its hard to tell if your bleeding is your period or from the surgery.
    Hope all goes well!
    Make sure you post when you get your bfp, I’d love to know how many people were able to get pregnant after the surgery.

    • narbro Says:

      Hi Michele-
      Thanks for your response. If you had a 7cm submu fibroid removed via hyster myo were they able to remove all? How long were you trying before you decided to have the surgery? Have you had a second cycle yet? If so was it lighter and shorter than usual? From what I have read, if the fibroid is the only thing preventing conception, once removed your chances of conceiving will greatly improve. Good luck and also post when you get your BFP.

  2. michele Says:

    Yes, they removed it all! I’ve been trying for almost 1 yr 1/2, I went to 3 different doctors and they all told me they thought it was a factor since the location of it almost acted as if it was an iud and prohibited implantation. This is the first month i’m back on clomid so i’m hoping it happens!
    My period after the surgery was normal I didn’t notice any difference at all.

    • narbro Says:

      Hi Michelle-
      You must be below 35 to try for 1.5 years without your doctor sending you for testing..? Are you doing IVF? Now that the fibroid is gone (or is no longer a factor) we are going to try on our own for another three months. I’m 39 and started trying in 01/11; we were hasty in that when were not getting prego we did not waste anytime and bothered my doc till he sent me for a sonohysto gram. My fibroid was mostly in the cavity but some in the wall; they left the wall portion in the wall and took all that was in the cavity. It took up most of my uterus; the dr now has me on premarin. I can’t wait to hear your good news!

  3. michele Says:

    I’m actually 41…I’m not going to do ivf. I’m going to try clomid for awhile and hopefully that will work! I’ll keep you updated, good luck!

    • Narbro Says:

      Hi Michelle-
      How’s it going? Have you started trying yet? I’m still bleeding after my surgery which was on 04/13; I just completed m Premarin TX. We will begin trying after the next cycle. Hope things are going well for you.

  4. michele Says:

    Hi Narbro,
    Wow you are still bleeding from April?! Did your doctor say that was normal?
    I started back on clomid and started trying. April I o’d later than we thought so that cycle was out ..I just started another round of clomid yesterday hope it works this month!

  5. Sarah Says:

    I just had a hysteroscopic myomectomy 2 weeks ago due to infertility.. of course now I’m frantically searching the internet to find stories of people who have gotten pregnant after the surgery. I]m so excited to start trying again with new hop! Keep us posted on who’s getting pregnant after this surgery!

  6. michele Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Its been 2 months since my myomectomy no bfp yet but I’m hopeful maybe this cycle! How big was the fibroid they removed and I was just wondering how long you have been trying?? I’m like you and hoping to hear stories of pregnancy after the surgery!

  7. Jenna Says:

    Hi! I posted originally back in September 2010, as my surgery was scheduled for 9/17. After the surgery and recovery, my husband and I started ttc again. We tried for 3 months with no success. By that time it had been a year since we had started ttc minus the surgery time period. So we went to see a Reproductive Enterologist. 2 IUIs later, I am now pregnant! So although the hysteroscopic myomectomy did not enable me to get pregnant, I do feel good that this baby will not be shorted on apace in my uterus due to my fibroids.

  8. Narbro Says:

    Hello ladies-
    Sorry I’m just returning. Michelle to answer your question, my Doc says because my fibroid was so big (4.5) the bleeding is normal. They were only able to remove 80% of it via hysteroscopy myo. I’m very disappointed to report that I had a sonogram today and my new doctor (much more thorough than the last) saw that the same fibroid my doc claims he removed 80% of is still very much bulging in the cavity. She said it’s only slightly smaller than before he (the previous surgeon) operated. I’m very angry because I’m going to waste an entire year doing surgeries. My new doc says the fibroid is so big I may have to do two surgeries! It’s all so exhausting; my hubby and I were so excited to finally start trying again. Please let me know of any good news; I need to feel hopeful again.

