Do you think I write like a man?

Do I write like a man?Received a good comment from Z on this site. Decided to pay Z a visit and found a cool post about the Gender Genie. The site uses geeky science stuff (a simplied version of an algorithm) to predict author gender. You KNOW I had to use the online program because it mentioned

I submitted these posts at the Gender Genie site with the following results:

PBS American Experience – Test Tube Babies (story of IVF research in the US) (male)

Uterine fibroid symptoms (not my idea of fun) (male)

Is there a natural alternative therapy or treatment for uterine fibroids? (female)

Would somebody tell me how much these dang fibroid tumors weigh? (male)

What are uterine fibroid tumors? (male)

So, four of my five posts were categorized as being written by a man. 80%. Hmmm. Now that’s quite interesting considering this blog is about uterine fibroid tumors – definitely a female topic!

I’m actually pretty happy with the results. My goal was to create a science-based site and (for whatever ignorant reason) society sees geeky, scientific people as male. Through my writing, I’ve accomplished this objective!

Seriously, I’m happy that we’ve formed quite a support community. I’ve learned so much from you. I hope you’ve learned from me and from each other. It is important to share personal experiences. I’ve tried to assist in the exchange by setting up an informal Fibroid Forum here as well as a more traditional Fibroid Discussion Forum at

Although I have spent a tremendous amount of time with those endeavors, I have not deviated from my original mission. I will always push to discover more about the true science, medicine, and research behind the issue of fibroids and present my findings here. I know that I’m not the only geek in the world and that many women are interested in a site that deals with the body, spirit, AND mind.

Thanks for joining me in this experiment!


7 Responses to “Do you think I write like a man?”

  1. Z Says:

    Thanks for dropping by my page and I’m glad you enjoyed the gender Genie, I really posted it to prove a point, because it’s a prime example of gender roles.

    In this society men tend to write using certain semantics and women tend to write using other semantics- and that’s just bizarre.

  2. EclecticGeek Says:

    I enjoy your blog and will make it a point to drop by again. I am interested in gender roles, the effect of hormones, and the like but also health care in other countries. Your site provides a good balance.

  3. fibroid free Says:

    ok wait I just noticed the bathroom man on the post. That is TOO funny..guess your BRAIN thinks like a man from an analytical /science standpoint Hum is that the side of the brain that cooks and cleans too …..nah??

    Seriously that is very interesting and I dont think you write like a man but then I am a scientist also so it may just seem normal to me…..

    Yeah that sign really needs to be a women jumpin up and down gotta pee..gotta pee…with a fibroid tee shirt on drinking some ice/hot tea LOL

  4. EclecticGeek Says:

    Didn’t have an image when I originally posted. It was a (glad to see that it really was) funny afterthought the next day.

    Started to use this one:
    Really Crazy Disco Male

    Yeah, it’s pretty goofy that being scientific and geeky equates to being male. Ahhh, stereotypes. Tsk, tsk.

    Your sign would be hilarious. You always crack me up. 😆

  5. Z Says:


    Which reminds me I must give do a post on the effect of hormones, I have to make sure I’m not late with mine when I’m on call, because I can’t lead a Cardiac Arrest team when I’m low T.

  6. Z Says:

    Finally got around to said post…

  7. EclecticGeek Says:

    I’m on my way over to your site so we can compare hormone observations. Emotionally and psychologically, I seem to be pretty balanced even with the elevated estrogen. I’m just odd and don’t believe scientists have attached a hormonal cause to that yet. 😉

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