  9. michele Says:


    Sorry to hear you have to go through this! It will be worth it in the end though…I’m still trying . I’m taking a few months off of clomid so I can give my body a bit of a break. I did start taking royal jelly with bee pollen. I’ve done some research and its suppose to help with fertility and even help with regulating hormones and fibroids.
    I’m hopefully this will help to…you should look into trying it too. Its all natural so it can’t hurt!
    Good luck , keep us updated

    • Narbro Says:

      Thanks for your support Michelle! I’m keeping you in my prayers (if you believe in that stuff 🙂 I will look into your suggestions (I like the notion of all natural). Have you had a sonogram since your surgery? I’m wondering how your doc was able to remove all your fibroid in one surgery… My doc says my 4cm is too big for one surgery… I’m so confused. My friend who is 42 just got pregnant after two years of surgeries & IUIs; she got prego her first IVF! Has anyone out there had to have two surgeries to remove their fibroids in the cavity???

  10. Says:

    Hi !
    I just wanted to update you on my experience so far with royal jelly. This stuff is great! I usually ovulate anywhere from day 17 or 18. I started taking the royal jelly on day 6, started getting tons of ewcm on day 8 and got a positive opk day 14! I have never ovulated this early…the only thing I did different was start taking royal jelly.
    I highly recommend it ! Just make sure you get the fresh royal jelly with bee pollen in honey.

  11. Lilian Aloy Says:

    i am really grateful to all of you on ur contributions .i am scheduled for a hysteroscopic myomectomy of 5cm submuc on 8/30.Ur contributions ve really helped me prepare myself for this.Though i ve other two types and my con is not sayin anythin abt them,i tink i ve to call and ask.I am still concerned abt getting preg after d proc,i cant leave my life completely without having my own baby. I will get back to you guys when am done with it.


  12. Aloy Lilian Says:

    Tnk God the procedure has bn done and it was a success.I am yet to experience what i can call my first menstrual cycle.But i ve little stains and mild stomach pain,i dont really need pain killers for them.My Doc.said i shld start trying after my second cycle. I believe God it will work out and i hope to get u pple informed too when am preg and wish everyone of u success in this trial time.

  13. aloy lilian Says:

    I had my hys.mym.on 8/30.After the normal bleeding dat cums with the surgery,i am yet to have my normal flow and today is 10/02.what do u tink?

    • brooks12 Says:

      Hi Aloy
      I had my surgery (the second) 8/4 and had light spotting for a few days; m period came as scheduled at month’s end. I just finished another cycle at the end of September. I don’t know why your period is not here yet but my doctors did warn me that I may not see my period for three months… What’s the name of your doctor and where is he/she..? My doctors were only able to remove the fibroid from the cavity; they didn’t touch what’s in the wall. How was your doctor able to remove all from the cavity and wall? Did you only have the fibroid in the cavity? I hope your cycle is here now or getting ready to regulate itself. I wouldn’t worry about it too much; it will def. show up, it always does 🙂

  14. Dimples Says:

    Hello all,
    I am scheduled for an Hystro Myo in November. I am very concerned? I read the entire blog and only read one success story! Can someone please give me encouraging news?!

  15. Marie Says:

    I had the hyst myo procedure 11/9 and recovery was a breeze. No pain meds no bleeding or no cramping. I was back to work in 24 hours than continued to work on traveling etc. My 1st cycle came 3 weeks after surgery date and it was hell! Bleeding was still heavy not as bad as pre surgery, cramping still existed and again not as bad as presurgery but I am still spotting. Doc said this is all normal as my uterus is still recovering and to give it 2-3 cycles. I’m freaking out. Can anyone share their experiences after having the procedure?

    • Marguerite Says:

      After 2+ years of heavy bleeding (changing a super-size tampon every hour and a half), I decided that this 3cm-sized fibroid had to go due to its location and the weakness I’d experience every month because of blood loss. I had mine on 12/9 and all seemed fine – light bleeding, no cramping – I felt great! Then on day five at 4am, I got major cramps and stayed in bed, took Advil and was unable to take my children to school. Felt better hours later and went about my day. Then at 4pm, while driving, labor pain-type cramps began and sharp-shooting pain down my right leg. I could barely drive and after picking up my first child, pulled over to the side of the road in uncontrollable tears while my 6 year-old daughter looked on. She called her dad and he picked us up and took me straight to my doctor, who was completely baffled as I was the first patient in all her years of practice who had complications. When she checked me, she saw nothing but prescribed antibiotics in case i had an infection and narcotics to assist with the pain and ordered a CT scan for me the following day. The scan showed that I has blood stuck in my uterus and my doctor said she’d have to dilate my uterus, but when I went in, my cervix was dilated and she was stumped….until she suctioned with a catheter through the cervix into the uterus to find 50cc (?) of blood clots – more than 5x what the uterus is designed to hold! It was so painful to go through that and I had taken one of the narcotics pills but in retrospect would have taken two! After that, I had light bleeding and much lighter cramping, and went into a period on 12/20 and is finally tapering off today. This first period had a noticeably lighter flow and only one and a half days of seemingly heavy bleeding, but no embarrassing moments of overflowing onto surfaces like before. I go in weekly since the complication and was told it would take 2-3 cycles for the uterus to normalize and the light cramps to cease. I am hoping that the surgery was worthwhile and await the next two cycles to know for sure.

    • Betty Says:

      Well, I am glad to here that there is someone out there that is experiencing the same thing I am!! Not meaning it in a BAD way…..but I had mine done on 11/30/11 and same thing recovery was better than I expected, however on my next cycle, it seemed like it was worse than before. My doc, told me the same thing as well…..that it might take 2-3 cycles before I see a difference. I myself I’m hoping to get pg after this procedure. I am hopeful. My doc said he removed 90% of Fibroid….wondering if that is possible??

    • Jamae Says:

      I had surgery on March 13th and my period came on March 30th. Today is April 8th and I am still spotting, not sure if it is from my period or the surgery. The spotting is really light though. I only wear a panty liner. I having been looking on line to see if others have experienced this. I will call my doctor to inquire if this is normal. Glad I found your posting. I was getting quite worried.

  16. Dimples Says:

    Hello again,

    I had the procedure done on 11/4/2011. I had some discomfort but not much. My period arrived a week early the following month and I bleed heavier then I’ve EVER bleed in my life. My doctor said it will get better after 2-3 cycles. The following month (Dec) was pretty much the same. I bleed through tampoons WITH a pad underneath, I bleed through my underwear and pants or pj’s. It was horrible! My period in January was not at all bad…its getting better. Now we’re just keeping our finger crossed and hope to get pregnant SOON!!!

  17. Dimples Says:

    Has ANYONE conceived after the surgery???

    • AA (@aixplus) Says:

      Hello Dimples!

      I had my procedure done on 02/24. I had a 5×5 fibroid removed from the uterine cavity, but 35% of it is still in the wall. Also, a 3cm fibroid is still untouched inside of the uterus, so I will need another surgery to remove it (in 3 months).
      I am also wondering who has got pregnant after this procedure, and how long it has taken them. Let us know what happens with you. Good luck!!

  18. U.S. Citizen Says:

    I had my procedure on 3/23 and am still sort of recovering. I felt great after a couple of days, but when I try to do too much (i.e. walking, lifting, etc.) I experience moderate pain. My doctor said I could start exercising after just a few days but to expect more bleeding. So I’ve avoided exercise but am wondering if by exerting myself to the point of feeling the moderate, yet sharp, pain I am prolonging the recovery process.
    My doctor said to expect some cramping, but I took that to mean similar to my usual menstrual cramps, but this pain is different. It is actually not nearly as severe but it varies from feeling like a pulled muscle around my cervix to that feeling of a “stitch” in your side when you run to fast if you’re out of shape. Has anyone experienced this?
    Also, I notice that most of you posting are currently trying to get pregnant. I’m curious about your ages because I am actually only 27 and not ready to have kids just yet (still in grad school) but am definitely concerned about fertility in the future since my mom had me at 27 and by 32 had a ruptured ovary resulting in an emergency hysterectomy. My doctor found the fibroids because I had been experiencing the heavy and painful bleeding that many of you have described. Are any of you around my age or have advice for someone experiencing this so early? My doctor told me that while it is less common in women my age, I shouldn’t be worried. I can’t help but worry though when I consider my mother’s reproductive history and the fact that I started menstruating at age 10.
    Thanks for your feedback, ladies. The more perspectives I can get on this, I think the better I will feel.

  19. Lukki7ster Says:

    Boy am I glad I have found this site! I had my procedure March 27 2012. Unfortunately i was pretty out of it and did not process much of what my doctor said when she was speaking to me in recovery. I did not experience any pain or bleeding following the procedure until today March 31 2012. Slight cramping and a little bit of spotting but not much of anything. I was on 2months of Lupron and it shrank very miminmally (not worth it in my opinion) and she said she was able to get it all out in one procedure but was VERY close to not gettiing it all out.

    I will call for a follow up appointment in about a week

  20. narbro Says:

    Hi Guys
    I’ve been away from this site for awhile and just decided to check to see what’s happening. I had 2 hysteroscopy myomectomy (4/2011 & 8/2011); I had a 5cm fibroid in the cavity and my dr decided on a non-invasive method to preserve the uterus wall. Well each time the fibroid pushed back into the cavity and continued to prevent pregnancy. Now, if I was in my 20s or early 30s that would be cool but I was 39 when I started this and now I just turned 40! Im really running out of time. Anyway, the fibroid for the 3rd time moved back into the cavity and I just had a abdominal myomectomy to once and for all remove this darn fibroid. She also found another in the wall and 2 in the cavity; so there was two in the cavity that looked like one. Its 6 weeks post my suregry; I’m feeling great. Started exercising and doing yoga; my periods (two thus far) are on scheduled and so light I do not know what to do with myself. I had no cramps at all; not even when I had the hysteroscopy myomectomy done (my periods became lighter even though the fibroids were not all removed with the previous surgeries). The good thing from a abdominal myomectomy is the Dr get to see all that’s happening in the uterus; she said my “ovaries and fallopian tubes are beautiful” so that’s good news. My hubby and I start trying this month and will try IUI starting next month. Good luck ladies! I really hope the hysteroscopy myomectomy works out for you guys; it was not the best route for me.

  21. Estella Says:

    Yesterday I had my second hysteroscopic myomectomy. The first one was 8 months ago and they were able to get out 75% of it due to its size. What was left grew to the origional size but this time they used a differient tool and successfully removed the whole fybroid! I feel so much better! It was putting a lot of pressure on my already arthritic back. This morning, my whole body felt better than it has in years! The hardest part foe me is waking up from general anesthesia because I shake terribly but this time they gave me a shot of Demerol upon waking and the shaking was very minimal! I’ve been under general anesthesia 5 times in my life and this was the best by far! If you’re not allergic to Demerol and tend to shake when you wake (from surgery) talk to your surgeon and anesthesiologist about that. I really do not have much pain today, but will still take it easy for aboit 5 days. Another thing I learned from my previous surgery is to not use bleach or anything else that is very caustic because your lungs are weaker and you could end up in the hospital for a week from chemical pneumonia. Not fun. Good luck! I highly recommended this procedure! Xoxo

  22. Estella Says:

    So it’s the first Sunday after my HM surgery which was on Wednesday. Everything’s been pretty cool. I had one 8 months ago but the surgeon could only get out about 75%of it and like an aloe vera plant, it grew all the way back. At least I didn’t have do 3 months of lupron shots prior to the surgery this time. That stuff puts your body into medical menopause which tsure

  23. Estella Says:

    So it’s the first Sunday after my HM surgery which was on Wednesday. Everything’s been pretty cool. I had one 8 months ago but the surgeon could only get out about 75%of it and like an aloe vera plant, it grew all the way back. At least I didn’t have do 3 months of lupron shots prior to the surgery this time. That stuff puts your body into medical menopause which truely is a nightmare on it’s own. Anyway, today I’m actually bleeding for real. I’m a little freaked out so I’ll give it an hour and check it out again before I bug my doctor. Ttyl

  24. peggy Says:

    It has been 6 days post-op and my lower abdominal cavity is swollen. Woke up this morning and noticed very bad brusing above and around incision area,which is painful. Feels hard to touch and is tender and hot. Is this normal? I had Myomectomy, total of 6 fibroids and three were very large. What should I do my stomach is too big will it be back to normal?

  25. Keri Says:

    I have been trying to follow these blogs. I had a hysteroscopy myomectomy 2 and a half weeks ago. I thought recovery would be better ( ie. Less bleeding etc). Been bleeding for the who.e time except for 2 days a week and a half post -op. It was heaven. But shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. Will this ever stop? The constant bleeding / watery discharge is very depressing and feels I’m in constant “menstruation”. Had a large fibroid removed. I am at my wits end after months of dealing with excessive bleeding, clotting, emergency room visit and 2 procedures. Just want a week ( a day) without having to worry about hemorrhaging, and maybe finally feel normal?

  26. crystal Says:

    I just had a hysterscopy myomectomy. It was incredibly easy. Apart from fears of anesthetic and nausea it turned out to be totally pain free, no nausea, and discharged 2 hours post op. No incision. Wonderful nurses and of course I have an amazing surgeon. I am spotting less than a teaspoon exactly 12 hours post op. Feeling groggy but that’s it. God willing these suckers now gone will help the bleeding to finally stop!

  27. Kimberly Says:

    How Long does the surgery take? How long is recovery on average? Also has anyone had increased fertility or finally gotten pregnant after having this procedure?

    • nardro Says:

      In retrospect I wish I didn’t do the hysterscopy myomectomy. I did it two times bc the fibroid kept pushing backs into the cavity. I ended up doing an abdominal myomectomty bc the 3rd time the fibroid moved more into the cavity and at that point I was at a fertility clinic that said I had no time to waste and needed to do a abdominal myomectomty. I lost one year doing that surgery with no success. And, I got pregnant less than 6 months after the abdominal myomectomy! I actually just delivered a preterm baby. I was on bed rest for 3 weeks when the baby came almost 14 weeks early. She is currently in the nicu. I had a shortened cervix issue. I truly believe that the hysterscopy myomectomy damaged my cervix causing it to have trouble carrying the baby! Please be careful with this surgery. My baby is going through a lot in the nicu, she is not home with me and it hurts. There’s no explanation for a shortened cervix in my case other than the hysterscopy myomectomy.

  28. Chupee Says:

    Had my first hyster myo on 05/21/2013. Experienced light bleeding few hours after the op. no bleeding since then. The overall post op is good. Can’t wait to carry a baby.

  29. Margarita Bailey Says:

    Hi my name is margarita I just had a hysteroscopic myomectomi on the 29/05/13 I had started bleeding last year about this time and later on found out I had a fibroid at the beginning of this year they send me to this infertility clinic and to make long story short they told me I had a fibroid that it was the size of 1.75 and it was right on the cavity were the fetus plants,I have just turn 41 and so eager to get pregnant I would be having my follow up on July for a sono to see if the tubes are all clear,mind u I had a catarac for a week and it was remove today,my question to you is do u think that I have a chance of becoming pregnant at my age? Ivf is out of the question as u know very pricy I would love to hear you’re comments,thank you

  30. theresa Says:

    does any one know the price of a hysterscopic myomectomy?

  31. ensatina Says:

    NOTE this site is broken! You need to fix many of the links to go to the correct pages!!

    Click on a link, check the address bar, if it doesn’t include “wordpress” you need to add it and click again and you will get through. Apparently I can’t place a link in here to show you, but just add “wordpress” without the quotation marks and make sure you add a period – one is needed on either side of .wordpress.

    Good luck!

  32. Hopefuldebbie Says:

    Hello ladies , had a hysterscopic myemectomy on sept 01 to remove a submucosal fibroid. My re prescribed estrogen pills post surgery to heal the lining . Anyone had a similar prescription for estrogen ? And what was your recovery like?

  33. Meg Says:

    Had the Myosure procedure 5 days ago. Still cramping, bleeding, and passing some significant clots. I thought this was supposed to HELP my constant bleeding, not prolong it. UGH.

  34. Sandy Says:

    I have had two hysteroscopic myomectomies. I had the first when I was 45 and the second at 49. Both times I was “down” and couldn’t go into work for about 3 weeks. I had fairly large fibroids removed, so I think that is why recovery took so long. This time I am having swelling of my abdomen as I tried to go to the store after week two. I am so glad to hear that others snapped back more quickly–but, again, I think it is because mine were around 3-4 cm each (3 fibroids)…All I know is after the first one, I told the surgeon that it was definitely worth doing it and I would definitely do it again. I was severely anemic prior to both surgeries. They definitely do grow back. Hopefully, this one will be just as successful (for however long!!). I can’t wait for perimenopause…the drs are all shocked that I haven’t entered it yet, which is why they grew back. Hope this information is helpful. If anyone has any thoughts as to why I am “down” for 3 weeks for both, please let me know. Thanks!

  35. Darc Says:

    Hi ladies I had my surgery1-14. Surgery went well only nausea and grogginess from anesthesia for a couple days. It may have also have been the iv fluids. Was on bc pills prior to surgery, doc said would help uterine lining. Period was due this week and it came yesterday and with it came major pain!!! More pain than before the surgery. I will be taking the narcotic prescribed after the surgery today. Bleeding is much less than before however concerned about this pain. I’m not sure if it’s from surgery, exercise I did yesterday ( a few bicycle abs) or just regular period. I have a second surgery scheduled for 2-11. I had two fibroids and they were not able to get both. Do you think this is too soon? Anyone get pregnant?

  36. catlady Says:

    I have one scheduled in April and will on my period when my Dr does the hysteroscopic myomectomy. Does anyone know if this occludes the Drs ability to see inside the uterus?

    • slee Says:

      I am 3 weeks post op from my “hystero m”. I had a great doctor at Brigham and Woman’s in Boston. Anyhow, they removed a Uterine Polyp and 7o% of a fibroid. I was fine that evening and felt great after surgery. I had the robotic surgery 2 years ago to remove 8 larger ones and that was totally different and painful. At the rate I grow them I will probably have a hysterectomy by age 50 as there are two he can’t get too.

    • Tins Says:

      Hi catlady,
      Even i hv my hysteroscpic myomectomy scheduled in 2nd wk of april however i would be about 21-23 rd day of my cycle (i hv fairly long duration periods). This was advised by my gyn as she told me that heavy bleeding would obscure the camera and she wont be able to view the polyp.

  37. Tins Says:

    I have multiple fibroids ranging from 6mm to 4 cm (detected when i was pregnant with my son) and most of them are within the uterine wall. However for last 6 mnths i ve been having 12-14days long period .so i was ready for the UFE procedure but it was detected in MRI that i have a submucosal fibroid (or perhaps a polyp) which grew from 6mm to 2.9 cm in just over 2 yrs. My gyn suggested a hysterscopic myomectomy for it and if my period gets normal then she suggest wait-and-watch approach. How much time do you think it takes to recover from procedure and resume normal cycle?

  38. BARNHILL Says:

    Woah your blog is a plus everyone loves mastering your posts. Keep up to date the fantastic pictures! You are aware of, lots of individuals want about just for this details, you may help them tremendously.

  39. michele Says:

    I just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on this. I had a myomectomy a few years ago for one of my fibroids. I still have 3 abour 3.5 cm, and my uterus is as big as a 4 month pregnancy. I’m having the hardest time loosing weight, did anyone else have this issue while they still had their fibroids? I work out, watch my calories and nothing,…I go up a few pounds then down a few pounds every week.
    I am looking into a new procedure that removes fibroid s through an mri procedure. My doctor is pushing a hysterectomy but I do not want to do that.

  40. Jan Kram Says:

    I had a great experience with my hysteroscopic myomectomy and D&C procedure yesterday. My OB-GYN was very skilled at the procedure and the anesthesiologist gave me meds to relax before the general anesthetic was given. It was started at 7:15 am and I was ready to be discharged about two hours later! I had no pain and minimal spotting post-op. It was fantastic to be able to assume pretty normal activities the very next day. It’s hard to believe that my husband had called me a “hysterical drama queen” before the surgery because I was so scared. Everything went well and hopefully the horrible periods will now be over.

  41. zaborilenta Says:

    Hello very nice website!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Superb .. I will bookmark your site and take the feeds additionally?KI’m happy to search out numerous useful info right here within the post, we want develop extra strategies on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

  42. sue Says:

    6 months after a full hysterectomy my stomach is swollen and very pain full why does anyone know

  43. Sandra Beretta Says:

    My daughter is scheduled to have a hysteroscopic myomectomy five days before her period is due. She is having it done in Italy but Is still learning Italian so communication is a nightmare. We can’t find any information about timing of the procedure in relation to your menstrual cycle. Does anyone know if five days before is okay?

  44. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi Narbro
    I had my hysterescopic myomectomy on the 4th of April, my period came 2weeks after that, i’m on my period for the month of May now and nothing has changed really, still bleeding heavily with serious pain and passage of large clots. Should I be worries?
    Thanks so much

  45. Mickey Rose Says:

    Hello Sisters, My HM took place about 10 days ago and So-Far so Good, I had mild Uterine Cramping 3-4 days post procedure with the worst discomfort occuring within the first 8-10 hours after release from hospital which was approximately 1 Hour after procedure. I was prescribed a Pain Med after release from hospital but only have needed 2 take ( TWO) to date.Im sooo looking foward 2 being pain Free and my cycle Not 2 B the raging rapids,No Anemia, Constipation and pain with Urination which all occurred with or Because of Three submucosal fibroids.Only had mimimal bleedind 2 days and Now feeling Fine. A little horny( ALOT) but hopefully we’ll get the green light at my Two week chk-up!

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